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IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation (IITRHF)
(A non-profit 501(c)(3) US Organization)

2016: Activities at a glance

We wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous, and joyful 2017!


IITRHF was founded on 07/07/2007
Now in its 9th year of operations, here is a summary.
IITRHF programs:
  • Annual Heritage Excellence Awards (~50 awards/ year)
  • Research paper presentation travel grants (~10 grants/ year)
  • Annual Business plan competition awards (~6 awards/ year)
  • One year internships in US for IITR Students (~upto 5 recipients/ year) 
Accomplishments to date: Over 150 alumni donors have joined hands resulting in these milestones:
  • Established a Faculty Chair in Soil Dynamics
  • Established annual Best Faculty award for Rs 2 Lacs
  • One year paid internships at Cisco, USA for 13 students
  • Arranged for 15+ guest lectures at IITR campus
  • Awarded 40+ awards in Annual Business Plan competition 
  • Awarded 48+ travel grants for Research Paper Presentations
  • Distributed 400+ Heritage Excellence Awards, and
  • Coordinated equipment donation to IITR worth US $250K
All this has been possible because of alumni contributions and volunteer efforts. Please spread the word to your fellow Roorkee alums to donate to IITRHF, and check with your employer for matching contributions to double your donation.

If you like to participate as a co-chair for any Program, or have idea for a new Program, please let us know. 


IITRHF welcomes Director Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi
Prof. Chaturvedi, who is the deputy director of IIT Kanpur
 at present and a senior faculty at the department of electrical engineering in the institute has now been appointed director of IIT Roorkee.

Chaturvedi shares a bond with IIT Roorkee as he had worked at the institute as a faculty member for a brief period before joining IIT Kanpur.

Chaturvedi, an expert in wireless communication technology, has been an IITian throughout his academic as well as professional career. He completed his BTech, MTech and PhD in electrical engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1986, 1988 and 1995, respectively. During his career as faculty he served at the department of electronics engineering at IIT (Banaras Hindu University) from 1994 to 1996. Since 1999, he has been teaching at the department of electrical engineering at IIT Kanpur. He served as head of the department in 2009-2010 and dean of research development from 2011 to 2014.

New Year Greeting from our Director:

I wish all the readers of the IITRHF Newsletter a very happy new year. May all your wishes and ambitions come true. I hope that with the combined efforts of all the well wishers of IIT Roorkee, the new year adds a worthy leaf to the glorious tradition of excellence of IITR -- the institution that binds all of us.
New Program: IITRHF prepares to launch Heritage Intership Program (HIP) in 2017
Facilitate summer internships in universities that enhance and complement student's classroom learning at IITR and broadens their outlook and research goals

Benefits for Students
  • Conduct research with leading faculty in reputed universities
  • Interact with research students
  • Explore graduate and doctoral programs and advisors
Benefits for Faculty
  • Find talented students with a passion for research and learning
  • Screen potential graduate and doctoral students
  • Know that your guidance made a difference in someone's life

Benefits for Donors
  • Support a program that promotes professional, co-curricular and overall development of students
  • Be a proud sponsor of a program to enhance the learning of students from your alma mater
  • Gratitude of being able to provide opportunities far greater than those available when you were in the same boat
REQUEST: If you are a faculty in a University and would like to offer internship to an IITR alum in partnership with IITRHF, please reach out to Program Chair:
Dr. Kiran Panesar (E&C '89) at





IIT Roorkee awarded the prestigious IIT Roorkee Distinguished Alumni at IITR on 25th Nov, 2016 to these two IITRHF patrons
- Raj Singh (EE '68) for Serial Entrepreneurship
- Mohinder Nayyar (Mech '66) for Leadership and Contributions to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
                             Raj Singh                                           Mohinder Nayyar                   
                              Elect '68                                                   Mech '66                                     

IITR Administration visits US based alumni chapters
Prof. Ashok Misha (Chairman, Board of Governors), Director Pradipta Banerji, and Dean Sandeep Singh visited several chapters in USA during April 2016, and shared their vision for next 10+ years.

Few notable items of interest: 

- a PanIIT Alumni Center in Bangalore, under development, and open for early bird memberships
- an IITR Convention Center and Residential Alumni Center at Roorkee, currently in architectural design phase, open for sponsorship/ donors/ membership

Prof. Ashok Misra
Prof. Pradipta Banerji
Prof. Sandeep Singh

IITRHF  Academic Industry Collaboration program was established several years ago, with a long-term partnership with Cisco USA, that led to faculty and equipment grants for telephony and security lab at IITR campus, and fully paid 1-year internships to IITR students at Cisco USA. 
For achievements to date, visit  Academic Industry Collaboration    page.

