June  2018 
Updates from IHSA Executive Director Lauri Morrison-Frichtl
It's officially summer!

Every summer I say  "I am going to find time to enjoy summer" and  before I know it, it's September. If some of you 
can remember, summer used to slow down in  the Head Start/Early Head Start world for just a  minute or two. But now it feels like we are full steam  ahead and on the run during the summer more than ever.

I keep asking, "What about summer?" I like Mark Twain's quote, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do." So, "every summer should have a story to tell" - I hope you find time for your story!

Appropriations are underway for determining the FY19 budget which should begin on October 1st with the beginning of the federal fiscal year. We are watching to see what happens and then we will know which way we need to go involving our advocacy efforts.   The full House Appropriations Committee was scheduled to mark up its Labor-HHS bill this week, but the markup was recently postponed. The Senate Labor-HHS Subcommittee passed its bill on June 26, and the full Senate Appropriations Committee is still slated to mark-up its bill on Thursday, June 28, at which point full details will be released. I should have more to report in July. But let's keep our eyes and ears open. We see what's happening with the SNAP benefits attached to the Farm Bill. Last week, the House passed a farm bill that would take food assistance away from two million people while imposing harsh requirements on those struggling to find work. Fortunately, the Senate has taken steps in the opposite direction and crafted a farm bill that is bipartisan and protects SNAP (formerly known as food stamps). 

Speaking of advocacy and leadership, do you have a parent interested in becoming an IHSA Parent Ambassador?   If yes, please have them contact the IHSA Office (217-241-3511) for more information. Time is running out as our first training begins on July 25-27th. Hurry, don't miss this wonderful leadership opportunity for one of your parents.

In July we are updating our Wage & Benefit database. We want to make sure the data is current and relevant to your work. Thus, every July we will update the database to make sure we are looking at current data.   Are you wondering what I am talking about? Not sure what this service is? If you answered yes, please go to our website, www.ilheadstart.org and look under MEMBERSHIP. This is a free service to all of our members and you don't want to miss this opportunity.

We have a BIG training in July that we have planned just for you! The Vanessa Rich Leadership Experience! Have you already attended a past Vanessa Rich Leadership Experience similar to PHASE ONE? Then check out our BRAND NEW "PHASE TWO" Experience! You decide if you would like to re-commit and re-engage in your heart, spirit and passion in Phase One or if you would like to RECHARGE your spirit and progress into a new leadership experience by attending "PHASE TWO". Both experiences will support your personal growth and help you discover new ways to be the leader YOU want to be in a fun and relaxing environment! This could be part of your summer story! Visit the IHSA website for more information, www.ilheadstart.org .

Don't forget to take time for you this summer! Use this time to  re-energize and fill your spirit! In September don't be  asking yourself "what about summer"?   As always, thank you for your dedication and passion  for Head Start/Early Head Start!   I appreciate you  and the work you do!
Take care,

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As always, p lease email me lfrichtl@ilheadstart.org  with any feedback.  ILHeadStart.org
Updates from Associate Head Start State Collaboration Director Donna Emmons
"Let's Stop Talking about the 
30 Million Word Gap"
Did you know that kids growing up in poverty 
hear 30 million fewer words by age 3? 
Chances are, if you're the type of person who 
reads a newspaper or listens to NPR, you've 
heard that statistic before.

Since 1992, this finding has, with unusual power, shaped the way educators, parents and policymakers think about educating poor children.

But did you know that the number comes from 
just one study, begun almost 40 years ago, with 
just 42 families? That some people argue it contained a built-in racial bias? Or that others, including the authors of a new study that calls itself a "failed replication," say it's just wrong?

Read more here and see what you think! 
(from NPR) 

How Head Start and Child Care Programs Can Help

Head Start, home visitors, and child care 
staff often have a window into the real-life circumstances and needs of families. You may be the front-line in identifying issues that signal substance misuse. It can be hard to navigate these complex situations, but you have unique opportunities to engage families and even prevent harm to children. The Head Start website, ECLKC, under Mental Health, has a wealth of resources that may be 
useful for you and your staff. 
Click  here for more details. 
Look for an informative webinar about 
Opioid Use and Illinois soon to be on 
the Partner Plan Act website 

Wonderful links about 
fun in the sun - 
and c autions too! 

Take a look..
  • Get more  on  all  the topics above, and 
  • on  upcoming conferences   here

  • Summer's finally here!! Sort of!
    As I write this, I have on a fleece jacket 
    and it's been rainy and in the
    in my neck of the woods. 
    So maybe spring is still here. 
    At least I see flowers and green grass 
    out my window 
     the birds 
    are back building their nest 
    on my front porch -
    (and making a mess, I might say)! 
    But they were so cute last year. 
    Here's a picture. 
    See those four little birds? 
    However did they all get in that nest?

