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E xciting News from IHNA
IHNA is on the move!
Literally the Day Center and our offices are moving across the street to First Baptist Church. As many of you know our current Day Center at 393-1 W. Hancock is owned by First Baptist and they were approached by a third party to purchase the building this fall. From the very beginning Paul Baxley and the leadership at FBC have been in conversation with us about this possibility.
For anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Day Center, you know that it is past time to perform major renovations and upgrade the building so that it could be handed to the next generation. A significant project like this would take a major capital campaign and many days of disruption to our operation. All of us have decided that the best choice was to move to new space.
Since 2004 when IHNA was founded, First Baptist has been extremely generous and has provided the Day Center at a significantly reduced rental rate. FBC is going to continue to be very generous and provide us with space in their building at minimal cost. In fact, IHNA will most likely see a reduction in expenses because of this move. This first year in First Baptist's space will be an experiment for all involved and we will check in on a quarterly basis to see how it is working out. At the end of nine months, both IHNA and FBC will evaluate to see if IHNA should continue to move forward in their space or should explore other options.
Our guests and volunteers will continue to have all of their needs met. First Baptist is installing a washer and dryer and already has showers for our guests and internet coverage for everyone. Our hospitality will be even greater because the space is so much nicer than our current facility.
We will be located on the second floor behind the FBC sanctuary and will have our own entrance. From the parking lot, one would approach the newly renovated porte-cohere (or covered entrance) that is located closest to Hancock Ave. It is the entrance that leads to the back of the sanctuary and to FBC's offices (Not The Our Daily Bread entrance). As you approach this entrance there is a door to the right of the main entrance that will lead upstairs to our new offices. We will be installing signage so that the entrance will be recognizable. For those who have need of an elevator, you would use the main entrance and get buzzed in and use the elevator to our offices.
This move will occur quickly and we plan to be in our new space by or before December 1. We will most graciously accept help from those who are willing to assist with the physical move. We would also like to upgrade the furniture in our reception area and our family room so that it looks as warm and inviting as our new space and so that our families can know that they are entering a hospitable place as soon as they enter the door. Should you want to help with any of these tasks (moving, donating in-kind furniture, or making a donation so that we can purchase new furniture), please contact me at: director@ihnathens.org. At this point we are looking at moving the majority of our furniture from November 19-21 and follow up the week after Thanksgiving for anything that is left over.
During this time of transition, we ask for your grace and that you are flexible over the next few months as we move and get settled into our new space. It is going to take up a significant amount of time and bandwidth. Collisa and I will do our best to make sure that it does not disrupt our operation. As with any change, there may be a need for adjustments (for example, it is going to be harder for us to take larger in-kind donations because of being on the second floor). When we are settled, we are planning on hosting an Open House for everyone to come take a look.
Please let me know if I can answer any questions or concerns.
I hope you are excited about this next chapter in the life of IHNA as we are. Again, I want to reiterate how grateful we are to First Baptist Church for their generosity!

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