Pre-Order for Drive-Through Service This Week
Good afternoon!

Last week we were able to help many of you get the supplements you needed. This week, we want to make sure we have what you need prior to our Drive-Through date so we can continue to provide you with the care you need and insure we have in-stock what is required. Please call us to pre-order what you want to pick up so we can prepare. At Integrative Health Institutes we're keeping up to date with the daily public health news and are dedicated to continue to provide you with comprehensive, safe and effective healthcare.

  • As you know, we have transitioned all in-office visits to phone consults, and will still be able to take care of you during this time.Our office is still practicing social distancing and we are all working remotely or in the office until further notice (We are not having the public come inside).

  • This Friday, March 27,2020 Drive-Through pick up for supplements 10:00am-1:00pm. Come on over (after you call us) to our drive by-pick up for any immune support supplements you are missing that may be back-ordered online (like Vitamin C, SuperbioVeg, Zinc, Vitamin D- we have it!) or anything you want to stock up on for your regular health plan. We will be informing you weekly during this process- for future Drive-Through dates.

  • The Drive-Through process:
  • Call us this week 310.526.7328 to make your pre-order
  • Call us when you arrive at the office during the Drive-Through times and stay in your car.
  • One of us will place your supplements with your name on a bag and set it outside on the chair by our office for you to pick up and call you when it is ready. (Our office door will not be available to enter into the office).

  • Free Webinar-Fri, Mar 27, 2020 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT: This workshop, "Reducing Stress and Restoring Hope" is an overview of the biology of trauma and stress, including their effects on the immune system and practical instruction in a slow, deep Soft Belly breathing, a "concentrative meditation" that is the antidote to the fight or flight response, and Shaking and Dancing, an "expressive meditation" that energizes trauma-frozen bodies and breaks up the physical tension and mental preoccupation that accompanies fear of the coronavirus.
  • Presented by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD, the workshop will begin with an overview of the psychology and biology of trauma and stress, including their effects on the immune system.
  • Next, he’ll teach you, step-by-step, a “concentrative meditation,” slow, deep Soft Belly breathing, that is the antidote to the fight-or-flight and stress responses that, when prolonged, can be so damaging to every aspect of our health and well-being, including our immunity.
  • Afterwards, you’ll practice an “expressive meditation” that will energize our trauma-inhibited bodies and break up the physical tension, mental preoccupation, and emotional distress that so many are feeling
  • Register here for free: Click here!

  • Be reassured you will get the care you need and the supplements for your care. Though we may not see you face-to-face,- we are here remotely during all regular business hours to help you keep your appointments and support your health.
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