November 17th, 2022
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Statement on the Rise of Antisemitism in America

When antisemitism, in word and deed, goes unanswered, the voice of oppression is the only one heard. Hate by any vehicle, toward any group must not go unanswered. The recent rise in antisemitism is horrifying. Sacred spaces and objects are being vandalized. White nationalists and others are emboldened and spread racism and antisemitism on social media with impunity. The Jewish community are rightfully angry and fearful. Many question the seeming dearth of outrage in the wider community.

These antagonists foster division in society through hateful rhetoric and force. This is an endemic situation causing great harm. The Anti-Defamation League reports that antisemitic incidents are on the rise nationwide – averaging more than seven incidents per day!

At a time when the integrity of democracy is under fire and the rights of those who are marginalized by racial, social, or political differences, our faith communities must act within the context of our shared values. We must not quietly speak in private social channels but call out hatred often and loudly.

The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit unites people of faith, interfaith groups and networks to collaborate within the Metropolitan Detroit community. It also advocates for conflict resolution and interfaith education. The IFLC publicly advocates for religious freedom, civil discourse, humane and compassionate acceptance of refugees, and works against bigotry and ill-will. We do this through educational programs advancing religious literacy and fostering a community based in common values.

At this time, we express our solidarity with the Jewish community. We condemn all threats to their safety and well-being. We share their justifiable outrage. The current climate of rampant bigotry is entirely unacceptable.

The Board of Directors of the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan pledges to openly oppose all acts of hatred through continuous public commentary, youth and adult education, and community engagement around shared values.

We will promote understanding and respect for all. Nothing else is acceptable.
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