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"So that one may walk in peace..."

Shalom ,
For the Jewish new year, we have gathered to make a toast, GIT's and HQ team new year BBQ!
So Happy (Jewish) New Year to all IKMF Family around the world! May we all walk in Peace...

For me, seeing Megan, our only female GIT passing Expert  3 is proof of IKMF true spirit.
Setting  a new  goal, gathering  the best in each field to train her with no compromises,  untill she passed that hard test,
all this can not be achieved without determination and persistance, in which Megan can be an example for all of us.

In 1995 Megan organized the first CIC in France with a few young students among them Jean Paul and Stepahne Chatton, today 21 years later, we are still together, leading the new generation and still training ourselves to be better .

GIT Hen Toledano conducted CIC in Mexico!
on the way back we had to book 3 seats for tall Hen as he could not bend his leg ;)

 GIT Israel Cohen conducted the reknowned Netherlands summer  camp! and  seminar 
 first time i heard duch people say the compliment "best seminar ever"

CIT Tim Alexander conducted seminars in 9 different cities in 11 days! that can only happen in China... :-)

CIC part 3 in Czech Republic, conducted by GIT Tamir Gilad! congradulations to the new instructors

CIC Part 2 in France, conducted by GIT Megan Berkman! 
Bonne-Chance to the new instructors :-)

Shlomi Bouzaglo conducted CIC part 2 in Saloniki, Greece! well done Saloniki  team and  Dimitris their leader, congradulations to the new instructors :-)
GIT Shlomi Moyal, conducted WIC in Minnesota, USA! it was a special experience for him since the first ever WIC he conducted was in Minnesota many years ego...

GIT Shlomi Moyal also conducted a very multy lingual KIC in Scotland! 

  Avi Moyal visited the UK and tested the new instructors in CIC part 3, these IKMF instructors will conquer Manchester!

GIT Megan Berkman conducted CIC part 2 in Barcelona, Spain! Megan loves to take the class outside especially to the amazing beach located only 20 meters from the training Gym.

GIT Shlomi Moyal, KIC in Greece! a Big course in a small country,
Greece is one of our leading branches world wide!

GIT Hen Toledano conducted CIC part 2 in Australia, great turnout, and lots of new instructors down under! good luck to all of you :-)
4 days on planes were worth it! 

 GIT Israel Cohen conducted a special tactical shooting instructors  course in the  Philipinnes ! 2 directors and a CIT came to take part  and become tactical shooting instructors! it was a pecial experience!

 Arnold Schwarzenegger Visited Hong Kong,
 IKMF conducted a demonstration of KRAV MAGA.

We have a new PRESENT for the new year for our active instructors :)
any instructor that pay an organization fee to the local branch will have free access to the video online streamer that has been updated by IKMF HQ Israel with new techniques, new drills and more...
please contact your director to get your login details

Kida !