Unwise opioids for wisdom teeth: Study shows link to long-term use in teens and young adults

Getting wisdom teeth removed may be a rite of passage for many teens and young adults, but the opioid painkiller prescriptions that many of them receive could set them on a path to long-term opioid use, a new study finds.

Unwise opioids for wisdom teeth: Study shows link to long-term use in teens

Young people ages 13 to 30 who filled an opioid prescription immediately before or after they had their wisdom teeth out were nearly 2.7 times as likely as their peers to still be filling opioid prescriptions weeks or months later, according to new research published in JAMA and led by Calista Harbaugh, M.D., IHPI National Clinician Scholar and surgical resident in the Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery.

As Medicaid work requirements gain traction, U-M researchers propose ways to reduce potential harm

New Medicaid rules in several states mean low-income people will have to work, or prove they're too unhealthy to work, to receive health coverage. Other states want permission to require the same, which could affect millions of Americans living in or near poverty.

Before these requirements get into full gear, a team of University of Michigan researchers including John Ayanian, M.D., M.P.P., IHPI director, Renuka Tipirneni, M.D., M.Sc., assistant professor of internal medicine, and Susan Goold, M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A., professor of internal medicine, is offering specific recommendations to help states ensure that work requirements don't harm the health of people enrolled in Medicaid.

Collaboration-Evidence-Impact: IHPI's Annual Report

Explore highlights of accomplishments across the Institute from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, including the critical work of our data and methods hub, and the many ways IHPI is innovating in education, training, and professional development. IHPI's first annual report also features high-impact research in aging, precision health, opioids, and value, and takes a closer look at some of the 550+ innovative minds that make IHPI a truly unique driver of collaboration and discovery.

Not all hope is lost for kids who are obese

For many young children who are obese, the future might not be as grim as previously thought, a University of Michigan study suggests by Katherine Bauer, Ph.D, M.S., assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the U-M School of Public Health.

According to Bauer and her colleagues, one-third of U.S. children with obesity in kindergarten achieve a lower weight status at least once through childhood, and 22 percent of these kids experience persistent remission of obesity ---- achieving and maintaining a lower weight status ---- by 8th grade. "Hope is not lost. A meaningful number of young children with obesity are able to experience remission over time," said Bauer.

Study: Medicare coverage limits put seniors' vision needs at risk

Many people who have relied on a vision plan as part of their employee benefits package during their working adult life are surprised when they turn 65 and convert to Medicare.
The reason: Medicare benefits do not include coverage for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

A new study by University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center researchers shows an overwhelming 92 percent of older adults enrolled in Medicare use eyeglasses.  It's a figure that may fuel further debate about expanding the scope of services for those enrolled in the insurance program.  Medicare's lack of vision coverage puts seniors in a bind, advocates for the elderly say. "Maximizing visual acuity is vital for the health of older adults because of the strong association between visual impairment and quality of life," says Kellogg ophthalmologist and study co-author Joshua Ehrlich, M.D., MPH., assistant professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at U-M.


People who survive a stroke in their 40s, 50s or early 60s may still have decades to live. But that's only if they take blood thinners, blood pressure drugs and other medications that can reduce their risk of a second stroke.

Now, a  new study led by U-M associate professor Deborah A. Levine, M.D., M.P.H. , shows what happened when more young stroke survivors got access to health insurance after the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect. 

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IHPI Brief: Understanding and Analyzing Episodes of Care (EoC)

Episodes of Care (EoCs) begin with a healthcare "event," such as a knee replacement surgery, and extend through a window of time when a patient receives healthcare services following that event. IHPI member research related to EoCs have important implications for developing an updating healthcare payment policies, as explained in this brief.
Points of Impact: Minal Patel, Ph.D., M.P.H.

A new website called Insuring Good Health, developed through a collaboration between U-M and Detroit-area community organizations and health centers, is helping to break through some of the common barriers to accessing healthcare coverage, particularly among communities that have historically been marginalized when it comes to insurance.

Minal Patel, Ph.D., M.P.H., John G. Searle Assistant Professor of Health Behavior & Health Education at Michigan Public Health, one of the leads on the project, discusses the new website and how it is being used to build awareness, knowledge, and confidence about health insurance options, and encourage new connections to healthcare resources. READ Q&A



You're invited to attend the 2018 Ann Arbor Health Services Research Symposium, where nationally renowned speakers will give powerful TED-style talks on translating research into real world impact.

The symposium will be held at the U-M Power Center and CME credit will be available.
Women in Big Data at Michigan Symposium

Date: November 12, 2018
Time: 8:30 a.m. --- 4:30 p.m.
Location: Michigan League
Keynote Speaker: Xihong Lin, Ph.d., Henry Pickering Walcott Professor of Biostatistics, and chair, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

This day-long symposium will highlight women in data science research at U-M, provide resources and support for women pursuing careers in data science, a poster session, lunch time round table discussions, a faculty panel, and ample time for networking.

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1993: Flu vaccine study

Twenty-five years ago, U-M School of Public Health Professor Arnold Monto conducted a major study of the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine in the elderly, the findings from which helped convince Medicare policymakers to make the flu vaccine a covered benefit.

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