    From Mister Rogers
    Nonprofit Lessons from Mister Rogers

    With the  documentary about Fred Rogers receiving critical acclaim, we thought we'd take a look back and lift up lessons the nonprofit sector could take away from his life and legacy in public service.

    Fred Rogers lived his life in support of his beliefs. His  testimony on PBS funding is one of his more prominent forms of activism, but it was certainly not his only one. He found ways to engage on issues outside of traditional advocacy. Through the creation of diverse characters - both living and puppets - he sought to include depictions of people and storylines that brought often taboo topics and social issues to children's living rooms.  

    We recently met with ... click here for more! 
    In case you missed it,  here  is the latest from 
    Illinois Office of Early Childhood Development! 

    ALSO, see their current job posting/s (but don't forget to check out our own opportunities in this newsletter just below!)
    2018 Parent Ambassador Program
    In July we welcome ou

    2018  Parent Ambassadors

    to their 1 st  training session!

    Learn more about this IHSA  program 
    by clicking here  (more to come)! 

    Never too early to start recruiting for 2019! 

    Call with any question (217) 241-3511.

    Membership Matters

    As renewed agencies can attest, IHSA Member rates are fiscally beneficial.
    It is so much better to join before your next IHSA event registration -- for your full savings benefit!

    2018 IHSA Agency Members 
    ( as of 06-26-18)
    Anna Waters (DMCOC)
    Baby Talk Early Head Start
    BCMW Community Services, Inc.
    CAA of McHenry Co.
    CAP of Central IL (CAPCIL)
    CAP of Lake County
    Catholic Charities
    CEFS Economic Opportunity Council
    Champaign Co. Head Start (with CCRPC)
    Chicago Commons Early Head Start
    Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R)
    Childcare Network of Evanston
    Children's Home + Aid
    Christopher House Early Head Start
    City of Rockford Early/Head Start
    Community Link/1st Step
    East Central IL Community Action
    Easter Seals Head Start & EHS
    Educare of West DuPage
    El Valor Early Head Start
    Evanston/Skokie Community SD 65
    Governor's State University Early Head Start
    Heartland Head Start
    Howard Area Community Center
    Illinois Action for Children
    Illinois Valley EDC
    Kankakee School District #111
    Metro Family Services DuPage
    Migrant & Seasonal Head Start
    Mount Vernon School District #80
    NICAA (Northwestern Illinois Community Action Agency)
    PACT (Parents and Children Together)
    Pillars Community Services
    Project NOW, Inc.
    Proviso Leydon Council for CA (PLCCA)
    Quincy Public School District
    Riverbend Head Start
    SIU-Carbondale Head Start
    SIU-Edwardsville HS 
    Southern 7 Health Dept.
    Tazewell-Woodford Head Start
    Tri-County Opportunities Council (TCOC)
    Two Rivers Head Start Agency
    Wabash Area Devt., Inc. (WADI)
    West Central (WCCS)
    Western Egyptian Econ. Opp. Council (WEEOC)
    YWCA Metropolitan Chicago
    We Remember . .

    In June we honored  Fathers -- those who are 
    no longer with us, those who still are, and 
    all the  Dads-to-be out there, too. 

    We love you Papas -- thank you for being there for us!

    IHSA Upcoming Training Opportunities . . 
    2018 Summer Training . . 
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    Wednesday, July 11th - Thursday, July 12th
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    CANCELLATION POLICY:  Remember that once registrations are submitted online,  THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS .  However, name  changes are accepted up to 72 hours before training event date.  Please email name changes to mwood@ilheadstart.org or call the office (217) 241-3511. Thank you!!!
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    IHSA Staff Alumni
    IHSA Staff Alumni Project
    Join with us -- you are Head Start! 
    For this year ONLY, membership is free for Staff Alumni registrants.
    Annual individual Associate Membership is regularly $35
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              "Head Start is a fabulous program with its own culture, language, sense of community - and many moving parts." 

    To encourage and support former Head Start staff who still love the program to reconnect, become 
    informed, and receive opportunities to make a difference in local programs and the state association. 
    ere you on staff in a Head Start program? 
    Was it more of a calling, rather than a job? 
    Did you love it? Was it one of the most fulfilling times in your life?  
    • Reconnecting with colleagues from Head Start throughout Illinois;
    • Building social networks & planning some activities (including annual Friend's component meeting);
    • Getting updated and staying informed on Head Start in Illinois and across the nation;
    • Lending your voice to advocate for this wonderful program;
    • Sharing ideas, getting to volunteer, and/or donate, if you choose;
    • Adding a little more fun into your day to day life; and 
    • Being part of a Head Start program model for across the country!  
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    Latest from Child Trends   

    Kicking off summer early with record-breaking heat, 
    reminds us to 
    always be mindful of our children's outdoor 
    playground equipment. It's just way too HOT!!!

    Racing to their regular activities can quickly translate to serious burns from hazardous, high temperatures.
    So get outside first and check 
    out the surfaces before those tiny little ones do!!!