July 2020
IGONC Newsletter
New ASTE Dates: November 20 & 21
The ASTE is still on! With the continued restrictions of Covid-19 and remaining in Phase 2 of North Carolina’s “Safer at Home Order”, we have postponed the ASTE 2020. The new ASTE 2020 dates are November 20-21. These dates are contingent upon the reopening of North Carolina and lifting gathering size restrictions.
Welcome New Staff Member - Maddi Hennessey
We would like to welcome a new member to the IGONC team, Maddi Hennessey. Maddi is the new Marketing and Membership Director. She comes with experience in nonprofit communication and development. Maddi moved to North Carolina in February and has spent time volunteering in the Triangle community. In her free time, Maddi enjoys exploring North Carolina and relaxing at the pool. We are excited and happy to have her as an excellent addition to the IGONC team.
Tricia Sauls Assumes Role as Executive Director
After 15 years at IGONC and over 50 years in the automotive industry, Bob Pulverenti is retiring as our Executive Director. Celebrating 5 years with IGONC, Tricia Sauls will assume the role as Executive Director. She will continue to guide IGONC into the future and perpetuate the mission to help make North Carolina’s independent garage owners the absolute best in the country.
But First You'll Have To....
(John Hill - Autotrends)

“I’ll send you all the imports, but first you’ll have to join IGO…………….and you’ll need to attend the monthly meetings”. That’s what I was told by my business neighbor, Clarence Martin, who was manager at Dixie Sales which was one block up the street from our shop. I was new to being a shop owner and really appreciated his offer.
Upcoming Zooms
C yber Security: The Basics for Shop Owners