We have some exciting reports to share with you!
Hillary is moving onto the next chapter of her career journey, we are excited for her and are thankful for her 4 years of dedication and commitment to Home of Hope!
Here is a personal message from Hillary to you;
It has been such a gift to work for Home of Hope & alongside Pastor Brian, Karissa & the team for the past four years! It has been an experience I will always cherish, from the first time I volunteered writing sponsorship update cards to the thousands of tears I have shed in our office over heartaches and especially over miracles I have seen, it has been an incredible journey. Thank you for having me on the team and letting me be a part of so many of your sponsorship stories, I am truly honoured. 
New Team Member

We are thrilled to announce that Keely Budd has joined our team!
Keely visited the HOH projects in Rwanda & Kenya in 2018, seeing first hand the impact HOH and their sponsors are making on the lives of children and women!
Keely is taking on the role as Child Sponsorship Coordinator! She is excited about providing regular updates to our sponsors!
Email her at office@homeofhope.ca
We had two successful teams that went to Africa this summer! Everyone is home safely and recovering well. During their trips, the teams saw many salvations, several more children were sponsored, and the positive impact our projects are having on the children and their families. They visited 15 of our 20 projects/locations in Rwanda.  Pastor Brian has featured many pictures and videos on his Adventures with Brian Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who prayed – we rejoice together for the great things that were accomplished.
This will be the EVENT OF THE YEAR! Tickets are now available!
Women's Conference!
We are excited to announce that at this year's Home Church Women's Conference , Home of Hope is part of the compassion project.

Thank you for your continued support!

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