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Krav Maga in New York
IKMF New York Testing
Patrick Lockton and Jobe O'Leary are doing a fantastic job of getting more and more New York'ers safe in the big city. Spread the word!!

We are growing! We're about to have a new group of instructors hit the ground running, expanding into new states! Please keep looking at IKMFUSA.com for the newest locations and training events near you!
Also, make sure you take a second to check out this ARTICLE written by IKMF Master Avi Moyal about how Krav Maga techniques start from our natural reflexes!


Train hard and leave it all on the mat....


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    IKMF Executive
    Protection Course  -  Part 1

As a leading provider of Security Protection Managers in Israel, International Krav Maga Federation's security training provides the most professional executive protection training available anywhere in the world. And now, the very same training is available in the United States! This elite Executive Protection course provides you with the latest methods that can be applied in any EP situation worldwide. **Course is only open to Security and Executive Protection Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers, Active Military Personnel, and IKMF Instructors**

Location: Elmira, New York

Dates: June 4 - 8, 2012

Cost: $1100


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    IKMF Law Enforcement
    Course - Module 2


Law Enforcement Officers are presented with a problem. They must enforce the law and use the right amount of reasonable force. 

Law Enforcement Organizations prefer to teach Krav Maga because it grants their officers four important elements: 1 Krav Maga allows officers the ability to operate under extreme duress or stress; 2 Provides officers the tools to effectively complete their mission. (Arrest, Control, etc.); 3 Training can be done in a short period of time with officers effectively retaining material; 4 IKMF has the ability to modify techniques to fit your department's needs.

These highly effective techniques are battle tested on the street and around the globe. This course is the way to start your department's Krav Maga program as taught by the world renowned IKMF.

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Dates: June 19-23, 2012

Cost: $950.00 Early Bird Rate!! (Regular rate of $1100 effective May 15, 2012)


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This course is a must in the days and times we live!!!  The course description is simple....how to survive an attack from an armed assailant and turn the tables utilizing either the weapon intended to harm you or your own!

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