November 2016
Advancing Science
to Address Real World Problems

As a scientific non-profit with global reach, the ILSI Research Foundation collaborates with experts from around the world to respond to key challenges affecting nutrition security, sustainable agriculture, and food and environmental safety. It is important for us to make information about our work easily accessible to you. This month, discover the work we are doing in pursuit of our mission to improve environmental sustainability and human health by advancing science to address real world problems.

Join us for Hungry Cities: The Global Revolution in Food Systems

Learn about the drivers of food choice in low and middle income countries that will be explored in our scientific session at the 2017 ILSI Annual Meeting.
What are the Top Research Needs for US Agriculture?

Find out how we brought together expert scientists and farmers to prioritize research targets at C-Quest. 

Two New Crops Added to the Crop Composition Database

Explore data on sorghum and potato recently added to the ILSI Crop Composition Database, which contains searchable information on the natural composition variability of conventionally grown crops. 
Congratulations to Lourdes Taylo for Winning First Place 

As the winner of the South Asia Biosafety Conference Poster Program, Ms. Taylo will be sponsored to participate in the 14th International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms to be held June 2017 in Mexico.