Herbal MedicineHerb & Weeds Walks!
The much-anticipated events reconnect classmates to explore the healing curiosities of nature. As students and graduates know, having the opportunity to take part in an experiential assignment where they get to "adventure and learn about herbs" that grow in their region, is invaluable. In the June 21st Weekly Digest we shared photos of Vancouver students with their Herbal Medicine instructor, Fiona Smulders, enjoying their time at Jericho Park. Pictured here, Toronto and Mississauga instructor, Eva Cabaca, is with students on their Herb Walk at Toronto Botanical Gardens. Also pictured, Ottawa instructor, Corrie Rabbe, brings students on an informative tour of the Arboretum at Dow's Lake in the heart of Ottawa. This hands-on experience creates lasting memories and often inspires graduates to further their studies in herbal medicine once they complete IHN's diploma program.

IHN's in-class Herbal Medicine faculty:

Eva Cabaca + Chris Lamont (Toronto and Mississauga) Corrie Rabbe (Ottawa) Fiona Smulders (Vancouver)
An Inspiring Day For Students & IHN Team Members Alike!

Orientation day lays the foundation for exponential growth into fellowship and leadership. IHN's pre-class event is arguably unlike any other educational institution's prelude to a new body of knowledge. A few, of the endless beautiful comments, in the Zoom chat, inspired all of us! "Anyone else got goosebumps?" "It is so powerful to know we have been prepared for this moment, for these times, for the people who need our help." "This exactly confirms I am this path for a reason" "I didn't expect waterworks this morning. No shame! Love the inspiration!" "It feels so right to be here with you all." "This is everything I want to learn and share." "It is so amazing to know all of this! The confirmation that we can bring hope and health!" Students have met fellow travelers in mutual alignment as each commences their life-changing journey!

We held two live virtual sessions, one for our three Ontario Campuses and Online Eastern time zone students, hosted by Elizabeth Papadopoulos (pictured above), IHN’s Founder and Director, Nutrition Studies. The other was for our Vancouver Campus and Online Pacific time zone students, hosted by Jason Madden (pictured above), Vancouver's Campus Manager. Orientation began with spirited introductions from the administration, followed by a compelling video pieced together from documentaries, interviews, media and stories that exemplify the profound and powerful healing capability of natural nutrition.

It is a defining moment for new students to solidify their truth and advocate for their values to heal the world, one avocado, and meditation at a time! Students met their peers in breakout rooms to learn of their individual motivations. By the end of the day, there were no strangers in the space, only peers on a unified, personal and professional, mission. After completion of their dedication exercises, students consistently remark, “I have found my tribe”, “I’m exactly where I need to be”, “I’m going to change the world from the inside out”, “I thought I was only here for an education, but I already know that IHN’s program will be a life-changing transformation”. New students heard presentations from Elizabeth and Jason on the restorative power of sleep, managing stress, and evidence-based scientific research into the biochemistry of caffeine consumption. Ovie Tobor (pictured above) was the magnificent host and IT tech that he always is! IHN's programming for co-op placements, guest speakers, webinars, continuing education and post grad lectures were shared. Understanding the new and extensive opportunities in the field and highlighting the work of IHN's graduates closed a day with hope, passion and inspiration.

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In-Class Program:
Toronto—Jaimattie at jaimattie@instituteofholisticnutrition.com / 1.416.386.0940 
Mississauga—Colleen at colleen@instituteofholisticnutrition.com / 1.905.615.9090
Vancouver—Jennifer at jquinn@instituteofholisticnutrition.com / 1.604.558.4000
Ottawa—Hannah at hannah@instituteofholisticnutrition.com / 1.613.680.9330 
On-Line Program:
Online ET—Jaimattie at registration@ihn-on-line.com / 1.416.386.0940
Online PT— Jason at pa.pacificcampus@ihn-on-line.com / 1.604.558.4000 
Baljinder Chhoker Shares Material From The Con Ed Course

