In un periodo complicato anche per il settore Study Abroad italiano, Eduitalia è grata per l'incoraggiante e significativa testimonianza del Sottosegretario del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale Benedetto Della Vedova che introduce la Guida Eduitalia-Study in Italy 2022

Di seguito rimettiamo alla Vostra attenzione i significativi estratti della presentazione.
I am delighted to introduce the “Study in Italy” Eduitalia Guide 2022. Over the years, this Guide has contributed to attracting many international students in our Country. Through its network of institutions, Eduitalia is at the forefront of the promotion of Italy’s educational system abroad.

Italy has a long history of excellence in education, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand to help students build the knowledge and skills necessary for their future. This Guide will help international students navigate the opportunities offered by the Italian educational institutions and find what best suits their needs in learning our language. Whatever field of studies they wish to pursue, Italy has a wide offer.
The promotion of Italian culture abroad is crucial to the mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Italian culture is highly valued all over the world, and we are committed to making it known worldwide through our diplomatic network, which includes Italian Cultural Institutes and Italian Schools.
Education and the Italian language are two cornerstones of our global strategy. The internationalization of our educational system is a powerful instrument for cultural cooperation and for the promotion of the Italian culture and language abroad. The intake of international students in Italy has also a beneficial impact on our country’s cultural growth as well as its economy and projection abroad.
In 2020, the COVID pandemic strongly limited international student mobility. That has made us even more aware of the importance of international students coming to Italy for their education. Allowing international students back into our educational institutions safely was an objective of our strategy to recover from the crisis in 2021. While the challenges posed by the pandemic are not over, for 2022 we are working to strengthen the presence of our educational institutions on the international stage.
Eduitalia has long been a partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in our effort to promote the Italian language and attract students interested in studying Italian in our country. It is my hope and belief that Eduitalia will continue giving its contribution to our common goal.
I wish you and your students all the best for this academic year.