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IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation 
(A non-profit 501(c)(3) US Organization)



IITRHF was founded on 07/07/2007
Now in its 10th year of operations, here is a summary:
IITRHF programs:
  • Annual Heritage Excellence Awards (~50 awards/ year)
  • Annual Business plan competition awards (~6 awards/ year)
  • Heritage internships at US Academic Institutions
  • One year industry internships in US for IITR students (~upto 5 recipients/ year) 
Accomplishments to date: Over 150 alumni donors have joined hands resulting in these milestones:
  • Established a Faculty Chair in Soil Dynamics
  • Established annual Best Faculty award for Rs 2 Lacs
  • One year paid internships at Cisco, USA for 13 students
  • Arranged for 15+ guest lectures at IITR campus
  • Awarded 40+ awards in Annual Business Plan competition 
  • Awarded 48+ travel grants for Research Paper Presentations
  • Distributed 400+ Heritage Excellence Awards, and
  • Coordinated equipment donation to IITR worth US $250K
All this has been possible because of alumni contributions and volunteer efforts. Please spread the word to your fellow Roorkee alums to donate to IITRHF, and check with your employer for matching contributions to double your donation.

If you like to participate as a co-chair for any Program, or have idea for a new Program, please let us know. 


IITRHF welcomes Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs Prof. B. R. Gurjar

Prof. B R Gurjar , completed his BTech in Civil and MTech in Environmental Engineering from J.N.V. University, Jodhpur in 1987 and 1992, respectively. He completed PhD in Environmental Risk Analysis from IITD in 2000.

He joined IITR as faculty in 2005. His area of academic interest are:
  • AIR AND WATER POLLUTION: Emissions and Air Quality, Health Risk Assessment, Urban Climate Change, Megacities & Global Change
  • URBAN TRANSPORT AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Co-benefits Approach, Environmental Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Policy Evaluation
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT AND RISK ASSESSMENT: Industrial Hazards and Disasters, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis
Following is his message to the Alumni:

Dear Alumni of IIT Roorkee:
Greetings from your Alma Mater!
I believe that alumni play a very important role in the growth of any academic institution of the world. This is especially true for institutions of higher learning. From that perspective, IIT Roorkee has a distinct edge over comparable institutions in India given an alumni base spanning over 170 years.
You would be happy to learn that your institute has recently initiated several schemes to promote excellence in students, faculty and departments. This has created an opportunity for all of you to contribute to help your institute shine among the best academic institutions of the world. You can get in touch with me to learn more about these schemes which include scholarships and awards to students, Fellowships and Chair Professorships to faculty members, travel grants etc.
In this context, I would like to quote Mr. N.R. Narayan Murthy "Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni". I invite you to take out some time from your busy life and visit your institute. Whenever you think of your student life and wish to make a donation / contribution for the development of the institute, please feel free to drop me a line. I would see that together we do whatever is needed to help you cherish the special bond that you have with your Alma Mater.
Yours truly,

Bhola R. Gurjar, PhD
ROORKEE # 247 667, Uttarakhand, INDIA
New Program: IITRHF launched Heritage Internship Program (HIP) in 2017

Facilitate summer internships in universities that enhance and complement student's classroom learning at IITR and broadens their outlook and research goals

Benefits for Students
  • Conduct research with leading faculty in reputed universities
  • Interact with research students
  • Explore graduate and doctoral programs and advisors
Benefits for Faculty
  • Find talented students with a passion for research and learning
  • Screen potential graduate and doctoral students
  • Know that your guidance made a difference in someone's life

Benefits for Donors
  • Support a program that promotes professional, co-curricular and overall development of students
  • Be a proud sponsor of a program to enhance the learning of students from your alma mater
  • Gratitude of being able to provide opportunities far greater than those available when you were in the same boat

REQUEST: If you are a faculty in a University and would like to offer internship to an IITR alum in partnership with IITRHF, please reach out to Program Chair:

Dr. Kiran Panesar (E&C '89) at

For progress todate, please visit Heritage Internship Program .


Prof. Anantha Grama supporting Heritage Internship Opportunities

Prof. Ananth Grama is a faculty member at Purdue since 1996. A Roorkee grad from 1989 batch, his research interests span the areas of parallel and distributed computing architectures, algorithms, and applications. His work on distributed infrastructure deals with development of software support for dynamic clustered and multiclustered environments. More recent work has focused on resource location and allocation mechanisms in peer-to-peer networks. His research on applications has focused on particle dynamics methods, their applications to dense linear system solvers, and fast algorithms for data compression and analysis.

P rofessor Grama has authored several papers and co-authored a text book Introduction to Parallel Computing: Design and Analysis of Algorithms with Vipin Kumar, Anshul Gupta, and George Karypis. He is a member of American Association for Advancement of Sciences and Sigma Xi.

