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Letter from the President
Introducing New Canadian Chapter Vice President, Alex Young
ANSI/IKECA C-10 Cleaning Standard Wins Approval for the International Fire Code
IKECA Certification - What's New?
2014 Annual Meeting

IKECA's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

 25 Years of Building Your Business with IKECA

April 23-26
129 E Fremont St  
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 385-7111

Request for Historical Items for the 2014 Annual Meeting
In preparation for celebrating
IKECA's 25th Anniversary, we are calling on members to send us historical IKECA items, such as pictures or brochures, you would like to share with us. These items will be displayed at the Annual Meeting next year! To request more information, email us at
Upcoming Changes to Active Membership in 2014
Attention Active Members!
This past Fall in Phoenix, AZ, IKECA's Board of Directors approved the elimination of the Supplemental Membership category.

After close review and consideration, it was agreed that allowing members to voluntarily opt-in to advertising their additional locations best services members. Members will now also be able to list the states/provinces in which they conduct business, widening their net of potential leads generated through our websites' Find a Member section.

More information regarding this new opportunity can be found here.

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Letter from the President

Well, another great fall Technical Seminar and I was happy to see almost half of the Canadian members were in attendance. I would like to encourage all Canadian members to start planning now so we can all be at the Annual Conference in April 2014 for the 25th Anniversary Conference in Vegas. It will be the best conference yet and you will undoubtedly learn something that will help you to make your business more profitable and respected in your industry. I say that with confidence, because even though my company has been in business for over 50 years, I still enjoy learning from other industry leaders and we have become a better company because of it. I look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas.
Bill Doherty, CECS, CESI, Canadian Chapter President

Introducing New Canadian Chapter Vice President, Alex Young 


Alex Young, CECS

Please welcome IKECA's newest addition to the Board of Directors, Canadian Chapter Vice President Alex Young!
Alex Young is the president and CEO of Power King Exhaust Cleaning.   He has served at his current position in the exhaust cleaning industry for more than twenty (20) years. Power King was established in 1986, as a family owned and operated professional exhaust cleaning company. Prior to joining Power King, Alex worked in the fire suppression and extinguishers industry. His work in this industry provided a natural transition to his interest in the exhaust cleaning industry. 

Power King has been able to see much success thanks to its dedicated team that also includes Alex's wife, Laura and Ian Burgess (partner). Their hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction have grown Power King from a small family oriented business to its current size that includes over 13 crews servicing the Ontario and Quebec markets. Alex's vision and expertise has shaped Power King into one of the largest professional exhaust cleaning service providers in Canada. He leads new business development, manages overall operations, and guides the long term direction of Power King. Due to his hard work, Power Kings' portfolio of clients includes some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Over the years, Alex has provided industry knowledge and input to the Ontario Fire Marshal, and AHJ training courses provided through the Ontario Fire College. As an industry leader, Power King is involved in the annual Municipal Fire Prevention trade show and training symposium. Alex has built his business on tried and true fundamentals of honesty and integrity. In fact, during a training symposium with the Collingwood and Barrie Fire department, Power King's current motto was created:

"You are only as good as your last cleaning."
ANSI/IKECA C-10 Cleaning Standard Wins Approval for the International Fire Code
The ANSI-accredited IKECA Standards Development Committee Consensus Body is pleased to announce that the International Code Council (ICC), at its meeting on October 3, 2013 in Atlantic City, NJ, approved the inclusion of ANSI/IKECA C10-Standard for Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems in the upcoming edition of the International Fire Code.

"The commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning industry has worked for 25 years to elevate the standards of our important life safety work," said ANSI/IKECA Consensus Body Chair Bernard Besal, CECS, CESI. "This is recognition that C10 provides an essential benchmark which authorities having jurisdiction, as well as those performing kitchen exhaust cleaning and others, can rely on."

IKECA is encouraging all members to send the ANSI/IKECA C-10 Accepted in Fire Code - Press Release to their local industry constituents and publications! Download a copy of the Press Release and start sharing this great news with IKECA!
IKECA Certification - What's New?
IKECA's Certification Committee has been working to revise the OSHA section of the CECS exam for Canadian members. A Task Force was formed to look into safety regulations across all of Canada in effort to better understand the similarities and differences to OSHA. The committee is close to finalizing the revisions of the exam to reflect health and safety codes across both U.S. and Canada. The new exam will be available in early 2014!
Exciting News!
For our non-English speaking members, IKECA is now offering an opportunity to have a third-party translator to proctor an IKECA certification exam in their own language. This is exciting news to any IKECA member who is in need of a translator during the exam process! For questions about hiring a translator, contact IKECA Headquarters. Information will be available shortly under the Certification Tab of the IKECA website.
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