Dear Valued Clients and Collaborators,

As IIVS is considered an essential supplier of safety testing to companies, we will remain open during the COVID-19 crisis. 
To date we can offer our full range of testing services with very few exceptions . In the instance that a test is unavailable, our Study Directors can guide you to another test model to satisfy your data requirements.

To ensure that IIVS remains in operation we have implemented the following steps:

  • All employees working onsite follow social distancing and other personal care, cleaning, and protective measures to help ensure a safe working environment. Non-essential laboratory personnel have expanded teleworking opportunities.

  • We are in contact with our key laboratory vendors and are taking steps to minimize any disruption in our supply chain. We have investigated alternate supply routes should our vendors be unable to meet our needs.

Should IIVS face greater challenges, you will receive updated communication from us. In the meantime you may send any comments, questions or concerns to our Manager of Business Development, Brent Gilbert at   or +1 301-947-6523. Brent will coordinate internally with our scientific, client services and management groups to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed. 

We are very pleased that IIVS can play a role in helping to support our clients at this time. We thank all of your organizations that are working diligently to provide products and services which help deal with the pandemic. If there is more that IIVS can do to support you at this time please reach out to us.


Erin Hill
President, IIVS
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