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2018 Fashion Show | Modern Masters
Thank you to all Entrants and Sponsors!
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Fashion Show HERE.

We are pleased to announce that our event raised $2,000 for the
Arts Council of Indianapolis during the Fashion Show! 

We are looking for IIDA members to volunteer for our upcoming Summer Bowling Event....is that you? Please reach out to Michael Firsich, VP of Special Events if you are interested in becoming part of this committee.

IIDA Indiana Board Call for Nominations

Please take some time to seek out the promising talent around you. Some key points to consider when nominating  yourself or another candidate: 
  • All IIDA Indiana Chapter Professional and Associate members in good standing, are eligible to nominate board candidates. 
  • IIDA Indiana Chapter Bylaws require that candidates for elected positions must be Professional Members in good standing, except when noted otherwise. 
  • Of if you are not certain of someone's membership type, but feel they would make an excellent IIDA Indiana Board member; nominate them anyway!
There are a total of 14 elected positions. Each position serves a two-year term. The President-Elect serves a three-year term. The following positions are up for election this year: 
  • President-Elect/Treasurer
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Vice President of Sponsorship
  • Vice President of Professional Development
  • Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Vice President of Evansville City Center
Once a   Single Slate   of candidates is approved, an  Election Ballot   will be distributed to all   Indiana Chapter Professional Members for vote in May.  The new Board of Directors takes office on July 1, 2018.  It is expected that each VP position will be responsible to recruit members for their Committee. This will allow better delegation of tasks on the Committee
level as well as succession planning for future IIDA leaders!

Please forward any nominations including your name and the name and position for which you are nominating the candidate by Thursday, April 26th to Sarah Savage via email to treasurer@iidaindiana.org. Thank you for your continued commitment to IIDA and the Indiana Chapter.
Thank you to Kimball for a great night of mixing up some
unusual cocktails!

Welcome New Members! 
Rachelle Bastin, IIDA
Rebecca Brady, IIDA
Stephanie Kailey, Student IIDA
Rachyl Menke, Student IIDA
Kamrie Olson, Student IIDA

Louisville Tile & Crossville Sustainable Solutions CEU 
Review case studies and economic impact in this GBCI accredited course
This Week! 

Indianapolis City Center
March 28, 2018
Registration: 11:30 am, Program & Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Location : Hatch in Broad Ripple - 6161 N Hillside Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
**FYI - parking at the Hatch is available behind the Hatch building, or the two lots adjacent to their property
Price: Members Free/Nonmembers $25

Fort Wayne City Center
March 29, 2018
Registration: 11:30 am, Program & Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Location:  Strahm - 4334 Ardmore Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Price: Members Free/Nonmembers $25

Description:  In this course we will look at the material selection decisions made as specifiers and members of the design community as well as the potential sustainable consequences resulting from these. Specifically, within the porcelain tile industry, we will explore four key areas of consideration: material composition, transportation, reuse/recycling, innovation. How they may contribute to LEED projects and the latest addition of tile product certification from ANSI. Finally a case study; which exemplifies the sustainable gains that can be made in manufacturing through collaboration and partnership with the design community.
Learning Objectives:
  • Material selection: The potential sustainability/economic impacts
  • Porcelain tile material composition:Content, chemicals of concern, certification
  • Construction waste management of porcelain tile: Material reuse and recycling
  • Porcelain tile transportation impact: Distance, mode, freight
  • Innovation:  New technology, future potential
Happily Ever After...
Specification and Care Best Practices for Indoor Performance Textiles

Fort Wayne City Center
April 4, 2018
Registration: 11:30 am, Program & Lunch:  12:00 pm
Location: Pizza Hut Corporate Office - 7100 W Jefferson Blvd, The Quayle Room, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Price: Members Free/Nonmembers $25

Indianapolis City Center
April 5, 2018
Registration: 5:30 pm, Program & hors d'oeuvres: 6:00 pm
Location:  Mayer Fabric Inc - 500 South Kitley Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Price: Members Free/Nonmembers $25
Performance textiles for contract design have characteristics that many specifiers require. There are many options to meet varying aesthetic and practical design needs. This course clarifies which ones will work best where, and how to keep them brilliant and resilient long into the future. Specifiers will learn: -Fiber types used in textile manufacturing and their inherent characteristics -Ways to identify and select from evolving textile technology options -Marrying the correct specific performance characteristics and optimal fiber content to different design project requirements, sectors and applications -Essential questions to ask before specifying -How to tell which performance tests were done and knowing which are important for specifying -Cleaning codes and methods for indoor performance textiles Contract design trends and a forecast of aesthetic textile trends and uses destined to endure right along with the fabrics.
Speaker: Kelly Ponder, Crypton LLC 

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