ISSUE 25                                                                                                                                                                                               JULY 2018
Going Deeper: Call for Facilitators!
JUC's Going Deeper Groups are an opportunity for our members and friends to Deepen to our truest selves; Connect authentically with others; and Engage with needs beyond our own. This last year we had around 100 participants in 9 groups, and we are hoping to have at least 12 groups for the 2018-19 church year. Going Deeper Groups are really the premier opportunity to shrink the church, engage deeply with our monthly worship themes, and get to know a core group of people intimately.

We had great success with a few groups that were centered around shared identity, with one group for dads and two for moms. Here are just a few of the additional possibilities we've thought of for the coming year:

Parents of Teens
Single Parents
People of Color
LGBTQ Individuals and/or Couples
Young Adults
Online Group for those with chronic illness or mobility issues (Facilitator would need to be comfortable using Zoom)

And of course, we hope to have several groups that are open to all. As a facilitator, here is what the commitment looks like:
  • Attend a facilitator training on Saturday, August 18, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. with Rev. Wendy, Annie Scott, and Beth Leyba.
  • Be available for 3-5 online facilitator meetings throughout the year. We will send an invite approximately 3 weeks in advance of each one.
  • Facilitate your group twice monthly, September - May, using the materials that we provide. (Facilitators choose their days and meeting time, and the church will provide childcare for groups as needed.)
  • Help your group come up with and complete a service project.
Interested? Please be in touch with Beth Leyba, Congregational Connection Coordinator. We welcome solo or co-facilitators. Groups will have 8-12 participants, and once facilitators, days, and times are in place we will do a push to get participants signed up throughout August.

We will have a Kickoff Celebration in September and an End-of-Year Celebration in early June for all Going Deeper participants. If you are interested in signing up for a group but not facilitating, keep an eye out for more information via all JUC communication channels in August.

The Going Deeper group was a great opportunity for me to listen to other people and gain new perspective on issues I've struggled to understand on my own. Tapping into the wisdom of the collective allowed me create more space and peace in my life.  ~ Zack Schreiner

Our {Evergreen} group has been together nearly four years, and going deeper is a very appropriate name for the process. Each year we are more at home with each other, share more, and definitely go deeper. This past year was the best so far, in my opinion. ~ Jane Cadwallader
Taking a Stand

Members of JUC and UUs have a long history of making our voices heard in the name of justice. From the Sharp's direct action helping refugees flee Nazi-occupied Europe to actions today in Honduras and our work with ADIVIMA in Guatemala. But how do we get there? How do we decide on what we speak with one voice? The Board of Trustees is currently working on refining that question. We are updating our policy to align with our adopted policy governance structure.

The determination of an appropriate and just process is a critical aspect to the implementation of a moral stand. A group proposing that JUC take a moral stand must present to the Justice Council, who in turn can bring the item to the Board of Trustees for consideration at a congregational meeting. The ultimate power to make a decision on taking moral and ethical stands resides in the JUC congregation.
Singing Together in Summertime
Sarah Billerbeck, Director of Music for Children & Youth

We came for salvation
We came for family
We came for all that's good that's how we'll walk away
We came to break the bad
We came to cheer the sad
We came to leave behind the world a better way
                            -Salvation Song by the Avett Brothers

Most moments of my life I wear the hat of a mom, teacher, wife, friend, co-worker, music leader and more. Like all of us, I carry these labels with me almost constantly and it can be tough to find a time where I just feel like myself. Thank goodness for Colorado summers and concerts at Red Rocks. In the summer, I often feel like music is my religion and Red Rocks is my church. I attend several concerts over the course of the season, but for three special days I take off all of the hats that I normally wear and spend three glorious nights listening to one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers. My friends and family think I'm crazy to devote three nights to one band, my mom friends don't understand how I could even take that much time away from my family, but for me, allowing myself to spend this time provides me with the opportunity to connect with music and community in a way that is rarely possible. Over the years of attending these concerts, camping out early in the parking lot and spending the day just talking to people, I have become part of a community of die-hard Avett fans. We chat periodically during the year via Facebook and form our plans for buying the best tickets and strategizing ways to get the best seats. We spend all day in the parking lot, catching up on the year, sharing food and stories and then each night we sing and dance our hearts out with 1,000's of other music lovers. By the end of three nights, after experiencing 100+ of our favorite Avett songs (they rarely repeat anything over three nights) with a community of open-hearted people coming from all walks of life, I feel transported to a place that is full of deep connection and engagement with the music and with the people around me.  

We are lucky at JUC to experience a similar sense of connection and engagement within our congregation and that this happens frequently through music. We are blessed at our church to be surrounded by incredibly talented and dedicated music leaders who invite us to share musical experiences that connect and sometimes transport us.  Sometimes when I am participating in music at church, whether I am leading the music, or as a participant, I imagine that the music is sending out little threads from one person to the next, connecting us all together as we sing. And, just as I experience at Red Rocks, the act of singing together at church brings us closer as a community. When we sing together we put aside all of our differences, disagreements, and work toward the common goal of making beautiful music together.