Join us Tuesday​, September 21 at 7:00 pm ET/4:00 pm PT for a 1 hour webinar, as Baljinder Chhoker takes the confusion out of choosing supplements. During the webinar you will explore the pathology and stats of different issues surrounding blood sugar imbalances that will be seen in practice. Baljinder will share his extensive knowledge of supplements, and help you learn how to do a comparison of the products, including Designs for Health, Alpha Science, CanPrev, Dr. Reckeweg, and others, and why one would be a better choice than the other, for the same condition, including herbals, homeopathics, and nutraceuticals.
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Starts October 5, 2021 | Online | Learn More & Register
Starts October 12, 2021 | Online | Learn More & Register
Starts October 17, 2021 | Online | Learn More & Register
Courses, Certification, Admission Requirements Faculty & Campus Culture
In this lecture, Jason Madden, IHN's Vancouver Campus Manager, delivers an informative presentation to learn about IHN and the Applied Holistic Nutrition Diploma Program. Jason discusses when to start including the process for application and admission requirements. The certification, the current faculty, the evolved curriculum, co-op partners, career opportunities and more are covered. It's a well-packaged talk that gives a great overview of the profession today as well as a typical day of "life as a student" at IHN. Discover the uniqueness of our program and learn more about IHN’s role in the community and field of natural health for the past 25 years!
Faculty Feature | Justin Scott
“The main takeaway I want my students to leave with is the ability to create their own recipes. Having students learn more about plant-based foods and the health benefits of eating seasonally makes for a healthier approach to food preparations. I also hope the students feel inspired to be in the kitchen and confident in their knife skills.” 
We asked Justin what he loves about IHN and teaching his course: 
“What I love about teaching is being able to show students skills and culinary techniques. Seeing students gain more confidence in the kitchen is truly rewarding. I really enjoy watching what the students create for their recipe presentations.
I love IHN because it focuses on living a clean, healthy, holistic lifestyle. They collaborate with the instructors which makes for an enjoyable learning experience for the students. IHN educates students to become professional health practitioners for the future.”
Teaching at IHN since 2016
Ottawa Campus
Currently Teaching: Holistic Food Preparation
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How Sense Of Smell Supports Nutrition

A new study reveals that what we eat affects our sense of smell and how that regulates what we eat. Northwestern University Professor and study author Thorsten Kahnt explains the findings in a September 8, 2021, One Green Planet article (2 minute read), “How Your Sense Of Smell May Be The Key To A Balanced Diet”, using our ancestor’s diet of berries as an example. Over time, they were no longer sensitive to the smell of berries but, “maybe they’re still sensitive to the smell of mushrooms. So it could theoretically help facilitate diversity in food and nutrient intake.”

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While not everyone’s cup of tea, the nutritional profile of liver cannot be denied. In Western culture, organ meats are often overlooked and discarded in favour of muscle cuts. Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, containing significant amounts of folate, iron, vitamin A, B2, B12, copper, and choline. One serving of liver meets your daily requirement for all of these vitamins and minerals. If any food is worth being called a superfood, it’s this one. Incorporate nature’s multivitamin today with this Liver Meatballs recipe by IHN graduate Heather Woodruff.

Enjoy the Recipe
IHN Graduates Making A Difference In Our Community!

Ximena Cardenas is the founder of Glowlistica, where she practices as a neuro-abundance, manifestation, and success coach. She also incorporates holistic nutrition, public speaking, and hypnotherapy into her work with clients. Ximena is passionate about helping women build a successful life through private coaching, group programs, and special events.

Shelby Lewis is the founder of Shelby Lewis, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and yoga instructor. She is a healthy chef for immersive yoga retreats and private clients, and as a community nutrition consultant. She has a particular interest in gastrointestinal, auto-immune, prenatal, postpartum, and family nutrition. Shelby also practices at LivWell Integrated Health in Squamish, British Columbia.

Ritu Sharma is the founder of Health Through Eyes, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Iridologist, and Metabolic Coach. She is enthusiastic about making a difference in her clients’ lives by creating personalized, integrative health plans. Rita creates nutritious, vibrant recipes that she loves to share with her health community.

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