April 2019
Updates from IHSA Executive Director Lauri Morrison-Frichtl
Spring is in the air! April is from the Latin verb "aperire" which means "to open." At IHSA we are opening up several new adventures this spring.     The three big adventures involve you!  
First, on May 15th we are sponsoring a rally at the State Capitol building.  This is a great opportu nity to meet your state representatives and share the amazing work you are doing for Head Start/Early Head Start children and families. Join us for an exciting day at the State Capitol to share and educate state legislators on the benefits of Head Start and Early Head Start.  In our current political environment, it's critical that everyone has a good understanding of the great work being done by our Head Start/Early Head Start programs in Illinois.  May 15th was chosen, as this is Trauma-Informed Awareness Day.   This big day OPENS up an opportunity for you to make a big difference!  I can't think of a better day to celebrate Head Start/Early Head Start. There is no cost and each participant will receive a t-shirt and lunch.  Here's the link to register for the  Head Start Rally at the State Capitol
May 15, 2019  "Strong Bright Futures Begin at Head Start" (10 AM to 2 PM)
We meet at the Illinois State Museum, 502 S. Spring Street, Springfield, IL 62706
Second big opportunity are the IHSA Orientation Modules and the online learning platform called Bridge. Are you ready to bring your orientation to a new level? These inspirational modules bring life to onboarding new staff and make your job easier ensuring that your newest team members are engaged and excited about their new job. Certificates can be printed to celebrate success and support documentation needs. These pre-designed modules are an excellent strategy for onboarding new staff. Plus, the online learning platform gives you the flexibility to do much, much more.   BRIDGE allows our programs to offer online orientation anywhere at any time. It's accessible, easy to use for both the Head Start and Early Head Start program as well as for the user. You have an internal calendaring system, the ability to create surveys and assign tasks to learning groups. You can also have your own platform and add your own training. The easy use of the platform for both the learner and the administrator makes this a great tool and OPENS up many possibilities for your agency.   Five modules are ready to use. These include:
                                                                  Module 1: What is Head Start and Early Head Start?
                                                                  Module 2: Cultivating Passion
                                                                  Module 3: Professionalism
                                                                  Module 4: Reaching the Most Vulnerable and At-Risk
                                                                  Module 5: Parents As Key Partners

To learn more about these orientation modules, other learning content and the online learning platform, please follow this link

Third, even bigger, opportunity is the IHSA Parent Ambassador program.
 We are now accepting applications for 2019-2020.  If you are a parent reading this we would like to have you join us for this wonderful opportunity.  If you are a staff member reading this please share and encourage parents from your organization to complete the simple application process.  Goals of Parent Ambassador Program include . .  (click   here  for more details). 

In closing, OPEN yourself up to the endless possibilities! Be open to new ideas, open to new adventures and open to taking time for yourself.  Remember this: 

So, keep GROWING and always remember we appreciate the work you do!

Take care, 

Please send your feedback to  lfrichtl@ilheadstart.org   Click  here  for her printable article (entire PDF with hyperlinks);  ILHeadStart.org 
Updates from Associate Head Start State Collaboration Director Donna Emmons
Donna's IHSA Advisor for  April, 2019
ISBE releases RFPs for ECBG:  The Illinois State Board of Education released its RFPS for FY 20 Preschool For All, Preschool For All Expansion, and Prevention Initiative grants. The grants are due June 10, 2019, before 4:00 PM. The grants may be submitted electronically or by paper and a flash drive. 
Here is a one page flyer describing the "improvements" ISBE made to the ECBG grant process this year: 
I encourage all HS and EHS programs to apply if you have a waiting list and can show the need in your area for additional slots.
I also STRONGLY encourage you to pull together your local EC entities or your local EC collaboration group to discuss the needs in your local area for any of the grants. This year the ECBG grants are supposed to clearly show that there is a need for expansion or initiation of these programs.   Here is a link to the RFPs:  https://www.isbe.net/ECBG   Look for information from IHSA for webinars about writing the grants.