2nd batch of interns at Cisco (2015-16):  After a successful 1st batch of 9 students, these four IITR students are hosted by Cisco USA at a budget of ~Rs 2 crores ($325,000)

IITR interns Abhishek Ambastha, Anshul Agarwal, Vindeep Si ngh and Peeyush Jain, pose with Director Pradipta Banerji, during his recent visit to San Jose, California.

If you like to host the interns for an event, or if you want to explore a similar partnership with your company, please reach out to Program Chair: Manoj Goel (Mech '81) at





IITRHF  Research Paper grants  were given to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students for travel and conference registration at leading global conferences.
See here  for names of students, abstracts and conferences.
This program is  discontinued to avoid duplication with another program administered by IITR. Future applicants are requested to apply to the office of Dean Alumni Affairs to seek support on research paper presentations. 
We sincerely thank all the past and current program chairs for volunteering diligent reviews of several hundred applicants over past few years, resulting in 48 travel grants for research scholars to attend and present at tier-1 conferences worldwide.
     Vivek Varma           Anurag Bhargava          Kesari Mishra                     
                 Ind '83                     E&C' 95                     E&C '01                                   
The 8th Annual IITRHF Heritage Excellence Awards ceremony was held at IITR on 19th November 2016. Each award recipient received a sum of  Rs 10,000 and a certificate.
A total of 46 awards were presented by Chief Guest Prof. Sandeep Singh, Dean of Alumni Affairs.
See here for names of students

IITRHF Program: Personalized Excellence Awards 
Of the approx. 50 IITRHF Annual Excellence Awards given every year, a record 38 have been personalized by donors to honor their family members. 

For a complete list of all personalized award donors, visit  Personalized Awards page.

To set up a personalized award in your family name, please reach out to Program Chair: Aditya Gupta (Mech '74) at

IITRHF Program: Directed Donors Program 

This program allows our alumni to set up directed donations, for their favorite cause at IITR, while getting a US tax exempt donation by donating to IITRHF.
These directed donors have contributed over the past few years, and continue to do so.
For details of the program, visit Directed Donors page.

Col. Rajendra Aggarwala  (Elect '53), has set up an  annual scholarship for contributions to community service  of Rs 1.25 lacs, by donating a
corpus fund of $30,000.

Prof. Shamsher Prakash  (Civil '54), IITR Distinguished Alumni, has established a  Chair Professor in Soil Dynamics  at IITR, with a cumulative donation of $255,500.

Mohinder Nayyar (Mech '66), IITR Dintinguished Alumni has made a cumulative donation of $91,000 with an intention to establish an Alumni Energy Center.
Raj Singh  (Elect '68), IITR Distinguished Alumni, has sponsored  IITRHF annual business plan  competition for the past several years with a cumulative donation of   $9,500 for competition winners.

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal (E&C '74), IITR Distinguished Alumni, has set up an 
annual best faculty award of Rs 2 lacs, by donating a corpus fund of  $24,000


IITRHF Program: Annual Business Plan Competition 
IITRHF - Aarambh Startup Boot Camp 2016 Results

IITRHF partnered with India based Aarambh ventures, an accelerator fund co-founded by IITR Alum Pramod Saxena (Chemical '75) to run the 2016 startup boot camp. The cash awards are made possible by a generous grant from  Mr. Raj Singh (EE, 1968).

The response of IITR students to this joint program was overwhelming. We received a total of 86 registrations, of which  24 teams submitted completed applications. The Live Pitch presentations were held at IITR campus with help from  Prof Sandeep Singh (Dean Alumni Affairs),  Dr. Rajat Agrawal, and  Entrepreneur  Development Cell (EDC). We are enormously grateful for their support.

The Judging Panel consisted of three professors from IITR, investors and successful entrepreneurs and accomplished IITR alumni. The panel selected 5 winners after days of close assessment at various stages of the event. Winners received cash prizes ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 60,000.

For details on this program and winners list, visit Business Plan Competition page.
IITRHF Club and Lion Donors  

We welcome these recent donors to IITRHF family.


We encourage you to make your tax deductible donation to support IITRHF programs.

   Ram Vishwanathan          Kiran Panesar              Indar Kriplani              Alok Daipuria              Sahil Bhardwaj          
         E&C '85                         CS' 89                        Elect '04                    CS '95                         CS '01                


IITRHF is a USA based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All US donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.

All IITRHF programs are run by volunteers with no financial overhead. Contact with any suggestions, feedback, or to chair a program.

Alumni Give B ack O pportunities


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Prady Misra (E&C '78)
Harish Goyal (Civil '79), 
Distinguished Alumni 09
Outreach and Development