It can be rewarding to sing as a congregant and can be even more rewarding to sing as a choir member. I find that active participation in music making, especially with music with which you are already familiar (yes - I knew all 100 Avett songs that they sang last year) allows an even more meaningful connection to occur among singers. If you would like to experience this type of connection, I hope you will consider participating in the service on  Sunday, July 22 by joining the  Multi-Generational (Almost) Instant Choir. This will be open to all JUC folks of all ages. We will meet for one rehearsal on  Wednesday, July 18 from 7-9 p.m. and will share our music in two services on July 22. I strongly encourage families to participate together and welcome adult and youth choir members and also especially welcome anyone who simply wants to experience participation in music, at least for one Sunday, at a slightly deeper level. We will learn a couple of simple songs to share with the congregation on July 22. If you would like to participate, please send me  an email.  

We can't recreate Red Rocks at JUC but we can recreate that deep sense of community that comes with singing together. I am grateful for the opportunity to make music at JUC and hope to make music with you this summer!
North Stars Summer Sermon Series
July 1: Lodestars and Other Guiding Principles
Kim Mason, Intern Minister

July 8: The God Who Should Be, But Is Not
Rev. Eric with Joe Woodson 

July 15: Risk Taking
Rev. Wendy with Terre Deegan-Young

July 22: Justice Calling
Rev. Eric with Jill Armstrong

July 29: Letting Go of the Negative 
Rev. Wendy with Zack Schreiner

August 5: Right Now (Backpack Blessing)
Rev. Eric with Darrin LeBlanc

August 12: Respect, Trust and Adventure
Rev. Wendy with Jerica and Dave Cadwallader

August 19: The Healing Power of Beauty
Rev. Eric with Linda Hartman

August 26: The Importance of Questions
Rev. Wendy with Heather Revanna
Rev. Wendy Williams Elected President of UUMA
At the 2018 Ministry Days recently held in Kansas City, Rev. Wendy was elected by her peers to be President Designate of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association. As such, she will be a voting member of the UUMA Board while shadowing the current President, the Rev. Cheryl M. Walker. Next year, she will begin her three-year term as President.

The Board provides visionary leadership for the UUMA and ensures that the vision is brought about in a responsible manner, as well as to write policies, link to members, and monitor the performance of the Executive Director.

The work of the Board is largely done remotely. However, three times each year (including once at General Assembly) the work is done in person.
JUC Hospitality Teams 2018-19
Support our shared worship each Sunday by signing up to serve on one of our  Hospitality Teams  for the coming church year. There are some exciting changes coming this year.

Available positions include Greeters, Ushers, Laundry Helpers, and Commons Coordinators. Coffee service responsibilities will now be attended to by staff and Commons Coordinators. 

Thank you for helping create the warmth and hospitality that is a hallmark of JUC! Please contact Beth Leyba with any questions.
Summer Harry Potter Program Needs Your Help
We need more Adult Professors and Assistant Professors (9th-12th grades) for our summer Hogwarts at JUC program.

You do not need to have read the Harry Potter books to teach! A lesson plan will be sent to you, and all supplies will be provided. It's magical fun and creativity for all! Please sign up today!
Summer Day Camp
August 6-10
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Learn about the Freedom Fighters involved in the Civil Rights movement through song, story, art, and drama.  

Price is $150 for first child and  
$125 for subsequent children for   registrations before Sunday, July 8. After July 8, the price goes up to $165 and $140.  

Pre-register today!
Blessing and Planned Giving
Rev. Wendy introduced this month's theme saying: "Blessing asks us to make space for the possibility that we can and do make a difference in each other's lives...In blessing another, we offer the gift of a possibility beyond what the blessed dare to imagine...When we feel blessed and present to a life of generosity, it is difficult to indulge tendencies toward cynicism and stinginess. We want to share our blessings."

Our lives are blessed in infinite ways and JUC is one of those blessings. Estate planning provides us an opportunity to share some of our blessings with those we love and institutions we cherish. Please remember JUC when you share your final blessings.

Contact JUC's planned giving coordinators:  Bud Meadows , Mike Kramer or Carol Wilsey .
Info Session: Intercultural Exchange Trip 
to Rabinal, Guatemala
Wednesday, June 27 at 7 p.m.
Trip Leader Lisa Bickford will present an in-depth orientation to the experience of visiting our partners in Rabinal, Guatemala. These trips have always proved to be exciting and life-changing for participants. Light refreshments will be provided.

