Kathrin Brunner Shares Material From The Con Ed Course
Join us Wednesday​, October 20 at 7:00 pm ET/4:00 pm PT for a 1 hour webinar, as Kathrin Brunner brings us in her kitchen—as you follow along in yours—to ferment “Lime Curtido Kraut” and take an in-depth look at the deeply therapeutic benefits of fermented foods. While fermentation has gained in popularity over the years, there are many misconceptions about how they impact our microbiomes and are used to improve health. Knowing which type of ferment would benefit which type of condition, is essential to recommending them successfully in clinical practice.
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Learn Traditional Chinese Medicine Applications To Nutrition
This is your last chance to register for the Nutrition According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Continuing Education course which begins on Monday, October 25. You will learn to personalize meal plans based on yin and yang constitutions, cooking methods, pathologies and treatments, and temperature properties. Students will be introduced to the energetic properties of food by a TCM practitioner to provide integrative care.
Highlights include: 
• 5 LIVE classes with Olivier
• Sessions on the Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pathophysiology & Food Properties
• Detailed Course Notes, which include general protocols to be specified according to client needs
• A Certificate of Completion

Starts October 25, 2021 | Online | Learn More, See The Syllabus & Register
Keeping You Informed & Connected To Happenings At IHN
In January 2020 we revamped how we communicate with our community. We developed the IHN This Week, an e-newsletter to share IHN’s current events, programs, offerings, surveys, advocacy and more. We work to get the email to our subscribers, on a weekly basis. Most of the time its on a Tuesday but might be a later some weeks if our team's plates get a little full. We have a webpage accessible to our potential students in case any editions have been missed!

Readers can find access to complimentary Continuing Education and Guest Speaker webinars, information on upcoming Continuing Education courses. Potential students also meet current faculty and administrative staff, read articles on a variety of natural health topics, enjoy recipes created by IHN graduates. Every edition features three graduates working in the field. 
While the fecal matter may not be toxic, a diet high in processed foods and chemicals can lead to ‘toxic megacolon’. In an October 8, 2021 article (3 minute read) written by Jillian Levy, we learn that one of the causes is a germ: Clostridioides Difficile. According to Johns Hopkins University, “[Toxic] megacolon can be deadly because it puts you at risk for infection throughout the body, shock, and dehydration.” For optimal digestion, incorporate fibre-rich foods such as chia seeds, increase water intake, and manage stress levels through meditation and physical exercise. Balancing gut flora is a key component of the digestive healing process. 

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The pecan is a nut derived from a species of hickory trees native to North America. They are distinguished by their rich flavour, creamy texture, healthy fat content, and high caloric value close to that of butter. Pecans have a low glycemic index that does not cause a spike in blood sugar when consumed. They are a nutrition powerhouse containing omega-3 fats, magnesium, calcium, fibre, Vitamin E, and zinc. We love these Blueberry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies by IHN graduate Melissa Williams.

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IHN Graduates Making A Difference In Our Community!

Alexandra Hurtado practices naturopathic medicine and holistic nutrition at Hillcrest Centre for Health in Toronto, Ontario. She specializes in women's health and pediatrics with a particular interest in fertility and reproductive care. Alexandra teaches the Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Continuing Education course, Naturally Designed Pregnancy and Early Childhood Education.

​Isra Al-Salem practices nutrition alongside Alexandra Hurtado at Hillcrest Centre for Health. She conducts nutrition consultations, develops recipes, and teaches yoga. Isra values creating meaningful connections by empowering individuals to live their healthiest and happiest life through yoga, food, and nutrition. She also develops nutrition-based recipes for RILY, an online database customized for health conditions. 

Karolina Zaremba works as a Medical Content Specialist with Fullscript, an online supplement dispensary, and a patient adherence tool. She develops evidence-based wellness and marketing content and leads internal training for Fullscript employees. Karolina’s experience in the integrative health industry includes retail sales of supplements, as well as working in a compounding pharmacy and naturopathic clinic.

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