Above: Screen shot of a virtual IFE Peer Forum meeting with the "Family Matters" group on May 13th, 2020.
How Entrepreneurial Families Can Lead – Now and in the Post Crisis World
Message from Nulsen Family Executive Director
In this time of crisis and rapid change, entrepreneurial families are particularly well positioned to lead, both now and in the post crisis world. Why is this the case and what impact can entrepreneurial families have?

Entrepreneurial families, through their businesses large and small, drive at least 70% of global GDP. These families, particularly within our entrepreneurial Babson community, are perhaps the greatest force for growth and positive change on the planet. With such a large contribution to the world’s economies, these families have tremendous capacity to create economic value, social impact, stronger communities, deeper family ties, and ultimately to be a major driver of the positive changes needed as we emerge from this crisis.

Thought Leadership Article:
The Uncertainty of Uncertainty
by William Gartner, Bertarelli Foundation Distinguished Professor
of Family Entrepreneurship
How things have changed in the past three months! I ended the last newsletter (February 2020) with a prediction that I would be writing about the value of tacit knowledge in entrepreneurial families and how entrepreneurial families might capitalize on this knowledge, and, then… the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

This essay will not be about tacit knowledge. A commentary for another day. Instead, I offer some thoughts on “the uncertainty of uncertainty” and the impossibility of making predictions when the situation is truly “uncertain.” For now, this is where we find ourselves. And, I will offer some suggestions for taking action when we can’t predict the future. 
Thought Leadership Article:
Lessons Learned from Babson's Community of Family Entrepreneurs
by Prasad Ramakrishnan, Adjunct Lecturer, TOIM Division
Babson’s Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (IFE) held an impactful webinar series this spring entitled “How Entrepreneurial Families Can Thrive and Lead, Now and in the Post Crisis World”. I had the opportunity to co-lead, with Nulsen Family Executive Director Lauri Union, a session in this series focused on family businesses in manufacturing industries. It was eye-opening to hear from so many participants representing businesses around the world, who shared their personal experiences in coping with this global crisis. While everyone had their unique story, several common critical path strategies emerged.
What do Students Think About the IFE?
The verdict is out -- and we can't be happier about the results! We asked a few students what they thought about the IFE and here are their answers. Click on the images below to watch the videos.
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This summer, we're extending the unique learning experience of the IFE's Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier Program to entrepreneurial families around the world! Families with at least one high school junior or senior will have the opportunity to engage in Babson's flagship family entrepreneurship program and be a part of its global community of entrepreneurial families. Through this program, families will learn to use various entrepreneurship tools as laid out in Professor Matt Allen's recent article in Harvard Business Review.

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