Issue #35
February 2017
Featured Manufacturer: Kurt Versen
Kurt Versen Logo

For almost a century, Kurt Versen Company has been on the forefront, combining art and science in the lighting industry. Their founder established a practice of designing high quality, aesthetically pleasing lighting products, a standard they follow today. His invention of the legendary gooseneck lamp, which has evolved into one of the most prominent designs in lighting, resides in the Smithsonian Museum. Kurt's innovative spirit continues to be seen in each of their products today and has been the foundation on which they built their company identity. Their philosophy is to design products to complement, rather than compete with, a broad range of architectural designs.

Learn more about Kurt Versen by visiting their website.
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How to Design Human-Centric Lighting
How to design human centric lighting

"If you go into an intensive care unit, it is kept constantly lit. This means your internal clock cannot lock onto a signal, meaning it will start to drift, and physiology will start to
fall apart."

-Professor Russell Foster

Recently, Lux sat down with Professor Russell Foster to discuss his discoveries and thoughts on the importance of human-centric lighting.

Foster is credited with discovering light sensitive ganglion cells in the retina of the eye, which influence the body's internal clock. In response to the discovery, Foster believes that the lighting industry now has to work more clearly to define what a space is being used for and then light it accordingly.

The MH Companies represents several manufacturers who have developed lighting solutions that directly address the challenges and demands of designing human-centric lighting outcomes.

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