March 13, 2020
IFA Compliance Updates
In response to concerns related to COVID-19 (commonly known as novel coronavirus), IFA is implementing the following policy for inspections and monitoring for the safety of tenants and IFA staff and our contractors.

Physical inspections are conducted by IFA’s contractor Safe Building Compliance Technology for projects that are in their compliance period or affordability period based on a regular inspection schedule as determined by funding Program.

The staff at Safe Building will continue to schedule and conduct physical inspections and file audits will continue to be done remotely by IFA compliance staff. Ron Frazee, our inspector will continue to take every precaution necessary to ensure his safety as well as the safety of the tenants whose units are inspected.

  • Scheduled Inspections: If a property does not feel comfortable having Safe Building conduct an inspection that has already been scheduled the property should contact IFA to discuss alternatives. Most likely the physical inspection will be postponed but the file audits will be conducted with IFA advising which unit and project level files are to be submitted.
  • If contacted to schedule an inspection the property may request that the physical inspection be postponed until a later date, but the file audit will be scheduled and conducted by IFA staff. IFA staff will advise when the selected unit files and project level documentation are due to IFA.

Activities that are to be offered in conjunction with requirements of a project’s LURA (such as fitness and nutrition classes) should remain available to tenants of a property at the discretion of the ownership/management company. If a property feels their tenant population is at risk, then the property should notify the tenants in writing of the suspension of activities providing a reasonable explanation and who to contact with questions or concerns. The property should then document their course of action and this documentation made available to IFA, upon request, during an audit or inquiry from a tenant. Tenants should also be notified when activities are able to return to their normally scheduled dates and times and the project file documented as well.

Access to common space amenities should not be limited, but extra precautions such as providing hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and regular, thorough cleanings scheduled to help mitigate the spread of infection. A notice to tenants who use these common spaces should be dispersed advising of sanitary precautions that are in place and those steps that should be taken by the tenant prior to their use of such amenities. If a property feels their tenant population is at risk and wishes to restrict access to common area spaces, a written request will need to be submitted to the IFA Compliance team .

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