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Company News
40'X140' section of EHA roof replaced 1 week following the storm
Derecho storm follow-up - IFP is moving Forward
It's been nearly 4 months since the derecho storm caused significant damage to our corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids. However, our employees "can do" attitude was on full display as they worked relentlessly to meet the needs of our customers and partners. Given this devastating storm occurred in the middle of a pandemic, our facility managers also did a great job assuring the safety of our employees and keeping our operations running smoothly during this transition.
Pneumatic Assemblies
High Flow Pneumatic Regulated Supply Assembly
Customer Project: Build a high flow pneumatic-regulated supply assembly based on customer's pneumatic circuit, plumbing, and hardware specifications.

EHA (Electro-Hydraulic Automation) was brought in on the project to duplicate the customer's old equipment and update using preferred supplier components. After review and testing, 7 stainless steel enclosures were assembled and shipped to the customer, serviced by Innovative Fluid Power.
The pneumatic circuit consisted of butterfly, axial flow, start, pilot, pressure selector, and blow off valves from the following suppliers:

EHA (Electro-Hydraulic Automation) - part of the IFP Group of Companies is a full-service fluid power systems and controls manufacturer and service center located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They offer engineering, fabrication & sub assembly, field service & repair, system start-up, and programming.
Collaborative Robotics
IFP has partnered with these 2 leading
Collaborative Robotics suppliers in 2020
Productive Robotics - featuring the OB7 is an intuitive and collaborative robot for manufacturing thats easy to learn with no programming. It features 7-axis agility for productivity and accuracy.
On robot - manufacturers grippers, force/torque sensors and tool changers for
collaborative applications - ideal for sorting, CNC machine tending, and pick-and-place. Flexible and easy to deploy.
Vision Sensors & Cameras
Manufacturing Vision Solutions
Smart Cameras
  • Detects production defects in the manufacturing process early on
  • Assures quality control of objects
  • Detects machine codes, text, or serial numbers
  • Assists robots in position finding

Vision Sensors
  • Reliable fault detection and exact quality control for parts and products
  • PLC in interfaces for communication with higher-level controllers 
Vanguard Power Solutions
IFP has recently brought onboard Vanguard Power Solutions as a new product supply partner for EHA projects. The Vanguard® commercial battery is leading the next generation of electrified power. 

  • Rugged commercial batteries
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
  • Lithium-Ion battery testing
  • Mobile electrified power
Eaton Bezares PTOs
IFP has recently brought onboard Eaton Bezares Mobile Power Solutions as a new product supply partner. Eaton is the North American master distributor for the Bezares USA mobile hydraulic power portfolio. Bezares is a global manufacturer of Power Take Offs (PTOs).

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic applications
  • Suitable for all major brands of trucks, industrial vehicles, and gearboxes
  • Bezares PTOs are internationally known for their high performance under the harshest applications and conditions
Kepner Products Co. Control Valves
IFP has recently brought onboard Kepner Products Company as a new product supply partner. Kepner manufacturers innovative zero leakage control valves for liquid and gas applications. They are available in check, relief, shuttle and pilot operated check valves. These valves are offered with a wide choice of end configurations and materials. Full range of sizes from micro-mini to 500 GPM. Pressure ratings to 6,000 PSI.
  • Dependable zero leakage control (bubble-tight)
  • Wide variety of fluids in check, relief, shuttle, and pilot-operated check functions
  • Custom design, manufacture and test
System Troubleshooting. When machines have issues, it can be difficult to understand the root cause of failure. For example, the failure of a single component could be caused by problems everywhere in the system.
HYDAC HMG 4000 is a handheld measurement and data acquisition deice. It is capable of capturing data from sensors from hydraulic and pneumatic systems in both mobile and industrial settings.
Solution: The first step in troubleshooting is understanding what is happening and documenting it. The HMG 4000 can capture real0time data for instantaneous viewing and record inputs on a vehicle’s pressure, temperature, or valve positioning. This allows a technician to see what is driving the failure rather than the result of the failure.

For instance, the technician can use the “trigger” function and set the device to record when pressure levels exceed an allowable threshold. The HMG 4000 is able to capture deviations and anomalies to demonstrate an issue in the hydraulic circuit.

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