February 11, 2022
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"Ask A...." Hosts Upcoming Program to Include Authors on Social Justice, Children, and Youth

Dr. Todd Hasak-Lowy, Author, We Are Power: How Nonviolent Activism Changes the World and Dr. Mollie Monahan, Co-developer, Social Justice Kids: Equity and Diversity K-12 come together to share their knowledge on educating our youth on today's social issues.

Join us for our virtual event on Sunday, February 19th, from 4:00PM - 5:30PM and have an opportunity to ask questions surrounding this powerful topic.

This event will be held via Zoom virtual meeting platform. A link to the event will be provided to you prior to the event.

For more information on our "Ask A..." program, please visit Exploring Religious Landscapes and “Ask A…” | Interfaith Leadership Council
Religious Diversity Journeys Visit the
Zekelman Holocaust Center
This month, Religious Diversity Journeys gathered at the Zekelman Holocaust Center. Founded in 1984, The Zekelman Holocaust Center first opened its doors on the campus of the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield as the Holocaust Memorial Center and relocated to the current award-winning building in 2004. The Holocaust Center houses core museum exhibits, an extensive research library, archives, and a gallery for special art and history exhibits.

Students learned about the Holocaust, and the importance of standing up against prejudice, discrimination, and hate. They learned about the pyramid of hate and how quickly thoughts can escalate to violent actions.

As the students toured, they explored exhibits that included a WWII-era boxcar used by the Nazis to transport Jews and other “undesirables” to concentration camps, and the Viola and Garry Kappy Anne Frank Tree Exhibit and Garden featuring a chestnut tree grown from a sapling taken from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Much of the day's learning on the importance of peace and acceptance came from the examples of those who risked their lives to save others during the Holocaust.

As the Journey concluded, students were deeply engaged hearing the touching and tragic story of a Holocaust survivor, Emery Grosinger, as told by his daughter, Kari Alterman.

"Every survivor’s story is unique and provides a special, first-hand account of life before, during, and after the Holocaust. Meeting survivors or hearing their story, lets us see all the victims of the Holocaust as real people who had – and lost – family, friends, and communities." The Zekelman Holocaust Center

The Annual World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation Returns to In-Person for 2023
Join us Sunday, March 19th, 2023
Temple Israel in West Bloomfield
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
This event is open to the public of all ages, faiths, and religions.

The mission of the World Sabbath is to teach our diverse population in Metro Detroit that the work of building a community of justice, equality, respect, and peace is a calling that we all share – all of us, no matter what our faith tradition might be. But most important is the fact we are impacting our children, our teens, and our young adults. Plan to join us for an interfaith experience of music, dance, and prayer.

Raman Sigh, Executive Director of The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, is being honored with the 2023 World Sabbath Peacemaker Award.

“I can’t think of being as connected to my God without music”. Says Cantorial Soloist, Bryant Frank. 

“This podcast will touch your heart” says Bob Bruttell. 

Listen in as Professor Saeed Khan hosts the InterFaith Leadership Council’s 16th Faith & Works podcast. 

Our podcast series, “What is Sacred in our Lives Today?” continues with episode sixteen, “What is Sacred in our Music Today?” Join in with our experts as they identify their favorite sacred artists, discuss what is sacred about sacred music today, and answer questions about how music helps to define sacred space.
Sacred music is part of the sacred experiences that enrich your spiritual life. “We are all trying to make a connection between what is sacred and the sincerity behind it.” “Where are we now with sacred music and how are we attracting young people? What is it doing for our community?” asks Dr. Deborah Smith-Pollard.
What would make a piece of music sacred that [otherwise] may not be deemed sacred? John Thorne offers artist Gregory Porter’s song “Take Me to the Alley”, and states, “It’s about the people [of God]; just look at the lyrics.” Listen in as Rev. Robert Jones shares his musical talent with us as he plays parts of “Hallelujah” and how he has personally seen the influence of music on children.
We welcome your comments at faithandworkspodcast@gmail.com
Moderated by Professor Saeed Khan – Associate Professor of Teaching, Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies at Wayne State University.
Featured Guests
Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard – Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Co-host “Sunday Morning Inspiration” on MIX 92.3 FM Detroit
John J. F. Thorne – Executive Director, Detroit Catholic Pastroal Alliance and former Choir Director at Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Rev. Robert Jones – Pastor, Sweet Kingdom, MBC, Adjunct Faculty Berkley School of Music, Musician and DJ
Bryant M. Frank – Attorney, Cantorial Soloist
Music by BenSound.com
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