April 2017

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Navigating our website has just been made easier with a new layout that provides ready access to information about our work on topics like biosafety capacity building, environmental risk assessment, gene drives, nutrition, and GE food and feed safety assessment.

Register for the South Asia Biosafety Conference

Join scientists, academics, researchers and officials from industry, research institutions, universities, government departments and ministries at the 5th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference in India. Registration is now open and includes access to all plenary sessions, conference materials, opening and closing ceremonies, Welcome Reception, and half day workshops. 
Stay informed about ILSI's Global Nutrition Strategy

Learn about the ILSI Research Foundation’s leadership of a new One ILSI nutrition initiative that leverages expertise and work being done throughout the ILSI network.
Discover the system modeling approach developed to assess impacts of plant diseases

The ILSI Research Foundation is pleased to have contributed to a new publication on crop health and its global impacts on the components of food security.   

Connect with us during ISBGMO14

Don’t miss these great presentations by ILSI Research Foundation staff at the 14th International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms in Guadalajara, Mexico this June.
Monday, June 5

Learn about data transportability for field trial research during our poster presentation at Poster Session I

      Tuesday, June 6

      Hear Dr. Andrew Roberts present on surrogate environments to facilitate data transportability for environmental risk assessment (ERA) during Plenary Session II: Advancing ERA of Genetically Modified Organisms – Present Challenges.

      Visit us during Poster Session II to find out about the Crop Composition Database, an open access resource which provides information on the natural variability in composition of conventionally grown crops.

          Thursday, June 8

          Be sure to attend Parallel Session X: Gene Drive and Genetically Modified Insects for Pest Control, co-organized by the ILSI Research Foundation. Dr. Roberts will present “Problem formulation for the use of gene drive in Anopheles gambiae to control malaria transmission” during this session.

          Hear about our e-Learning courses from Dr. John Teem during Parallel Session XII: Capacities for the Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms: Challenges to Build Sustainable Systems.