Risk and Reach Report ... (found here within Donna's full article)

Should Children Be Ready for Kindergarten-Or Should Kindergarten Be Ready for Children?  
Very interesting article about kindergarten readiness.  Why have we become so preoccupied with kindergarten readinessMaybe as much attention should be given to schools' readiness for children as to children's readiness for school.  Link has more -    https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2019/03/26/should-children-be-ready-for-kindergarten--or-should.html  

IEL Has Many Resources for Kindergarten Transition 
For Partner Plan Act Conference details and  Donna's full article, click now

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has adopted final rules for licensed child care centers and homes to address lead in drinking water.  Effective January 1, 2019, the DCFS licensing standards include the following requirements for currently licensed providers and new licensure applicants .. such as:

* All providers must complete training on ... (click here for more) 

Click this link on Lead Testing Rules 
to learn about recently adopted DCFS rules.
Additionally, Illinois Action for Children's website has in formation on an approved training and resources from experts to help providers move through this process.  As more training materials are identified, the website will be updated.

Measles Outbreaks!!! The CDC is asking for your help to ensure that all children and families are up to date on the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. When it comes to vaccinations, parents trust the expertise of their doctor more than anyone else. As families work with their doctors, it's important that 
Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care staff help parents understand that the MMR vaccine  is the 
best protection against measles infection.
Here are some actions programs can take at this website:
http://ow.ly/K3o630ouFFZ   ..  (click for Donna's full article)  
Upcoming Professional Development Trainings . .               plus IHSA Advocacy in Action! 
Upcoming Professional Development Events

June 5th to 7th - Zion IL
Jul y 10th & 11th - Zion IL
Always ALWAYS read your event details:
Once ANY online registration is submitt ed, you shall be  invoiced.
There are no cancellations .. there are no cancellations!
Name  changes ARE accepted up to 72 h ours 
(prior to any training event date). 
Do not hesitate to call 217-381-5007 or email questions 
to Michelle Iocca  miocca@ilheadstart.org
. . Advocacy News you can use: 

Head Start Rally Day is Weds., May 15th

Join with us  to RALLY at the 
Illinois State Capitol as we share how 
"Strong Bright Futures Begin at Head Start"

For more details, just click  here & sign-up for boxed lunch & (free) rally t-shirt.

Don't wait another day -- get YOUR t-shirt ordered now!!!  
Bonus Informational Links
 Orientation Modules on Bridge . . 
Enroll now for YOUR agency's own Orientation Modules!  
Look at what you're getting -- great ways for on-boarding staff, an exciting new format, training available 24/7 .. so much more! Don't pass these opportunities by, we know you're going to love using our Modules, creating your own & even more soon!
. .  
and if you missed it, here is the recent  webinar recording.

Quotes from G. Lynnie Bailey with SIU-Edwardsville Head Start Programs [paraphrasing here, but we obtained permission to share these comments]: "Our program has used the first three modules for our staff onboarding. 
It was received very well by everyone. When we went through the module on Cultivating Passion, our team would pause and take time to discuss what we had just listened to and seen."  "It was also good to have our group hear from others and see faces from outside our own organization. It helps them understand that although our work is for local Head Start programs, they learn how we are part of something much bigger {throughout the state and nationwide}."  "These Orientation Modules are a great tool which we will use in the future." 
Upcoming National Awareness Month for . .

Be aware and share your knowledge of these 
April  Awareness Months/Days:

National Autism Awareness Month - go to -  https://www.autism-society.org/   

National Child Abuse Prevention Month - go to -  https://www.childwelfare.gov/topics/preventing/preventionmonth/ 

Find upcoming events and the latest from GOECD  here 
(including occasional job openings)
IHSA fully supports the IL Early Learning Council's  statement on Family Separation.
Parent Ambassadors

Check out our  IHSA Parent Ambassador process  online
Pictured below (left to right) with 
Jonathan Edison, one of 
2019 Annual Conference & Parent Institute 
Keynote Speakers, are our Parent Ambassador Stars:
Destiney Hearn, David Lyke, Eddie Williams and LaChar Crayton!

