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IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation 
(A non-profit 501(c)(3) US Organization)



IITRHF was founded on 07/07/2007
Now in its 10th year of operations, here is a summary:
IITRHF programs:
  • Annual Heritage Excellence Awards (~50 awards/ year)
  • Annual Business Plan Competition Awards (~6 awards/ year)
  • Summer Internships at US Universities
  • One year Internships in US companies
Accomplishments to date: Over 150 alumni donors have joined hands resulting in these milestones:
  • Established a Faculty Chair in Soil Dynamics
  • Established annual Best Faculty award for Rs 2 Lacs
  • Facilitated 1 year paid internships at Cisco, USA for 15 students
  • Arranged for 15+ guest lectures at IITR campus
  • Awarded 40+ awards in Annual Business Plan competition 
  • Awarded 48+ travel grants for Research Paper Presentations
  • Distributed 400+ Heritage Excellence Awards, and
  • Coordinated equipment donation to IITR worth US $250K
All this has been possible because of alumni contributions and volunteer efforts. Please spread the word to your fellow Roorkee alums to donate to IITRHF, and check with your employer for matching contributions to double your donation.

If you like to participate as a co-chair for any Program, or have idea for a new Program, please let us know. 


Please forward to your contacts who may not be receiving this newsletter!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Dedicates New Campus of IITGN to the Nation

IITRHF Lion Donor Prof. Sudhir Jain (in black suit) with PM Narendra Modi during dedication of IIT Gandhinagar new campus to the nation. 
IIT Gandhinagar, founded in 2008, sprawls over 397 acres of land on the western banks of River Sabarmati. It only took 3 years from the acquisition of the land to the completion of the new campus. 

IIT Gandhinagar has instituted various innovative and unique features such as Interdisciplinary approach to teaching, flexible curriculum with strong humanities and social content, societal content and project based learning.

Prof. Sudhir Jain, Founder Director of IITGN, completed his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee in 1979, followed by M.S. and Ph.D. from the CalTech, Pasadena, in 1983.

Dr Sudhir Jain is also the President of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering. He is the second Indian till date to be President of IAEE, the first one being Prof. Jai Krishna, former Vice Chancellor of University of Roorkee.

Message from Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs Prof. B. R. Gurjar

Dear Alumni of IIT Roorkee:
Greetings from your Alma Mater!
I believe that alumni play a very important role in the growth of any academic institution of the world. This is especially true for institutions of higher learning. From that perspective, IIT Roorkee has a distinct edge over comparable institutions in India given an alumni base spanning over 170 years.
You would be happy to learn that your institute has recently initiated several schemes to promote excellence in students, faculty and departments. The current schemes include scholarships and awards to students, Fellowships and Chair Professorships to faculty members, travel grants etc. This has created an opportunity for all of you to give back so that your institute may shine among the best academic institutions of the world. Brief outline of these schemes can be browsed here: 

You can write to me to learn more about the schemes.
Let me end by quoting Mr. N.R. Narayan Murthy "Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni". I invite you to take out some time from your busy life and visit your institute. Whenever you think of your student life and wish to connect with the institute, please feel free to drop me a line. I would ensure that we do whatever is needed so that you can cherish the special bond that you have with your Alma Mater.
Yours truly,
ROORKEE # 247 667, Uttarakhand, INDIA

IITRHF Program: Personalized Excellence Awards 

2017 Excellence Awards Update: 

This year, 328 candidates applied in response to the call for applications, which are currently being evaluated by  IITR. Once the  final recommended list is received, IITRHF will confirm, and the results will be released.  IITR will finalize awards distribution date.

IITRHF Annual Excellence Awards (approx. 50) cover all branches and departments. Of these, 38 have been personalized by donors to honor their family members. 

For a complete list of all personalized award donors, visit  Personalized Awards page
To set up a personalized award in your family name, please reach out to 
Program Chair: 

Prof. Rajat Agrawal  is our partner at IITR, for announcing and processing IITRHF awards. He may be reached at  

For progress to date, please visit Heritage Excellence Awards
IITRHF Program: Business Plan Competition (BPC)

IITRHF collaborates with TIDES for Business Plan Competition

The IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation (IITRHF) has been organizing Business Plan Competition under the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program since year 2009. This year IITRHF has collaborated with TIDES Business Incubator to hold BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION 2017. The IITRHF-TIDES Business Plan Competition (BPC) aims to foster entrepreneurship among IIT Roorkee students and recent alumni, and provides an integrative learning experience. It provides them a platform for refining their business ideas and strategies to bring them to fruition.
  • Best Overall Plan
  • Most Innovative Idea
  • Judges' Choice Award
  • Honorable Mention

The winners of Best Plan and Most Innovative Idea (one person from each team, preferably a founder) will be sponsored for 6-day Acceleration program to either USA, Canada or Europe and a 3-day Acceleration Program to Bangalore. Entrepreneurs will get opportunity to visit accelerator, meet and interact with start-ups and mentors.

The winners of Judges' Choice Award and Honorable Mention will get prize of INR 30,000 and INR 15,000 respectively. Further, winning start-ups will be mentored by TIDES and will be evaluated for incubation at TIDES & funding support. 

The cash awards are made possible by a generous grant from Mr. Raj Singh (EE, 1968)

For further details visit 

Program Chair: 

Prof. Sanjeev Manhas is our partner at IITR, for announcing and processing TIDES-IITRHF Business Plan Competition related activities. 

