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Planning to Succeed

  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

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  • IEEE Corporate Contract Deadlines: Important 2022 Year-End Dates to Know

  • Conference-Related Expenditures No Longer Require Purchase Orders

Organize Like a Pro

  • Partner with MCE for a Smooth Conference Closing
  • MCE Trendspotting: What is Dark Social?

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  • Erin Dolan, Customer Relationship Manager

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  • Be Prepared with the IEEE Event Emergency Action Plan Template
Planning to Succeed

The conference budget is the financial roadmap for planning any event. Establishing alignment between Organizers and Sponsors is one of the most important financial planning tasks in the event lifecycle. Spending a little extra time at the start of the budgeting process to establish agreement among Organizers and Sponsors can strengthen partnerships and avoid conflicts down the road.

The MCE Team can help facilitate a meeting with your key stakeholders at the beginning of the budget planning process. This will give Sponsors a better understanding of the Organizers’ proposed budget and underlying thought process. Organizers will also gain a firm understanding of Sponsors’ expectations and the reasons behind them. The group can also identify checkpoints and timing for changing course if it becomes necessary in the future.

The MCE Team is here to help facilitate discussions and find solutions in the best interest of all conference stakeholders to support a prosperous event.

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Stay in the Know

IEEE Corporate Contract Deadlines: Important 2022 Year-End Dates to Know

It is that time again when IEEE Finance begins to close up the fiscal year. As a result, and as part of IEEE’s regular annual process, all contracts that require a signature by 31 December 2022, and subsequent purchase orders (if applicable), must be submitted to the IEEE Legal and Compliance (L&C) Department by Tuesday, 1 November to meet the deadline.


To allow for the pre-work that is typical, all event-related contracts should be submitted for review by Monday, 24 October.


MCE will make every effort to ensure that contracts submitted on or before this date are shared with the L&C team by their deadline, sent for signature, and then submitted to Strategic Sourcing before the Finance end-of-year processing deadline, to be announced shortly. Contracts submitted after these dates continue to be processed as quickly as possible in the order in which they are received.

Key Dates for Your Action for Contracts Requiring Signature by 31 Dec 2022

  • Monday, 24 October: Contracts due to the Conference Contracts Team
  • Tuesday, 1 November: Legal and Compliance (L&C) Department Deadline for submission
  • To Be Announced: Strategic Sourcing year-end processing deadline

We encourage you to plan ahead and avoid submitting at the deadline, if at all possible.

Kind regards,

The Conference Contracts Team

IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE)

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Hot Tip - Conference-Related Expenditures No Longer Require a Purchase Order (PO)

Making an expenditure for an upcoming conference? You no longer need a Purchase Order (PO) for that!

  • If you are making payments from a conference bank account, you no longer need a PO to do so.
  • Please continue to provide invoices for any payment or deposit requests.
  • Appropriate approvals are still required.
Organize Like a Pro

Partner with MCE for a Smooth Conference Closing

An efficient financial closing is the best way to conclude a successful conference. The IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) Contracts Team is introducing new processes to support your closing by collecting required data from vendors after your event. 

The contracts for goods and services negotiated with the support of the MCE Contracts Team typically require vendors to provide essential information, including but not limited to final reports detailing room pick-up and registration following the completion of the event. Moving forward, the Team will ensure this information has been provided on behalf of IEEE conference organizers. 

Hotel Pick-Up Reports

Hotel pick-up reports detailing room block occupancy, daily food and beverage charges, and other ancillary charges are key data points for finalizing conference closings, completing vendor payments, and planning for future event iterations.

Registration Reports

After an event, IEEE needs vital registration information for accurate record-keeping and proper conference closing.

When working with your vendors during the planning phase, please remind them to provide these post-event reports within 30 days after the conclusion of the event. Keeping your vendors informed will prevent delays in acquiring the requisite information needed to close your conference. 


If you have any questions about these updated conference data collection processes, MCE is here to help.

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MCE Trendspotting

What is Dark Social?

Have you ever shared online content with a friend through a private conversation, such as a direct message or text? If so, you may be participating in dark social. Learn how dark social impacts marketing and brands and what it means for your conference. 

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Meet the MCE Team

Erin Dolan, Customer Relationship Manager

As a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) on the Meetings Conferences & Events (MCE) team, Erin supports the conference organizers and leaders from various societies and councils within IEEE. Additionally, she provides direct event management expertise to those conferences utilizing MCE’s contracted services. 


Erin has accumulated more than 20 years of engineering-specific, event management experience. Prior to joining IEEE, Erin worked for the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Combined, she has overseen hundreds of events worldwide, ranging in size and scope from technical board meetings and conferences to industry trade shows. She has a knack for relationship-building and communication and excels in budget management. Her favorite part about working at IEEE is meeting and working with brilliant volunteers and having the opportunity to learn from them.

Available Resources

Be Prepared with the IEEE Event Emergency Action Plan Template

Having a well-thought-out and detailed plan is an important part of emergency preparation. The IEEE Event Emergency Action Plan Template provides a framework for developing an emergency response plan for your event. 

Build Your Plan

You can use the template to capture the following essential information about your event, enabling you to respond nimbly in an emergency situation. 

  • General event information

  • Key contacts
  • Host venue information
  • Contracted hotels
  • Quick tips
  • Onsite Event Emergency Response Team
  • Key Support Resources
  • Preparation Checklist 

Additionally, the document includes helpful information about incident levels, EERT response, notification protocols, crisis scenarios, information gathering and reporting processes, and the IEEE Volunteer Global Travel Accident Medical Plan.

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