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IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation
(A non-profit 501(c)(3) US Organization)

Spring 2016: Activities at a glance


We hope you are having a great summer. This is a recap of our programs and recent activities.
To recap, our annual programs include:
  • Heritage Excellence Awards (~50)
  • Research paper presentation travel grants (~10)
  • Business plan competition awards (~6)
  • One year internships in US for IITR Students (~8) 
To date, over 150 alumni donors have joined hands resulting in following important achievements:
  • Established Faculty Chair in Soil Dynamics
  • Established Best Faculty Award
  • One year paid internship in US for 13 students
  • Delivered 15 guest lectures at IITR campus
  • Funded 34 awards in Business Plan competition 
  • Funded 48 Research Paper Presentation travel grants
  • Funded 351 Heritage Excellence Awards, and
  • Coordinated donation of equipment to IITR worth $250K (Rs1.5 crore)
All this has been possible because of your generous contributions and volunteer efforts. Please spread the word with your fellow Roorkee alums to donate to IITRHF programs, and please check with your employer for matching contributions to double your donation.

If you like to participate as a co-chair for any Program, or have idea for a new Program, please let us know. 


National Conference for IITR Alumni Association of North America
IITRHF co-sponsored National Conference for IIT Roorkee Alumni Association of North America, Santa Clara, California on December 12, 2015. The event was very well attended with over 100+ alumni from all over USA, including our own Dean of International Alumni Prof. Sandeep Singh, who flew all the way from IIT Roorkee to meet the alums.

Venkatesan Ashok, Consul General of India at San Francisco shared the vision of Digital India, and Shailesh Mehta, Chairman PanIIT gave a short talk on developments in PanIIT.


IITRHF expands advisory board with Alumni Council
We are pleased to have these eminent alumni on IITRHF Advisory Council

- Prof. Prem Krishna , Distinguished Alumni and Global President of IITR Alumni Association
- Prof. Vipin Kumar , Distinguished Alumni  
- Prof. Shamsher Prakash, Distinguished Alumni
Prof. Prem Krishna                Vipin Kumar                               
              Prof. Prem Krishna                    Prof. Vipin Kumar                        Mohinder Nayyar                   Prof. Shamsher Prakash
                       Civil '59                                      E&C '77                                    Mech '66                                     Civil '54

These IITRHF board members were elected to serve for the year 2016-17, as members of the Executive Committee of IITR Alumni Association at Roorkee (IITRAA)
- Harish Goyal, Civil '79
- Manoj Goel, Mech '81
With this representation of IITRHF board members in IITRAA, and with Prof Prem Krishna, Global President of IITRAA on IITRHF Advisory Council, we hope the 2 organizations can collaborate on future initiatives.
IITR Administration visits US chapters
Prof. Ashok Misha (Chairman, Board of Governors), Director Pradipta Banerji, and Dean Sandeep Singh visited several chapters in USA during April 2016, and shared the progress at IITR and their vision for next 10+ years.

Few notable items of interest 
- a PanIIT Alumni Center in Bangalore, under development, and open for membership
- an IITR Convention Center and Residential Alumni Center at Roorkee, currently in architectural design phase, open for sponsorship/ donors/ membership

Prof. Ashok Misra
Prof. Pradipta Banerji
Prof. Sandeep Singh

IITRHF Academic Industry Collaboration program was established several years ago, with a long-term partnership with Cisco USA, that led to faculty and equipment grants for telephony and security lab at IITR campus, and fully paid 1-year internships to IITR students at Cisco USA. 
For achievements to date, visit  Academic Industry Collaboration  page.

2nd batch of interns at Cisco (2015-16):  After a successful 1st batch of 9 students, these four IITR students are hosted by Cisco USA at a budget of ~Rs 2 crores ($325,000)

IITR interns Abhishek Ambastha, Anshul Agarwal, Vindeep Si ngh and Peeyush Jain, pose with Director Pradipta Banerji, during his recent visit to San Jose, California.

If you like to host the interns for an event, or if you want to explore a similar partnership with your company, please reach out to Program Chair: Manoj Goel (Mech '81) at





IITRHF  Research Paper grants  are given to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students for travel and conference registration at leading global conferences.
See here for names of students, abstracts and conferences.
This program is under revision, since IITR administration has developed a similar program to fund research scholars presenting at domestic or international conferences.
We sincerely thank the current program chairs: Dr. Vivek Varma (Ind '83), Dr. Anurag Bhargava (E&C '95), Dr. Kesari Mishra (E&C '01), and ex-program chairs Dr. Hari Sharma (Civil '64), Praveen Gupta (E&C '78) and Pradeep Kathail (CS '95) for volunteering diligent reviews of several hundred applicants over past few years, resulting in 48 travel grants for research scholars to attend and present at Tier-1 conferences worldwide.
Vivek Varma          Kesari Mishra            Anurag Bhargava             Hari Sharma             Praveen Gupta       Pradeep Kathail

The 7th Annual IITRHF Heritage Excellence Awards ceremony was held at Roorkee on 21st March 2016. Each award recipient received a sum of  Rs 10,000 and a certificate. A total of 45 awards were presented by Chief Guests Prof. Prem Krishna (Civil '59), Chandra Prakash Agarwal (Civil '59), and Prof S.P.Gupta (Electrical '73).  
  See here for names of students and photos of the award ceremony.

Prem Krishna                                               C.P. Agarwal                                               S.P. Gupta

Of the 52 Annual Excellence Awards, a record 38 have been personalized by donors to honor their family members. 
For a complete list of all personalized award donors visit Personalized Awards page.

To set up a personalized award in your family name, please reach out to Program Chair: Aditya Gupta (Mech '74) at

Prof. Shamsher Prakash (Civil '54), IITR Distinguished Alumni, established a  Chair Professor in Soil Dynamics, at IITR few years ago. He made repeat contribution of $25k towards this cause.

For a complete list of all directed donors, visit Directed Donors page.

Business Plan Competition 
The 8th annual IITRHF business plan competition will be conducted in Fall 2016 (as compared to summers in the past) to allow better participation during academic year.
For details on this program , visit Business Plan Competition page.

Club and Lion Donors Program 

We welcome these new donors to IITRHF family  

Ram Vishwanathan  Kiran Panesar          Indar Kriplani           Alok Daipuria         Sahil Bhardwaj          
         E&C '85               CS' 89                  Elect '04                    CS '95                   CS '01                   
Congratulations to these alums for receiving IITR Distinguished Alumni (DA) award, at IIT Roorkee Annual Founder's Day on 25th November, 2015 

Dr. Roopa Gir
(IITRHF Lion Donor)  
      Manoj Goel  
(IITRHF Lion Donor)
 Dr. Jai Hakhu
Lt. Gen. Vishwambher Singh


Pramod Saxena

Harish Chandra (award collected by his son and daughter)

Here is a list of US based Distinguished Alumni Award winners. 


IITRHF is a USA based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All US donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.

All IITRHF programs are run by volunteers with no financial overhead. Contact with any suggestions, feedback, or to chair a program.

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