January 2017

Our mission is to improve environmental sustainability and human health. 
Learn about the work that we are doing for public benefit. 

2016 Annual Report Now Available
The 2016 Annual Report from the ILSI Research Foundation  is now available. Focused on advancing science to address real world problems,  this report informs stakeholders of the Research Foundation’s key initiatives and accomplishments over the past year. It also documents financial activities during 2016.
  Join us for Hungry Cities: The Global Revolution in Food Systems

Learn about the  drivers of food choice in low and middle income countries that will be explored in our Scientific Session at the ILSI Annual Meeting on January 23.

Interested in using gene drive mosquitoes to control malaria?

The consensus points from the May 2016
workshop, which explored  the development of risk  hypotheses and data needs for the environmental risk assessment of the use of gene drives  in Anopheles gambiae for the control of malaria, h ave been published in the American Journal for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

C-Quest Summary Report on Climate Research in Agriculture 

Attended by eighty scientists, farmers,
and other experts, C-Quest focused on developing research targets in support of United States agricultural goals The top research priority identified by participants focused on developing reliable indicators f or quantifying soil health.