The Center for Science of Information advances the next generation of information theory through collaborative research and teaching. To keep pace with rapid advances in networking, biology, and quantum information processing, we need to rethink how we understand and integrate information. Supported by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant entitled "Emerging Frontiers of Science of Information," the Center for Science of Information is the first NSF-funded Science and Technology Center in Indiana. By assimilating elements of space, time, structure, semantics, and context, we will deepen our understanding of information and apply these results to critical problems in society.

Center for Science of Information, is an interdisciplinary, multi-university effort that advances the science of information technology by:

  • Defining core theoretical principles governing transfer of information

  • Developing metrics and methods for information

Associate Director, DoE/NNSA PRISM Center for Prediction of Reliability, Integrity, and Survivability of Microsystems

PRISM leverages advances in nanoscale science and engineering to create innovative nanotechnologies addressing societal challenges and opportunities in computing, communications, the environment, security, energy independence, and health.

Introduction to Parallel Computing, Grama, Gupta, Kumar, Karypis, Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0-201-64865-2, 2003.


IITRHF Lion Donors felicitated with IITR Distinguished Alumni
IIT Roorkee awarded the prestigious IIT Roorkee Distinguished Alumni at IITR on 25th Nov, 2016 to these two IITRHF patrons
- Raj Singh (EE '68) for Serial Entrepreneurship
- Mohinder Nayyar (Mech '66) for Leadership and Contributions to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
                       Raj Singh                                              Mohinder Nayyar                   
                        Elect '68                                                     Mech '66                                     

IITRHF Program: Academic Industry Collaboration

IITRHF  Academic Industry Collaboration program was established several years ago, with a long-term partnership with Cisco USA, that led to faculty and equipment grants for telephony and security lab at IITR campus, and fully paid 1-year internships to IITR students at Cisco USA. 
For achievements to date, visit Academic Industry Collaboration   page.

3rd batch of interns at Cisco (2016-17):  After two successful batches of 13 students, the following two students are hosted by Cisco USA at a budget of ~Rs 1 crore ($160,000). In addition to IITR students, IITRHF has fecilitated inclusion of students from IIT Gandhinagar and JP Institute of IT at Noida in this program. Current Directors of both IITGN and JP Institute of IT are IITR Alumni.

Darshil Chauhan
Gaurav Singhal
JP Institute of IT

If you like to host the interns for an event, or if you want to explore a similar partnership with your company, please reach out to Program Chair: Pradeep Kathail (Comp Science '95) at




IITRHF Program: Personalized Excellence Awards 
IITRHF Annual Excellence Awards (approx. 50) cover all branches and departments. Of these, 38 have been personalized by donors to honor their family members. 

For a complete list of all personalized award donors, visit  Personalized Awards page.

To set up a personalized award in your family name, please reach out to Program Chair: Aditya Gupta (Mech '74) at

IITRHF Program: Directed Donors Program 

This program allows our alumni to set up directed donations, for their favorite cause at IITR, while getting a US tax exempt donation by donating to IITRHF.
These directed donors have contributed over the past few years, and continue to do so.
For details of the program, visit Directed Donors page.

Col. Rajendra Aggarwala  (Elect '53), has set up an  annual scholarship for contributions to community service  of Rs 1.25 lacs, by donating a
corpus fund of $30,000.

Prof. Shamsher Prakash  (Civil '54), IITR Distinguished Alumni, has established a  Chair Professor in Soil Dynamics  at IITR, with a cumulative donation of $255,500.

Mohinder Nayyar (Mech '66), IITR Dintinguished Alumni has made a cumulative donation of $91,000 with an intention to establish an Alumni Energy Center.
Raj Singh  (Elect '68), IITR Distinguished Alumni, has sponsored  IITRHF annual business plan  competition for the past several years with a cumulative donation of   $9,500 for competition winners.

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal (E&C '74), IITR Distinguished Alumni, has set up an 
annual best faculty award of Rs 2 lacs, by donating a corpus fund of  $24,000


Dr. Kiran Panesar (E&C '89), has started a fund to support students under Heritage Internship Program , by donating $1,000


IITRHF Club and Lion Donors  


We welcome these recent donors to IITRHF family.  

       Dev Shyam                          Roop Goyal                                                              
         E&C '94                               E&C '88                                                                                             

We encourage you to make your tax-deductible donation to support IITRHF programs.


Job Posting by IITR ALUMS

At Deloitte, we are actively looking for cloud integration consultants (IT) at all levels. If you are interested, please reach out to Dr. Vivek Varma at

If you would like to post job openings in future newsletters, please reach out to
About IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation (IITRHF)


IITRHF is a USA based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All US donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.

All IITRHF programs are run by volunteers with no financial overhead. Contact with any suggestions, feedback, or to chair a program.

Alumni Give B ack O pportunities


Please support IITRHF with "तन,मन,धन (time, evangelism, donations)"

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Harish Goyal (Civil '79), 
Distinguished Alumni 09
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