Learn more about the annual conferences, our DC trips to the "Hill" and parent advocacy.  Call today 217-241-3511.
Membership Matters
2019 invoices are at same level as last year's fees.
Anna Waters (DMCOC)
Baby Talk Early Head Start
BCMW Community Services, Inc.
CAA of McHenry Co.
CAP of Central Illinois
CAP of Lake County
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet
CEFS Economic Opportunity Council
Champaign Co. Head Start (with CCRPC)
Chicago Commons Early Head Start
Chicago Department of Family Support Services
Child Care Resource & Referral
Childcare Network of Evanston
Children's Home + Aid
Christopher House Early Head Start
Community Link/1st Step
East Central IL Community Action
Easter Seals Head Start & Early Head Start
Educare of West DuPage
El Valor - Chicago
Governor's State University Early Head Start
Heartland Head Start
Howard Area Community Center
Illinois Dept. Human Services Migrant & Seasonal Head Start
Illinois Action for Children
Illinois Valley Economic Development Corporation
Kankakee School District #111
Metro Family Services DuPage
Mount Vernon School District #80
NICAA (Northwestern Illinois Community Action Agency)
Ounce of Prevention Fund
PACT (Parents and Children Together)
PCCEO, Inc. 
Pillars Community Services
Project NOW, Inc.
Proviso Leydon Council for CA (PLCCA)
Quincy Public Schools
Riverbend Head Start & Family Services 
SIU-Carbondale Head Start
Southern 7 Health Dept.
Springfield Urban League
Tazewell-Woodford Head Start
Tri-County Opportunities Council
Two Rivers Head Start Agency
Wabash Area Development, Inc. 
West Central Community Services
Western Egyptian Economic Opportunities Council
YWCA Metropolitan Chicago 

Help bring IHSA to 100% membership status by adding your agency  to our 2019 member list (please call or email us if you need an updated invoice). 
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Current Job Postings 
E mployment opportunities (also posted on IHSA homepage).
In-State:  (work from home / involves extensive travel) - 


Out of state (our six states within Region V): nothing at this time.
Shared info . . 

Look at this wonderful Kankakee School District #111  video   shared by our own 
Early Childhood Program Proegler School Head Start Program!

Here is their Head Start Mission Statement
"Proegler School is the home to Head Start. 
Intended primarily for preschoolers from low-income families. Head Start's mission is to promote school readiness to enable each child to develop to his or her fullest potential by providing a structured curriculum fully aligned with state and federal standards accompanied by frequent assessment and analysis. Head Start's comprehensiveness also includes a full array of support for families and children including health, dental, mental health, and nutrition services or referrals. 
Additionally, children receive developmental, vision, hearing, and dental screenings. Parents are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of the program, from participation in children's activities to direct involvement in policy and program decisions." 


Here is a FREE module offering --with 7 credits--
to enhance the capacity of professionals working with military families  who have young children (birth to 5 years old) with, or
who are at-risk for, disabilities and development delays.
Click here 
for more details about this module -- offering good through the fall of 2019.

Maybe not yet aware of  Military Families Learning Network ..yet? 
IHSA Staff Alumni

IHSA Staff 
Alumni Project
For Associate Individual Membership form, click here.   
Join with us -- you are Head Start! 

Annual Memberships are $35 for Staff Alumni registrants; 1st year is FREE.
Let's  get the word out  to 
Head Start staff members!
Tell your friends and former colleagues about this project.
MISSION: To encourage and support former Head Start staff who still love the program to reconnect, become 
informed, and receive opportunities to make a difference in local programs and the state association. 
  • Reconnecting with colleagues from Head Start throughout Illinois;
  • Building social networks & planning some activities (including annual Friend's component meeting);
  • Getting updated and staying informed on Head Start in Illinois and across the nation;
  • Lending your voice to advocate for this wonderful program;
  • Sharing ideas, getting to volunteer, and/or donate, if you choose;
  • Adding a little more fun into your daily life; and being part of a Head Start program model for across the country! 
  • Were you on staff in a Head Start program?  Was it more of a calling, rather than a job?  
  • Did you love it? Was it one of the most fulfilling times in your life?  
Every month at IHSA is $2 Per Child month . . AUCTION COMING SOON!
During our 2019 Conference,   donated TWO identical sets   
of their children's tunnel climber play  equipment to IHSA during that last morning.  

The surprised ticket winner gladly donates  back to IHSA those
same two sets
for a SILENT AUCTION -- so this is even MORE fun, right?
Get ready to bid between May 6th and May 10th.  Stay tuned for IHSA homepage link to donate your own bid 
(either as an agency, or as an individual, or both) -- best of luck and thank you! 

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Latest from Child Trends   
new additions to their regular blog; their 
Bottom line . . be kind.

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