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Planning to Succeed

  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

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  • Learn IEEE Conference Sponsorship and Application Best Practices
  • Share Conference Operating Agreements with the MCE Team

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  • Factoring Inflation Into Your Conference Planning
  • MCE Trendspotting - What organizers can learn from Cvent CONNECT 2022

Meet the MCE Team

  • Lauren Coddington, Event Sourcing and Contracting Specialist

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  • Resources for Planning Your Conference Registration
Planning to Succeed

I am so encouraged by the enthusiasm attendees and exhibitors are showing for our return to in-person events. There is a celebratory mood as our communities reunite and share their progress, renew old friendships and make new connections. In the midst of this activity, we do continue to have headwinds such as travel disruptions, inflation, and lingering positive cases of COVID-19.

I thought I would take this time to remind you that IEEE provides a free event emergency response team that you can easily access for support or advice should you have an attendee test positive on-site at a conference. 

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Contact the Event Emergency team: eert@ieee.orgThe team is experienced in providing individual support, explaining services available, and helping with communications and any necessary planning changes. This free service is for all IEEE meetings and events.
  • Remember to protect individual privacy should you be made aware of a health issue.
  • Fill out an emergency plan before going on-site so you have all the important contact information at your fingertips. Use our plan template and ask the eert@ieee.org team for advice prior to departure. We are here to help!

We hope that our conference organizers continue to see the great return to in-person and as that occurs, we want to support you with any emergency challenges that may come up around the world as we have for over 10 years.

How can we help?

Stay in the Know

Learn IEEE Conference Sponsorship and Application Best Practices

Partnering with sponsors and submitting your IEEE Conference Application are important first steps on your conference journey. Let’s learn some best practices and timelines that will put you on the path to success.

 Submission Dates Quick Reference


Engaging with Sponsors

Engage with potential sponsors once you know a partnership with IEEE is desired. You should know your sponsors, vet them, and ensure that they will be involved in your conference. The next step will be to submit the IEEE Conference Application. This should occur 18-24 months prior to the conference start date.

IEEE Conference Application

As a friendly reminder, MCE requests that the IEEE Conference Application be submitted at least 18-24 months, but no less than 12 months, prior to the conference start date. This will allow ample time to address any clarifications on application submission and obtain sponsorship and/or MOU approvals. 

IEEE Conference Publication Form

Submit the IEEE Conference Publication Form at least 12 months prior to the conference start date to ensure participation in the Conference Publication Program (CPP), which enables you to:

  • Obtain your Letter of Acquisition (LoA) and the details required for potential publication
  • Ensure proper copyright transfer/details for accepted papers
  • Ensure acceptance to the CPP prior to conference Call for Paper deadlines

Upon receiving the Final Conference Content, accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore®  subject to meeting IEEE Xplore® ’s scope and quality requirements.

If you have any questions about sponsorship and application best practices, please get in touch with MCE.

Contact MCE

Share Conference Operating Agreements with the MCE Team


If you establish Operating Agreements as part of your conference planning, please share copies with the MCE team. MCE will review your Operating Agreements to ensure that they are not binding and that the terms are aligned with your Sponsorship Agreements. Please send copies of Operating Agreements to your conference's assigned Conference Relationship Manager (CRM).

Don't know your CRM? Connect with them here!

Find Your CRM
Organize Like a Pro

Factoring Inflation into Your Conference Planning


Inflation is impacting many facets of the events industry. Supply chain disruptions, fuel cost increases, and staffing shortages are all part of the equation. You may be wondering how rising costs will affect your future conference-planning activities. Let’s take a closer look at which areas are most impacted and what you can do to achieve balance.

Areas of impact

Here are a few places to expect price increases compared to previous years. It may be helpful to adjust the following line items to reflect these costs or consider cost-friendly alternatives.  

  • Transportation - Price increases, particularly for airfare, may affect participants’ ability to travel to your event. Expect higher ground travel costs to and from your hotel, venue, and group outings. 
  • Food and beverage - Increases will be highest for menu items such as dairy, fresh fruits, beef, and poultry. You may also notice increases in disposable food and beverage items, like napkins and utensils.
  • Hotel and venue staffing - Staffing shortages and retention issues may result in higher costs for services, including housekeeping, catering, AV, and security.
  • Room rates - Expect considerable increases in room rates over your past in-person events.

What you can do 

  • Plan smart - Start your planning early and have alternate venues and vendors in mind if your first choices are unavailable or cost-prohibitive.
  • Check your conference registration pricing – Assess your registration to determine if you need to adjust to cover costs or fill gaps.
  • Re-examine your vendor agreements - Examine your AV, hotel, food & beverage, and PCOs and see if things can be renegotiated, “capped,” or canceled. Have open dialogues with your partners to find the best solutions for your event.
  • Be flexible - When shortages or prices affect your planning, be open to alternative menus, spaces, or activities. Don’t be afraid to get creative. 
  • Combat attrition - Consider booking a smaller footprint, understand the travel patterns of your audience, and diligently monitor your attendance and travel conditions.
  • Pre-negotiate refund policies with exhibitors - Have contingencies in place for virtual if needed.
  • Go green - Consider locally-sourced menus, reusable serveware, and water refill stations. 

If you need guidance on adjusting your planning for inflation, please reach out to the MCE team.

Contact MCE

MCE Trendspotting

What organizers can learn from Cvent CONNECT 2022

In April 2022, Cvent hosted its annual CONNECT conference for meetings, events, and hospitality professionals, featuring more than 110 networking and educational experiences for attendees around the globe. Learn MCE's takeaways from this first-time hybrid format event.

Learn more
Meet the MCE Team

Lauren Coddington, Event Sourcing and Contracting Specialist


Lauren has been with IEEE MCE for two and a half years. As part of the Conference Contracting team, Lauren handles the administration process for the team, including triaging of all contracts that are submitted to the group directly as well as through the NextGen CMS. In addition, she is also responsible for handling the supplier registration process for the contract specialists. 

Lauren also contributes to specific projects as requested, most recently working on the TA DPRR process and the Historical Contract Migration project. 

Prior to joining IEEE, Lauren worked as a paralegal for a law firm in Somerville, NJ for seven years. When not at her desk, you can find Lauren with her husband Chris, their six-month-old son, Max, and two lab mixes, Lacey and Ellie. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, finding beautiful art in everyday objects, and blasting blazing hip-hop and R&B. 

Available Resources

Resources for Planning Your Conference Registration

There is a lot to consider when planning registration for your conference. Pricing tiers, timing, and even your event format play a role.  MCE has assembled some guidance and best practices on the MCE website to help you create a winning strategy. 

If you need assistance with planning your registration, reach out to MCE at ieee-mce@ieee.org

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