He may be reached at

IITRHF Program: Heritage Internship Program (HIP)


Facilitate summer internships in universities that enhance and complement student's classroom learning at IITR and broadens their outlook and research goals

Benefits for Students
  • Conduct research with leading faculty in reputed universities
  • Interact with research students
  • Explore graduate and doctoral programs and advisors
Benefits for Faculty
  • Find talented students with a passion for research and learning
  • Screen potential graduate and doctoral students
  • Know that your guidance made a difference in someone's life

Benefits for Donors
  • Support a program that promotes professional, co-curricular and overall development of students
  • Be a proud sponsor of a program to enhance the learning of students from your alma mater
  • Gratitude of being able to provide opportunities far greater than those available when you were in the same boat

If you are a faculty in a University and would like to offer internship to an IITR alum in partnership with IITRHF, please reach out to Program Chair:

Prof. Manoj Mishra  is our partner at IITR  for internship related activities of IITRHF.  He may be reached at

For progress to date, please visit 
Heritage Internship Program
IITR Distinguished Alumni Prof. Vipin Kumar supporting IITRHF 
Heritage Internship Opportunities

Prof. Vipin Kumar uses big data to study and slow down climate change

Dr. Vipin Kumar who is a Roorkee alum from 1977 batch,  is a Regents Professor and William Norris Endowed Chair in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Minnesota.

His current research interests include data mining, high-performance computing, and their applications in Climate/Ecosystems and health care. Kumar is the Lead PI of a 5-year, $10 Million project, "Understanding Climate Change - A Data Driven Approach" , funded by the NSF's Expeditions in Computing program that is aimed at pushing the boundaries of computer science research.

The Expeditions project addresses key challenges in the science of climate change by developing methods that take advantage of the wealth of climate and ecosystem data available from satellite and ground-based sensors, the observational record for atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial processes, and physics-based climate model simulations. These innovative approaches help provide an improved understanding of the complex nature of the Earth system and the mechanisms contributing to the adverse consequences of climate change, such as increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, precipitation regime shifts, and the propensity for extreme weather events that result in environmental disasters. Methodologies developed as part of this project will be used to gain actionable insights and to inform policymakers.

As an example of such a work by Kumar's team, see the news story published by Sierra Club on his  work on tracking conversion of tropical forests of Indonesia in to palm oil plantations:

This field holds great promise for increasing our understanding of the earth's overall climate and environment, and how they're being impacted by human actions.

IITRHF Program: Academic Industry Collaboration

IITRHF Academic Industry Collaboration  program was established several years ago as a long-term partnership with Cisco USA, that led to faculty and equipment grants for telephony and security lab at IITR campus, and fully paid 1-year internships to IITR students at Cisco USA. 
For achievements to date, visit Academic Industry Collaboration page.

In addition to IITR students, IITRHF has facilitated inclusion of students from IIT Gandhinagar and JP Institute of IT at Noida in this program. Current Directors of both IITGN and JP Institute at Noida, are IITR Alumni.

If you like to host the interns for an event, or if you want to explore a similar partnership with your company, please reach out to  Program Chair: 




IITRHF Board Member Dr. Kiran Panesar Runs ENCORE Campus Awards 

The 1989 batch started Encore Awards at IIT Roorkee in 2015 after the Silver Jubilee celebrations. 107 people from the batch joined together to raise over 43 Lakh Rupees. The goals of the scholarships are threefold: to recognize all round excellence, encourage women in science and technology, and to help needy and meritorious students.
There are two awards,
  • an overall excellence award for Rs 50,000 (given to 2 or 3 students), and
  • a merit-cum-means award for Rs 30,000 (given to 5 or 6 students).
In the short three years the awards have been running, they have become the most coveted awards on campus. One of the reasons for the success of the award has been the rigorous, fair and transparent evaluation of applicants, including an in-person interview by our batch mates who travel to Roorkee specifically for this.
The process is run by a committee of 9 people. Each application is reviewed on predetermined scoring criteria by at least 2 committee members. In the case of 4 th year awards, the applications include essays. Final interviews of shortlisted candidates are conducted on campus. The results are declared by early November.
We are working closely with the Heritage Foundation for future fundraising.
Here are some stats:

3 Merit
4 Means
3 Merit
5 Means
To be announced shortly
Girl Awardees

For more details and to find out about the winners, please visit the website:

Program Representative: 

IITRHF facilitates Lion Donor and IITR Distinguished Alumni Mohinder Nayyar 
to make $100K Tax-Exempt Donation to IITR

Mr. Mohinder Nayyar has set up two annual programs at IITR, namely "Nayyar Awards for Excellence in Communication" and "Suri Travel Grant". 

The "Nayyar Awards for Excellence in Communication" will constitute three awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the amount of Rs. 50,000, Rs. 30,000, and Rs. 20,000, respectively, to be given each academic year. Students from 3rd year Undergraduate or 1st year Post-graduate Programs will be eligible to compete  through a rigorous  evaluation process. 
The winners would have demonstrated a high level of competence in written and verbal communication  based on standards laid out by the  selection committee .
Girl students will be encouraged to participate. Incase there is no female winner among the three awardees, a fourth award for Rs. 15,000 will be given to the top female candidate, at the discretion of the jury, provided her overall performance is worthy of recognition.

The  " Suri Travel Grant "  of up to Rs. 1.5 Lac  would be awarded on an annual basis to an IIT Roorkee student to fund travel to a well-recognized international conference for presenting a research paper based on work done during UG, PG or PhD program at IIT Roorkee. 
About IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation (IITRHF)


IITRHF is a USA based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All US donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.

All IITRHF programs are run by volunteers with no financial overhead. Contact with feedback, or to chair a program.

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