Please think of IHMA during 
the 2020 Holiday Season & 2021 New Year!

We would like to personally thank you for your continued support.

Our goal remains to educate broader audiences and preserve more of Hildreth’s work. Shifting our in person events and tours to a digital platform has opened up a new world for IHMA.

Your support will allow IHMA to continue important preservation work, produce additional documentary videos, and to enhance educational experiences. This will allow us to reach people digitally all over the world.
Here is what IHMA has been up to this past year:
Virtual Open House New York Weekend 2020
For the sixth year IHMA participated in Open House New York Weekend on October 16-18, this year on a virtual platform. Watch the historic video walk through of Hildreth's designs.
Documentary Video Series
Last November IHMA started filming the documentary video series on the life and works of Hildreth Meière. We have filmed and are in the final editing stages of two videos: Hildreth Meière Designs for Washington, DC and Hildreth Meière Restoring an Art Deco Mural.
Published Features 
Meière was published in the following magazines and blogs: Impact Illinois (ASID Illinois Chapter Magazine), Journal of the American Art Pottery Association, Preservation Magazine (National Trust for Historic Preservation), and Medium blog article by Melissa Graf. Visit "Read" on the IHMA website for more information. 
Restoration News
St Paul of the Cross Monastery in Pittsburgh, PA has restored three Hildreth altarpiece paintings and installed them in their sanctuary. St Marks-on-the-Hill in Pikesville, MD has also restored their altarpiece.
Mark Your Calendars!
Some Events to Look Forward To:
On January 14, 2021 Kathleen Skolnik will be giving a lecture on Zoom called “Hildreth Meière, Art Deco Muralist.” This talk will focus on Meière’s journey to become known as a “master of murals."
On February 9, 2021 Anna Kupik, great granddaughter of Meière, will be giving a lecture on Zoom called Art Deco Gems: Hildreth’s Meière’s Glass Work from Wall Street to the Altar. 
Documentary Premiere of Hildreth Meière Designs for Washington, DC and Hildreth Meière Restoring an Art Deco Mural

Filming and production of the documentary series will continue in 2021 due to your generous support.
Please visit the IHMA website to stay updated on our current and ongoing events and projects.

We truly appreciate your loyalty and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.