IIVS, Advancing Science & Animal Welfare Together | October 2023 Issue
Phototoxicity Webinar Series
On October 4th and 11th, IIVS and PETA Science Consortium International co-organized a two-part webinar series on in vitro phototoxicity testing. Part 1 was presented by Allison Hilberer, IIVS Study Director and Toxicology and Dr. Satomi Onoue, Associate Professor at the University of Shizuoka, and provided a methodological overview of phototoxicity testing. Part 2, covering applications and case studies was presented by Gretchen Ritacco, Research Institute for Fragrance Materials and Dr. Edward Chikwana, Corteva AgriScience. Please find a recording of both presentations on the PSCI web site.
IIVS Continuing Education Course at ASCCT & Poster Presentations
Dr. Argel Islas-Robles will be providing a CE course at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology on October 25th. The title of his presentation will be: Use of NAMs to Predict EC3 Values for Application in Skin Sensitization Risk Assessment. IIVS is excited to support the ability to perform potency and risk assessments using non-animal methodologies. Please contact [email protected] if you are unable attend or would like further information on this approach.

Additionally, IIVS personnel are involved in several activities during this meeting, including:

  • Poster # 26: Evaluation of Alternative Solvents for Classification of Skin Sensitizers in the Kinetic Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay (k-DPRA) | First Author: Jessica Colvin, IIVS | Presenting Author: Argel Islas-Robles, IIVS

  • Poster # 53 and Flash Poster Oral Presentation: In Vitro Assessment of Cytotoxicity and Cytokine Release Using the EPIORAL™ 3D Buccal Tissue Model to Evaluate Flavor and Surfactant Changes in Clinically Tested Mouthrinses (Collaborative Poster)
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., a subsidiary of Kenvue, and IIVS | First Author: Kimberly Reed, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., a subsidiary of Kenvue | Presenting Authors: Gertrude-Emilia Costin and Emily Acquaviva, IIVS

  • Poster # 28: Safety assessment of monographed OTC cold/cough medicine using an in vitro testing platform based on human reconstructed oral tissues (Collaborative Poster), Bayer and IIVS | First Author: Heather Walker, Bayer | Presenting Authors: Emma Lear and Megan Creelman, IIVS

  • Oral Presentation # 21: How to qualify nonanimal methods through FDA’s Medical Device Development Tools Program (Collaborative Oral Presentation), PETA Science Consortium International (PSCI) e.V., IIVS, and MAT Biotech B.V. | Presenter: Andrew Nguyen, PSCI
Contributor Spotlight
Welcome to a new newsletter feature, our contributor spotlight, meant to highlight our supporters, without whom none of our work would be possible.

The PETA Science Consortium International e.V. promotes robust non-animal testing methods that protect human health and the environment. The Science Consortium contributes scientific and regulatory expertise to advance the development, use, and global regulatory acceptance of the best in silico and in vitro testing approaches.
The Science Consortium supports IIVS in a number of ways, including financial and other support for training courses, collaborative work on projects to standardize and implement in vitro methods, and donations to support the purchase of laboratory equipment.

Recently, the Science Consortium provided funds for IIVS to purchase a new flow cytometer, which will increase our laboratory throughput and capacity.

This equipment is used for a number of assays, including the ToxTracker genetox assay and the human Cell Line Activation Test (hCLAT) and photo-hCLAT, to assess dermal sensitization and photo allergy, helping us to fulfill both our organizations' missions to implement advanced in vitro methods for toxicology testing.
Upcoming Events with IIVS Participation

Hands-On Training
With the support of the PETA Science Consortium, IIVS scientists held another Practical Methods Hands-On Training Workshop in September. Regulatory personnel from US EPA, CPSC, and FDA participated.
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Abstract submission is open for the next MPS World Summit, which will be in Seattle, WA, June 10-14, 2024.

Deadline: December 31, 2023
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