Pre-Clinical Efficacy Testing of Skin Care Products

In addition to IIVS’ non-animal safety testing services, we also provide efficacy testing designed to evaluate raw materials and formulations for anti-inflammatory and skin tone modulating properties.

Inflammation is a common effect experienced after encounters with irritating substances, bacterial infection or by those suffering from auto-immune diseases. Compounds such as cannabinol have received significant press lately, being cited as a substance with pronounced anti-inflammatory effects. Testing such compounds with animal models is expensive and time consuming, in addition to being banned in many countries. Fortunately, in vitro models can be an effective tool to accurately evaluate test materials for anti-inflammatory properties.

Our skin tone modulation assay incorporates a 3-D organotypical model expressing a Caucasian, African-American or Asian phototype. The tissues are treated with the experimental material and production of melanin is evaluated after a 7-day exposure course.