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Planning to Succeed

  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

Stay in the Know

  • IEEE Conferences Policy Update Regarding Securing Approvals in Advance of Publishing Event Contributors
  • Update to IEEE Conferences Policy on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Payment Manager Upgrades Enhance User Experience
  • Reminder to Update Copyright Year and Links in Website Footers

Organize Like a Pro

  • Making Timely Payments to Conference Vendors

Meet the MCE Team

  • Barbara Dantas, Senior Conference Operations Manager

Available Resources

  • Resources for Setting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Goals for Your Conference
Planning to Succeed

As volunteers, you may be thrilled to take on planning duties and discover the fun of tracking down a million details, or you may be overwhelmed and thrilled to get it off your to-do list! In either case, you are not alone. There is a wealth of knowledge available on our website, and each IEEE organizer has a "Customer Relationship Manager" who is available to provide quick tips, best practices, and support. Each year there are rule changes, tool updates, and new opportunities to explore. Before you go into "execute" mode based on the same old ways of doing things... make it easier on yourself and work smart by using the free resources available. 

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Stay in the Know

IEEE Conferences Policy Update Regarding Securing Approvals in Advance of Publishing Event Contributors

In February, the IEEE Board of Directors (BoD) passed an update to Conference Policy (IEEE Policy, Section 10) that includes new language on securing approvals in advance of publishing names of individuals in conference roles in conference promotional materials. 

IEEE conferences depend on the leadership and support of contributors like conference chairs, committee members, and event speakers. Before publicizing any conference roles, conferences must invite contributors to join, discuss responsibilities, and document their agreement to contribute. Upfront communication ensures that all participants are willing and able to fulfill their roles in the conference.

Additionally, participants must consent to have their name, photo, contact information, and biographical information listed on the conference website, social media, or promotional materials. Obtaining permission is a professional courtesy that ensures GDPR compliance and provides a realistic picture of the conference program to potential attendees.

10.1.12 Conference Chairs and Other Roles in Conferences 

Conference organizers must obtain and document consent of those who will serve in any conference roles (e.g., conference chair, technical program chair, track chair, session chair, committee member, plenary speaker, honorary chair), prior to that information being published.

Whether behind the scenes or on the stage, IEEE conferences rely on key contributors. Open communication and expectation-setting ensure that participants are successful in their roles and enable conferences to achieve their goals.

If you have any questions about conference roles, please contact the MCE team.

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Update to IEEE Conferences Policy on Diversity and Inclusion

The IEEE BoD approved an update to IEEE Conferences Policy (IEEE Policy, Section 10) featuring new language on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at conferences. DEI initiatives help create a culture of belonging and inspire innovation at IEEE events. The policy update outlines areas where organizers can focus their attention as they plan. From the conference committee structure to the program to speakers and panelists, there are many areas where DEI efforts can have a meaningful impact.

10.1.27 Conference Diversity and Inclusion

An IEEE sponsored conference should promote and practice diversity and inclusion in its organization and execution, per the IEEE Diversity Statement IEEE Policy 9.8. The related areas include but are not limited to technical programs, expositions, composition of conference committees, key positions in the conference committees, plenary and invited speakers, and panelists.

Contact MCE if you have questions about ensuring DEI at your next event.

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Payment Manager Upgrades Enhance User Experience

The Payment Manager application has been upgraded! 

  • Among the functional enhancements deployed, volunteers will now see a shortened list of values for Expense Type and Task that excludes Revenue Types/Tasks. 
  • Additionally, the system is now programmed to accept either an Expense Type or an Expense Task, then supply a default value for the other field
  • Users will still have the ability to override these default pairings, but in most cases, this should reduce the number of selections required from the user to submit a transaction.

In addition to these user-facing updates, there were several minor bug fixes made to the forms and approval workflows to reduce processing time, exceptions, and failed transactions.

If you have any questions about using the Payment Manager application, please reach out to the MCE Business Operations Team.

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Reminder to Update Copyright Year and Links in Website Footers

IEEE would like to remind Conference Webmasters to update the copyright year from 2022 to 2023 in their website and email footers as soon as possible. Also, this is a friendly reminder to update your website copy based on annual changes in volunteer roles or data, or organizational changes such as headshots or leadership roles.

Remember to always include a Point of Contact for informational questions on your website.

Sample Footer

If you have any questions about your conference website, please contact the MCE Team.

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Organize Like a Pro

Making Timely Payments to Conference Vendors

Vendors and suppliers can help organizers create engaging and seamless experiences for conference participants. Making timely vendor payments leading up to and after an event maintains strong relationships and builds trust. Failure to pay vendors on time can cause reputational damage to the organizer, Conference, and IEEE.  

In this post-pandemic environment, lines of credit available from event service providers are generally being managed more tightly. We all share responsibility for keeping IEEE’s lines of credit open and protecting its reputation as a reliable business partner. 

Here are a few considerations for organizers as they develop vendor agreements and make payments for goods and services.

  • Understand that we are one IEEE, and your behavior impacts others
  • Ask for what you really need when applying for direct billing, not just your minimum guarantees
  • Consider prepaying for guarantees as you approach the event
  • Pay any non-disputed balances within the terms of your agreement (usually 30 days)
  • Escalate to MCE if vendors are uncooperative in resolving disputes

If you have any questions, please contact the MCE Business Operations Team.

Contact the Team
Meet the MCE Team

Barbara Dantas, Senior Conference Operations Manager

As a Senior Conference Operations Manager of the Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE), Barbara plays a key role in the Conference Business Services & Strategic Programs with substantial interaction with conference governance leadership and other prominent staff and volunteer leaders. She continuously develops and evolves business relationships, working closely with the IEEE Conferences Committee (ICC), which includes representation from all major boards across the IEEE. The ICC provides leadership for the global IEEE conferences community guiding the overall conference principles through engagement and governance. Barbara is committed to ensuring the growth and vitality of IEEE Conferences in current and future paradigms. 

Barbara celebrates 24 years with the IEEE this March. She has worked in many areas within IEEE Technical Activities including conference business, governance, web communications, conference education & engagement, and volunteer relations. She has seen the conference business evolve into the business it is today, and truly is in awe. The relationships and teamwork between staff and volunteer leadership are bonds built to last beyond years. Her passion has always been working with the Volunteers and seeing them come to us as conference organizers that eventually take on roles as members of IEEE Committee(s). Some even move on to being elected as IEEE Board Members and others have worked their way up to be the IEEE President. She is ever so proud to be a part of this evolution and looks forward to what more can become of IEEE.

Barbara came to the IEEE with a degree in Early Education and was inspired by influential IEEE Leadership to return to school to further her education. She pursued this goal in which she obtained her degree in BA graduating Summa Cum Laude. She is so grateful for the inspiration and support that gave her the drive and dedication to accomplish this degree with high honors back in 2008. When not working, she treasures her time with family and adores seeing her children shine on the field and on stage. She and her husband are truly blessed to see their children (Lucas and Alexandra) excel playing their variety of sports and seeing their talents shine with their artistic masterpieces. They also are proud to see their daughter performing on stage, dancing, and acting and their son building his creative engineering projects.

Available Resources

Resources for Setting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Goals for Your Conference

IEEE is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). From case studies to best practices, several resources are available to help you create a culture of belonging at your next event.

DE&I Resources

If you have questions or concerns regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion at your event, please reach out to the MCE team.

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