November, 2016
What's happening at the Center for Developing Minds...

Child Development Chat  ~ Next Week    
Tips and Suggestions for IEP/IFSPs    
Please join us for a discussion that will help parents prepare to be an advocate for their children in the development of school educational plans and annual IEP/IFSP meetings. Bring your questions and topics of concern to share with the group moderators, CDM's school and educational psychologists, Lara Zawacki and Jana Parker.

The chat is free-of-charge and will be held at the clinic on Tuesday, November 15, from 7:00 - 8:00pm.   
Educational Counseling/ IEP Coaching     
Please note, that even if you can't attend next week's chat, the Educational Psychologists at the CDM are always available to help guide families in the collaborative development of educational plans. Our experts provide individualized advocacy and educational counseling to address questions and concerns regarding a child's educational plan. The CDM IEP coaching team can assess and interpret any current documentation a family has regarding a student (SST notes, email exchanges, 504 plans, psychoeducational evaluations, IEP documents). Appointments can be scheduled at any time during the process, whether the student's IEP is under initial development or up for review. For more information, please see the link below: