Mandatory Group Co-op/Practicum Sessions

Every fall semester, we are excited to host our Work Experience (aka Cooperative Education Placement) meetings for students graduating the following year. Pictured above, the team recently got together to plan the presentations and update the opportunities. The sessions allows students, in-class or online, near or far, to begin considering all of the options available to them. The mandatory Zoom meeting is for Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver campuses, as well as our Online Eastern and Pacific time zone programs. It is a comprehensive presentation with interactive engagement that begins the transition to level up from the classroom to the professional space. The IHN Co-op/Practicum team looks forward to working with more incredible students for the November 2022 convocation! All current students will get communications about the upcoming group sessions by the end of October!

We'll go through and are open for real-time engagement and questions about:

• The various professional settings where students can obtain their hours
• What students can expect from the Co-op/Practicum placement 
How students can turn their placement into a potential job opportunity
What students need to do to meet academic and Co-op/Practicum deadlines

Students emerge from IHN, ready to move in the direction of their passion; augment their knowledge base; build out their niche, and become leaders in the field of holistic nutrition. IHN's alumni and industry peers welcome new colleagues to support a brighter future.
Full-time, Part-time, Day or Evening From Anywhere Around The Globe

The successful launch of our online diploma program in Applied Holistic Nutrition in 2020 was rivaled by our enrollment in 2021! Each new student is as remarkable as the next. Their personal stories of health and how they came to study with us are always compelling. People around the world are empowered to take responsibility for their health or to change careers and become healers for others. We are thrilled to open our doors to students who have always wanted to see IHN’s curriculum online! This means you can register for our program and experience the high caliber of learning we offer, in the comfort of your home, regardless of where you are. We accept full-time or part-time registrations throughout the academic year, as we have classes running from September to July. Students have access to either daytime and evening classes. All daytime lectures are LIVE and evening lectures are REPLAY videos from the daytime session, all with supportive and dynamic engagement with your classmates and instructors.

Learn More About Our In-Class and Online Program

In-Class Program:
Toronto—Jaimattie at / 1.416.386.0940 
Mississauga—Colleen at / 1.905.615.9090
Vancouver—Jennifer at / 1.604.558.4000
Ottawa—Hannah at / 1.613.680.9330 

On-Line Program:
Online ET—Jaimattie at / 1.416.386.0940
Online PT— Jason at / 1.604.558.4000 
View The Full Continuing Education Course List For 2021
Incorporate Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis As Part Of Your Protocols!
This is your last chance to register for the Level 1 HTMA Practitioner Continuing Education course which begins on Tuesday, October 12. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is used worldwide by clinicians, practitioners, and scientists. In a single hair sample, the tissue is stable over time and provides several months of biochemical activity versus just a snapshot from blood work. Obtaining the sample is inexpensive and non-invasive and can be completed without medical intervention. A foundational and inexpensive lab test with accompanying expert analysis, by Lisa Pitel-Killah, to confidently build orthomolecular levels of minerals in protocols.

Highlights include:

6 LIVE classes with Lisa—full 3 hour academic sessions + Q&A
• 6 RECORDED classes available in a separate automated, online refresher
IHN students and graduates receive $200 Off regular price 
• All presentation slides included
• Invitation to join IHN's private HTMA Practitioner Facebook Group for coaching, hosted by Lisa
• Monthly LIVE Zoom Calls with Lisa to review current Client Cases
Learn how to accurately interpret complex mineral patterns
• Wholesale pricing with Vykon Custom mineral powders
• A Certificate of Completion
• 25% OFF IHN's Con Ed courses
• Pay in full or three monthly installments 

Bonus! VIP Access to HTMA Virtual Summit running LIVE Nov 15-19, 2021 Includes: All presentations, presenter slides and recording access for life! Value $149.

Watch Lisa's webinar on The Epidemic of Copper Toxicity
Starts October 12, 2021 | Online | Learn More, See The Syllabus & Register
Optimize Client Protocols Through In-depth Supplementation Overview! 
This is your last chance to register for the Supplementation in Clinical Practice course which begins on Tuesday, October 12. This course will focus on the supplements available on the market and how to determine what to use clinically for specific conditions such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and hormone imbalance. With so many supplement companies, similar looking products, what should be used when will be thoroughly covered.  
Highlights include:
• Over $1000 in professional line product samples will be given to each registrant
• In-depth exploration of branding, labeling and safe dosage
• General, and targeted condition support, through nutraceuticals, herbals, homeopathics, and topicals
• Learn how to effectively incorporate effective supplementation as part of client protocols

Watch Baljinder's webinar on Blood Sugar and Associated Complications
Starts October 12, 2021 | Online | Learn More, See The Syllabus & Register
We Want To Share Podcasts Created By IHN Alumni!
Do you have any favourite CNP podcasts that you follow? If so, we want it on our radar! The best way to identify our amazing graduate community is from the work they've developed. Articles, authors, clinics, retreats, and more are coming up. But right now, we only want educational, diverse, holistic, healing, and health podcasts—all concepts welcome!
Send podcast links to Julia Rickert at
Wildlife Products Are Being Traded Illegally

Can one of Canada’s most valuable endangered plants survive another plundering? In this article (3 minute read), we learn about the illegal trade of wild American ginseng. This well-known herb in natural medicine is coveted for its array of health benefits, from lowering blood sugar levels to reducing stress. This rare root is being harvested by poachers, smuggled across borders, and illegally sold online. Jean-François Dubois, a federal wildlife-enforcement officer, explains, “If we lose those wild populations, maybe we’ll lose something bigger than just a plant…maybe we will lose a drug that can save lives.”

See the Full Article
Not just for JELL-O, gelatin is a colourless, flavourless, and translucent food ingredient. The first documented use of gelatin in food was in the 15th century in medieval Britain. Gelatin is a component of collagen, a material that is found in the bones, cartilage, and skin of animals, made almost entirely out of protein. The proteins in gelatin are known to be helpful in supporting the intestinal wall in our digestive systems. These proteins build and restore healthy mucosal lining making gelatin a great ingredient to use for gut health. Try this Gut-Healing Marshmellow recipe by IHN graduate Cait Mizzi.

Enjoy the Recipe
IHN Graduates Making A Difference In Our Community!

Sara Scherbakov-Coutts is the founder of Solace with Sara, where she offers online nutrition consultations, meal planning, and supplement support. She also practices nutrition at Inspirit Health Group, with a team of health practitioners specializing in alternative medicine. She combines the power of healing mind and body alongside nutrition education to help clients achieve optimal health.

Katherine Parent is the founder of Make Good Choices, where she offers personalized nutrition consultations, online courses, corporate nutrition services, and an online community. She educates her clients on the benefits of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Katherine helps her clients discover the world of food and nutrition and how the right choices can eliminate pain, reduce stress, and increase vitality.

Fabian Low is the founder of Feast like a Sage, where he offers nutrition classes, cooking demos, and catering services all focused on nutrient-dense, delicious foods that appeal to various diets and unique lifestyles. He is a wellbeing facilitator, offering group coaching circles, events, and retreats on topics related to shadow work, tea appreciation, sacred ceremonies, tai chi, space creation, and more. 

See the inspiring work of our graduates in the field of holistic nutrition!