Dear Valued Clients and Collaborators,

I would like to share IIVS’ measures to ensure the safety of its staff and minimize business impacts to our stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Our primary concern is the health and safety of our employees. We have implemented cleaning, personal care, and teleworking measures to keep our team as healthy and productive as possible.

  • We have vetted our IT infrastructure and supplied staff with equipment to enable telecommuting wherever possible.

  • Many of our testing platforms rely on materials that are already at the IIVS facility. We anticipate little disruption to our standard workflow in these systems. Some of our tests rely on reconstructed tissue models that are provided by outside suppliers. We are in touch with all of our vendors to minimize any disruption in scheduling.

Should IIVS face greater challenges as this situation evolves, you will receive updated communication from us. In the meantime you may send any comments, questions or concerns to our Manager of Business Development, Brent Gilbert at or +1 301-947-6523. Brent will coordinate internally with our scientific, client services and management groups to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed. 


Erin Hill
President, IIVS
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