Manufacturing and Design Division
April 2016
Hybrid Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities for Additive and Traditional Manufacturing 

There has been a constant growth in both material processing capability and applications of additive manufacturing (AM). In fact, the US continues to lead the world in having the most number of industrial grade AM systems installed. Given the growing attention around AM, traditional manufacturing companies have been trying to identify the value and viability of using AM in their existing processing and product portfolios.

While AM provides several advantages such as reducing or eliminating the need for special fixtures and tooling, part consolidation and ability to process superalloys; there are still some major challenges. Traditional manufacturing methods such as machining and heat treatment offer superior part accuracy, surface finish and in many cases better mechanical properties, but they are challenged with machinability of many superalloys, and the need for expensive tooling for these materials.

A NIST AM Tech funded planning grant, "Consortium for Advanced Hybrid Manufacturing - Integrating Technologies (CAM-IT)" led by Youngstown State University and North Carolina State University has set out to develop a consortium of interested stakeholders in hybrid metal AM processing and in order to develop a comprehensive technology roadmap. Based on outcome of CAM-IT's kick-off workshop held in Youngstown, OH (November 2015), subsequent workshops are planned to address the key thrust areas of the roadmap. 

Of interest to our Manufacturing and Design division, System Integration and Material Property Enhancement are the focus topics of the next workshop scheduled on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 in Raleigh, NC.  
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Call for Manufacturing and Design Webinar Speakers

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The M&D Division board wants to invite members to propose and deliver webinars on their research. If you are interested in delivering a webinar, contact Division Media Director Dusan Sormaz (
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A webinar presented
by the Annual Conference Program Committee 
April 14 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Hui Yang, Pennsylvania State University, James Kong, Virginia Polytechnic, MD Sarder, University of Southern Mississippi, Phil Kaminsky, University of California Berkeley, Sean Genovese, Boeing and Katie Coperich - FedEx

Several speakers involved with IIE Annual Conference will provide a highlight of various programs that offer value proposition to attendees.

Other IISE Upcoming Webinars

Work Systems Science - Practical Concepts and Applications 
Presented by Work Systems Division
April 5 | 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Edward S. Pound, chief operations officer, Factory Physics Inc.

Corporate Decision-Making and Supply Chain Strategy 
Presented by Logistics & Supply Chain Division 
April 21 | 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: P. Michael Jones, President, St. Onge Company

Improving Patient Throughput and Experience in Primary Care
Presented by Society for Health Systems
April 26 | 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Katie Castree, senior performance improvement specialist, Hospital Sisters Health Systems

Pattern Detection and Classification in Brain Neuroscience Application
Presented by Computer & Information Systems Division (CIS)
April 28 | 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Chun-An Chou, Ph.D., assistant professor, SUNY Binghamton

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*Webinars presented by the Society for Health Systems and the Society for Engineering and Management Systems require membership in those societies to attend.

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