September 2016
Presidents' Message |
Conferences Transitions into the new term
Dear SEMS members,

The excitement and inspiration of the 2016 Rio Olympics has got me thinking about what it takes to be a champion. According to sports psychologist, Dr. Jerry Lynch ( ), a champion has the following characteristics:

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SEMS Says | Transitioning from a technical role to a leadership role

 Ph.D., President-elect of SEMS, Experience Program Manager and Senior Data Scientist, IBM
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan

 Role and job transitions always test your flexibility and willingness to learn.
For more than eight years, I was in a deep technical role as a data scientist and industrial engineer in the corporate human resources organization. I enjoyed every minute of the challenging and groundbreaking work. 

SEMS Says | Introduction to new SEMS board member
Patrick T. Hester 
As one of four new board members who began our term this year, I was asked to provide a short introduction to myself and to outline my vision for my term. 
Member Spotlight | Call for Nomination for IISE Awards from Industry

The Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineering(IISE)- Industry Advisory Board (IAB) group os hoping to increase the nominations of industry people for the various IISE annual Awards, again this year.
Please think about deserving Industrial Engineering and IE Management candidates - within you Companies or local IISE Chapters- that meet the criteria for an Award- and work with them to submit their nominations. Visit this link to get more information. The Deadline for nomination is December 1,2016.
Steve Snelling, IISE- Industry Advisory Board (IAB) member.
Member Spotlight | Shuchisnigdha Deb and Sushil Poudel
Shuchisnigdha Deb

Sushil Poudel

The sixth annual SEMS Student Paper Competition recognized highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students from the IISE with diverse academic experiences. This year's first place winner was a paper written by Shuchisnigdha Deb, Brandon Warner, Sushil Poudel and Suyogya Bhandari from Mississippi State University. In this member spotlight, we speak to Shuchi and Sushi. You can read their winning paper here .
For the author, the paper was something they had not expected while doing research. They found it as an interesting work where they all were involved. With their analysis of the survey results, they knew that a publishable paper They were excited about it, and very happy the quality of their work was worthy of this recognition i.e wining the first place price in the student paper competition. When Member Spotlight (DM) spoke with Shuchi (SD) and Sushil (SP), we had a few questions for the pair. Their answers  .
International perspective | Interoperability and its impact on the public domain
Interoperability can be described as the ability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems - and the business processes they support - to exchange data, enable the sharing of information and knowledge, and use these data. Interoperability takes into account dimensions such as concerns, barriers, degrees of maturity and types of assessment. When put together and analyzed, this set of views and perspectives can help increase the level and quality of collaboration, interaction and transactions between organizations (public or private) and between areas (or agencies, in the case of the public sector) inside the same organization.

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Up the ladder: Transitioning from a Technical to a managerial Role ( Webinar) | Sharing Knowledge

    Oct. 4, 2016 2:00-3:00 P.M. EST
  Many engineers, as they progress in their careers, will ultimately switch from a technical role in a company to a position in management. However, this transition may seem quite daunting. How does one's technical preparation relate to management?  How can one learn the skills needed to be a successful manager? Is there anything that can be done before being promoted to management to prepare?  All these questions and more will be addressed by a distinguished group of panelists that has been through this transition. Currently representing OhioHealth, Medtronic, and Harley-Davidson, the panelists will share their experiences and advice on how to navigate this important career shift.
Meet the Panelists

Let's read and share a book (SEMS book browse) | Sharing knowledge

Pricing and Revenue Management of Services: A Strategic Approach
by Irene C.L. Ng . Published by Routledge , PRINT ISBN10: 0-415-35077-8 (Hardbook), ISBN10: 0-203-69659-X (e-book) 197     
pages (2008)  

Our book browse continues the trend of discussing business books that cover the theme of pricing. As industrial and systems engineers, we are concerned with operational efficiency, but we must also be concerned about operational and organisational profitability. Not all industrial and systems engineers work in production facilities, where many writers and researchers of pricing and revenue management have focused their interests in the past years. Ng's book on pricing and revenue management is very much centered on the services industry. The 197-page book covers the topic from both a microeconomics (individual buyer) and a macroeconomics (buyers in aggregate)


The IIE Training Center is unsurpassed in meeting the educational goals of professionals in myriad industries. Our instructors are experts in essential topics including Lean and Six Sigma, concepts based on long-standing industrial engineering principles. We ensure that our students attain in-depth levels of understanding and practical knowledge of how to apply strategies t o achieve business and professional excellence.

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers
If you are interested in volunteering for the SEMS and its initiatives, contact Charlene Yauch , SEMS President; or Daren Maynard, Newsletter Editor.