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IIVS to offer Assay to Assess Phototoxicity
Early in 2024, IIVS will be launching a new service designed to assess photoreactivity potential that will expand upon our photosafety program. Under the guidance of OECD Test Guideline 495 and as presented in the ICH S10 Photosafety Document, the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Assay for photoreactivity is an in chemico test method that evaluates the potential of compounds to generate superoxide anion and singlet oxygen ROS via type I and II photoreaction mechanisms, respectively. Generation of ROS is highly indicative of a test compound's ability to become photoreactive, suggesting the need for further analysis. The ROS assay is a cost effective, high throughput approach that can screen test compounds of interest without the immediate need for more comprehensive (and expensive) assays. Contact [email protected] for more information or visit booth# 1232 at ToxExpo during the SOT Annual Meeting in March!

EPA Publishes Eye Testing Framework
Recently US EPA published a document and chart outlining a decision framework for identifying eye irritation or corrosion hazards for new chemicals reviewed under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

This document provides guidance for submitters and staff as to how to utilize data from a number of in vitro eye irritation assays for EPA's needs. It prioritizes the use of data from human cell or tissue test methods and other in vitro, ex vivo, and in chemico methods over in vivo animal data.
IIVS Hosts 9th in Series of
In Vitro Regulatory Workshops
IIVS is hosting the 9th workshop in its In Vitro Workshop series focused on in vitro methodologies for genetic and other toxicity assessment of tobacco and nicotine products.

This workshop is focused on the assessment of oral use products and the unique scientific and modeling needs to assess these products. This includes the use of specific oral tissue models as well as the adaptation of typical in vitro assays, including the Ames test, micronucleus assay and Neutral Red Uptake assays, to these products. The workshop will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martha Moore, a world-renowned genetic toxicology expert, who has co-organized all of the workshops with IIVS’s Dr. Rodger Curren.

The online workshops are held twice per year and typically feature participation from scientists from industry, academia, and government agencies. Support is equally multi-stakeholder, provided by IIVS and its contributors as well as grants from the Food and Drug Administration.

Learn more by reading some of the publications that have come from the workshop discussions:

Additional relevant publications:

Congratulations to IIVS Personnel
It has been a great few months for well-deserved recognition for members of our team!

IIVS President Amanda Ulrey was elected to the the Society of Quality Assurance 2024 Board of Directors, and Kristie Sullivan, VP of Education and Outreach, was recognized as part of the Vox "Future Perfect 50" for her contributions to promoting the awareness and acceptance of Non-Animal Methodologies!

Congratulations to them both.
Contributor Spotlight
Welcome to a new newsletter feature, our contributor spotlight, meant to highlight our supporters, without whom none of our work would be possible.
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, PZ Cussons is an international consumer goods business with household name brands in hygiene, beauty, and baby categories.

PZ Cussons is working towards the replacement of animal testing as part of its sustainability strategy. It contributes to IIVS in order to support a transition away from animal testing and does not test finished products or ingredients on animals, and does not permit suppliers or any third parties to test on their behalf.
"It’s in the DNA of PZ Cussons to be a force for positive change."
Where to Find IIVS on the Road in 2024!

  • 22nd International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV 2024), June 3-6, Prague, Czech Republic

  • International Collaboration on Cosmetic Safety (ICCS) Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, October 2-4, 2024

  • American Society for Cellular and Computation Toxicology, October 28-30, RTP, NC
Consider attending one of IIVS's hands-on training workshops in 2024 or 2025. These workshops provide toxicologists and regulators with an in-depth look at key in vitro assays used in regulatory contexts around the world given by IIVS lab personnel. Hands-on participants participate in the conduct of the assays and observers are in the lab observing the experiments up close.

Upcoming Dates:

May 13-16, 2024
  • Observer spots are available for these dates. Contact us to register or for more information.

September 23-26, 2024
  • Hands-on and observer spots are available for these dates. Contact us to register or for more information.

January 27-30, 2025
  • Hands-on and observer spots are available for these dates. Contact us to register or for more information.
Grant Funds Available
The Alternatives Research & Development Foundation is happy to announce that the 2024 Annual Open Grant program is open! The Annual Open program funds research projects to develop alternative methods that replace or reduce the use of animals in research.
We want to hear from you
IIVS is always interested in the needs and requests from researchers interested in advancing the awareness, acceptance and use of alternative methods. If you have any input on methodologies of interest, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
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