IHN Graduates Making A Difference In Our Community!

Ashvinee Kumar practices nutrition and personal training at Catalyst Health, a wellness centre that specializes in personal training, chiropractic, physiotherapy, active care rehab, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. She blends her knowledge in functional medicine, holistic nutrition, sports nutrition, and Ayurveda to help her clients reach their health goals. 

Andrea Louden is the founder of Andrea Wellness Coaching, where she offers a variety of health services including BioScan Stress Reduction therapy, Transcend the Tummy program, medical intuition, and healthy life detox. She is currently obtaining a Master’s degree in Oriental medicine with a focus on acupuncture. Andrea is passionate about her clients’ health and supporting them on their health journey.

Amberley Sharer is the founder of WildFlower Skincare, where she makes small-batch, paraben- synthetic dye- and fragrance-free skin and beauty products. She also runs an online nutrition practice, Herbal Hand Holistic Wellness, where she provides guidance through nutritional consultation and customized healing protocols for any client and any complaint that the client may have.

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For over 25 years, the Institute of Holistic Nutrition has provided quality training for students looking to start a career in holistic nutrition with our Applied Holistic Nutrition program. We offer two learning options–you can study in-class at our Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, or Vancouver Campuses or online in Eastern or Pacific Time zones. Our online learning model provides the same high caliber instruction that students receive in-class. Real-time, live lectures with faculty and personal interaction with the program's studentsyour new peersmakes a world of difference as you work to transition into the profession!

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Congratulations To Our November 2021 Graduates!
The virtual ceremony for Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Online Campuses held on Saturday, November 13th, began with a video highlighting IHN's curriculum so that graduates' families and friends could appreciate the enormity of the effort made, to complete the program. Opening remarks from Elizabeth Papadopoulos set the stage for the next video featuring the three (of many remarkable) pathfinders in natural nutrition–Linus Pauling, Max Gerson, and Bernard Jensen.
Special moments throughout the student’s time at IHN were shared, such as their unique “nutrition slogans”, being together on farm trips, herb walks, in cooking classes as well as snapshots into daily life on campus and online. We heard inspiring messages from our valedictorians, (some pictured above), who did a phenomenal job at representing other extraordinary human beings, their classmates, who shaped the experience at IHN into some of the greatest moments of their lives. The administration staff shared words of encouragement, congratulating graduates on their integrity to IHN's challenging academic requirements, their individual perseverance and collective passion for completing an intensive program!
A new and ever-more-skilled collective of CNPs are now equipped to enter the workforce, armed with the knowledge, drive and to carry on IHN’s mission of healing the planet one person at a time. 
Elizabeth Papadopoulos shared, "What an absolutely glorious day it is! The day has come, the end is here, and a new beginning is born. We are here today celebrating and honouring our graduating class of November 2021. Today we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and incredible achievements of our graduates. All of you have dedicated an incredible amount of effort during your time at IHN. You have studied hard and in true IHN form, you have dehydrated, fermented, juiced, blended, pureed, peeled, sliced, diced, soaked, sprouted, intermittent fasted, and breathed your way through this programand you are now finished! You should all be very proud of yourselves. All of you have passion, drive, an open mind, altruism, and an inner zest for optimal health and life. I’m truly honoured to have shared a piece of your lives with you and I would like to thank each and every one of you for choosing IHN for staying true to your vision and having the strength of character to follow your dream through to its completion and now have the courage to embark on the next part of your journey."
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3 Lectures. 2 Time Zones. 1 Day. We have always looked forward to our Open Houses and welcome contact with like-minded company! Save the dateSaturday November 27, 2021 We are bringing the event to you LIVE and ONLINE. It’s our gift to the community for those interested in improving their health and wellbeing through holistic nutrition. The educational lectures parallel what is taught in IHN’s diploma program. Faculty members are excited to spend some time with you and answer your questions after their talks! Our Open Houses attract potential students as much as they are an event where we reconnect with current students and graduates. Every learning opportunity made available through IHN, is one for us to be together in discovery.
Recordings will be made available for those unable to attend in global time zones!
Faculty Feature | Angela Wright

“The main takeaway from my course that I wish for my students is critical thinking. I don't want them to just take my word on something, I want them to know the whys and hows. That way they can determine when something is appropriate for a client, and when it is not. We're not just a bunch of statistics - someone has to be the outlier, and you need to know when that is.”

We asked Angela what she loves about IHN and teaching her courses:

“I'm a big fan of 'a-ha' moments. When you can see the light bulbs turning on and the connections being made, that's pretty powerful. Those are the teachables that are going to stay with that student in their personal and professional life for a long time.

What I love about IHN is that everyone is welcome. Such diversity in our student population, and every one comes with their own story and reasons for diving into the realm of nutrition and holistic health. Everyone can benefit from knowing more about nutrition!“

Teaching at IHN since 2017
Vancouver Campus & Online Pacific Timezone 
Currently Teaching: Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1 & 2, Nutrition & Health: The Fundamentals, Comparative Diets

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A NASA study found that several plant species are noteworthy for their air purifying abilities! In a February 15, 2021 article (3 minute read) by Nina Pullano, we learn that houseplants also photosynthesize and absorb carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen. Remember though – your home is not a controlled environment. Northwestern University molecular biologist Luyi Cheng says “[While] plants can remove volatile organic compounds from the air in your home, it’s important to remember that the NASA study looked at plants in a closed chamber”. The NASA study included plants like Snake Plant and English Ivy, which can help improve your health and ease anxiety. 

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Chickpeas are one of the most nutritious snacks, enjoyed worldwide. Its name originates from the Latin word 'cicer' and is often referred to as garbanzo beans. Chickpeas appear in early history recordings in 3500 BCE in Turkey, and 6790 BCE in France. Although they are grown in over 50 countries, India produces the most chickpeas worldwide. The plant is grown for its nutritious seeds, which are an excellent source of protein, fibre, B vitamins, and minerals. They are a healthy staple of many cultures and are easy to incorporate into meals. We recommend this Cozy Chickpea Chili recipe by IHN graduate Jennifer Linton.

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