February 22, 2012Issue 13
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Case Study:
The Protective Parent
IHI Open School Expansion:
Mexico Launch


During a 50-year career in medicine, Dr. Paul Griner accumulated hundreds of patient stories. He's turned the stories into case studies and will be sharing them with the IHI Open School audience in the coming months.


The Protective Parent highlights the story of a mother who withheld her daughter's leukemia diagnosis from her, and asked that all medical staff involved with her care comply with the request.


Read and discuss the case here.


More than 100 students and health professionals joined Mexico's Vice Minister of Health, German Fajardo Dolci, on a call last week that urged Mexican medical schools and health care organizations to participate in the learning and activities of the IHI Open School.


The Ministry of Health is complementing the Open School's online courses with work-related projects and will be awarding a diploma for course completion in continuous improvement, patient safety, and health leadership.


Read the press release about the call and take our courses in Spanish! 

Dan Rather Interviews

 Don Berwick

Live from the MIT Media Lab

"The Doctor Is Out" with Dan Rather features a conversation with Dr. Donald Berwick, one of America's leading experts on health care policy.


After a brief stint as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Dr. Berwick opens up about his exit from CMS, why the health care bill is so controversial, and how we can save up to a trillion dollars a year in medical spending.


Watch free clips from the interview here or purchase the podcast on iTunes.


The Next WIHI: The Patient Will See You Now - New Technology for New Collaborations 

Live at the MIT Media Lab
New technologies with ingenuity and thoughtful design, and a commitment to creating tools that help put patients more in charge of their health create robust patient-provider partnerships. That's the guiding principle behind some fascinating work under development at the MIT Media Lab, and that's where WIHI is headed for its first-ever "live on location" broadcast on February 23.
Join guests John Moore, MD and David Judge, MD, when they discuss continuous and convenient patient care. Enroll for free now!
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Cairo University Hospitals, Egypt

Chapter Tip of the Week

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Hear how the IHI Open School 1000 Lives Plus Chapter is taking part in the "Hear Our Voice" project by listening and sharing patient stories on their website. Two Chapter members, Sadie Young and Lucy Baross, share their stories and how they believe the project will show trends and identify areas of health care that need to be improved based on the patient experience.


Listen to their stories and then ask your friends, family members, or colleagues to share theirs!