February 2019
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ILSI Crop Composition Database Version 7.0 Launches

The ILSI Research Foundation’s Crop Composition Database (ILSI-CCDB) is a curated, open resource that provides data on the natural variability in the nutritional composition of key crop species. These data can be applied to improve overall knowledge of human nutrition, inform the development of diets that promote the healthy growth of livestock, and improve global data sets related to food security and nutrition modeling. Thanks to support from the ILSI-CCDB Working Group, Version 7.0 of the database launched on January 7, 2019. This data upload included a greatly expanded rice data set, as well as data on apple—the first fruit crop to be included in the database!
Workshop on Crop Composition as a Component of Food and Feed Safety Assessment

Open to attendees of the  15 th   ISBR Symposium , this ILSI Research Foundation workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the rationale for considering crop composition data, how that data is interpreted in the context of the safety assessment, and what the limitations are to compositional studies. It will also introduce participants to the ILSI-CCDB—a resource for assisting in the interpretation of compositional studies—and demonstrate its features through a series of exercises designed to improve understanding of the search reporting function.

Invasive species can pose a threat to the environment, agriculture, or human health. However, efforts to address the control of invasive species once they have become established have met with limited success. Sponsored by the OECD Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems , this ILSI Research Foundation workshop will highlight different approaches to the control of invasive species that make use of transgenic and nontransgenic organisms designed for introduction into a target population. 
ABSTC Student Grants to Attend the 15th ISBR Symposium

The Agricultural Biotechnology Stewardship Technical Committee (ABSTC) is providing travel grants for a limited number of students interested in attending the 15th ISBR Symposium . The grants will cover travel to Tarragona, Spain, accommodation, and the Symposium registration fee. The deadline for application is February 21, 2019