We are currently offering an adult trip September 28 - October 7, 2018.  We are also planning a Family trip for the summer of 2019. Both will be hosted by our partner ADIVIMA and will include opportunities to meet our scholarship students and their families, school and home visits, and both history and cultural exchange activities.

This orientation is for you whether you are thinking of going on one of these trips or looking farther into the future.
Book Sale
JUC will be hosting a book sale fundraiser the last weekend of September! Please save any books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs that you are ready to pass on to donate to the sale. (No VHS or cassette tapes, please!) More details and a volunteer sign up will be available in August. 
2018-19 District High School Youth Event Dates
Fall Con
October 19-21, 2018
First Unitarian Church, Salt Lake City, Utah (bus will be available from Denver Metro)

Leadership Development Con (limited space available)
November 9-11, 2018
First Universalist Church, Denver

January 19-21, 2019
First Unitarian Society of Denver

Worship Arts Training 
(limited space available), 
February 8-10, 2019
Jefferson Unitarian Church

Spring Con
April 12-14, 2019
Foothills Unitarian Church,
Fort Collins

QUUest Camp
(and Spirit QUUest Camp for middle school youth)
June 30-July 6, 2019
La Foret Conference and Retreat Center,
Colorado Springs 

9th-12th grade youth are invited to Mountain Desert District youth events. Please contact Jessy Hennesy, JUC Member and MDD Youth Conference Coordinator, with questions.
PrideFest Parade 2018 - A Beautiful UU Rainbow of Love
JUC marchers created a vibrant orange stripe in our 7-church UU cluster of marchers for this year's  PrideFest  Parade in Denver on Sunday, June 17. 

We were represented by nearly 20 JUCers, ages 3 and up. Large crowds greeted the 215 entries in the largest Denver PrideFest Parade ever, and it was a joyous morning of siding with love and celebrating everybody's worth and dignity. 

20th Annual Small Unitarian Beerfest
Saturday, August 4 at 2 p.m.
Sara Mellen/Art Aspinall' s house
Co-sponsors John & Melissa Kaltenbach

There is still lots of room at this popular auction event! Come taste a large variety of beers and munch on substantial snacks in Sara & Art's lovely backyard with friends! Bring three bottles of your favorite craft brew (or homebrew), or go in with a friend and bring a growler/crowler, to share.
RSVP to Sara Mellen, or just show up. $25 requested donation at the door. Designated drivers welcome.
JUC CAN - Did You Know?

Last month, we explained how our (1) community organizing efforts in partnership with Together Colorado and (2) direct service activities in Edgewater through Just Neighboring, are now combined under a new name -- JUC CAN (Community Action Network).

We have recently updated our JUC website pages   to provide helpful information and links to outside resources on our two main issues: mental health and affordable housing. You can also find links to engage in your local communities, plus information on some 2018 Election ballot issues.

And, starting this month, you will see and hear more from us as part of our two main goals: to educate our community on critical issues, and to help JUC members become advocates in community organizing efforts.

For Mental Health and Affordable Housing, several informative sessions and a Jefferson County Commissioner Candidate forum are planned, which we will advertise in Member to Member emails. In the Weekly Connection newsletters, we will raise a Frequently Asked Question about Mental Health or Affordable Housing, and provide links to the FAQ answers on our webpage, as well as invite you to join us at our twice-monthly Sunday meetings where we will educate ourselves on that FAQ.  

As we approach the November 2018 elections, there will be a number of important statewide issues; we will be providing links to educational websites on those issues so that you can make educated decisions as you head to the polls (or the mailbox.)

Finally, there are many opportunities to support mental health and affordable housing within your local community, including attending school board meetings, city council meetings, writing e-mails and making phone calls in support of issues. In addition to providing "engage in your local community" links on our 
website  we plan to create an email network within JUC to provide you with timely updates on what is happening in your city regarding Affordable Housing, Mental Health, and other critical issues.  More on that in the next issue of Ignite.

All of these communications will have the subject line JUC CAN - Did You Know? We've always known that JUC can make a difference in our world and JUC CAN, with your support, is working to make that happen.

JUCers Work on 2018 House

A work crew of ten volunteers from JUC spent Saturday, June 16 building the house sponsored this year by the West Metro Habitat Interfaith Coalition. Many thanks to our team: Inge Sengelmann, Mary Le Boeuf, Stephanie Wells, Vicki Collins, Jeremy Smith, Dennis Burt, John Williford, John Hambright, and Jeff Menten

Under the leadership of H4H team leaders, Tristina and Jessie, we put up 3 exterior walls on the second story, constructed two sets of access steps, and helped out on lots of other odd jobs. The three-bedroom house is in Sheridan Square, a block of 63 energy efficient town homes H4H is building out over several years in southwest Denver. If you missed this event, JUC has another build day on Saturday, September 15. Stay tuned for that sign-up. West Metro has plenty of other dates available as well over the summer.