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CHHA National Executive Director

Welcome to the latest edition of IListen.
Listen Magazine will be in your mailbox soon! We have a special edition of CHHA Listen/Écoute available with articles about our CHHA National Peer Mentoring Program and more. An electronic version will be available as well. Thank you to our volunteer peer mentors for sharing their experiences. 
Over the past year, most information about COVID-19 remains inaccessible. CHHA and Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility are working hard to ensure that the government, broadcasters, and others learn about accessible communication. We will be sending out a national survey in March to collect information on the impact the pandemic has had on the daily lives of people who experience hearing loss and deafness. We will host a live webinar sharing the results of the survey in May. 
Please make sure you register for our World Hearing Day webinar – find out more below.
Our National Board of Directors is in recruitment mode and are accepting applications for our 2021/22 Board. More information is provided inside.
Looking forward to seeing as many of you (virtually) as possible throughout webinars, conference and networking meetings.  
All the best,
Lee Pigeau
CHHA National Executive Director
World Hearing Day March 3, 2021
Connecting Across Canada on World Hearing Day! Show us your MUG!

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We are hosting our National webinar for World Hearing Day on March 3.

We would love to connect with Canadians who want to learn more about World Hearing Day.

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Young Adults Network Corner
As someone who is hard of hearing, asking people to repeat themselves has always been embarrassing for me. Once the pandemic hit the world, a new task had been added to the list of embarrassment: asking someone to pull their mask down and having to explain why...
CHHA Board of Directors
Do you want to make a positive, impactful difference in the lives of the millions of Canadians who have hearing loss? The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA), the leading consumer advocacy organization representing the needs of nearly 4-million Canadians impacted by hearing loss, is inviting applications to our National Board of Directors.

Interview with
Jeff & Debbie Part 1

By Adam Farhat
CHHA Program Coordinator

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff & Debbie, a couple that has continued to be an active part of the Hard of Hearing Community. After an exchange of emails where they shared with me parts of their story, I asked them if they would be open to an interview. An expected 45-minute interview lasted over an hour and a half, and even then, we still only scratched the surface. I want to thank Jeff & Debbie for being so open and candid with me. Here is the first part of our interview.  
In Other News...
Barter Beads: A Story of Childhood Hearing Loss.
By Abha Sharma

There is no first memory of the barter beads. But they were the constant buddies in my school bag. A fistful or so was all that was needed.
The protocol was simple: a casual remark, and my list of questions on the classes, preceded or followed by an offer of beads. Colourful beads!
ng place online...

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