The InterMountain Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Launch Pilot (IM STEM)

Broadening Participation in STEM in Rural Communities

This quarter’s IM STEM Network meeting will focus on strategies for increasing the participation of underrepresented students in STEM in rural communities. Programs that have been successful in working in rural communities to expand STEM education opportunities for students will be highlighted including: 

Project ECHO in New Mexico - The goal of this initiative is to increase the expertise of educators in K-12 programs and schools in remote and isolated communities across New Mexico to improve graduation rates, outcomes for students, and the teacher shortage. A team of specialists in Career Technical Education, Teaching and Training Career Pathway programs, college and career counseling, and the multiple Colleges of Education from around the state of New Mexico provide best practices and resources. Participants benefit from receiving recommendations to help them overcome barriers to success and improve programs in their classrooms and schools.

American Indian Service’s Pre-Freshman Engineering Program in Idaho - is a mathematics-based academic enrichment program that emphasizes the development of abstract reasoning and problem solving skills. Students participate in a six week summer enrichment program in STEM that includes course work, homework, hands-on experiments and field trips. The program is held at Idaho State University and Idaho National Lab. 

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What's going on In the network?
Communications and Resource Sharing
The Communication and Resource Sharing group asks that you get the most out of network membership by engaging in conversation with each other on our social media channels, including our LinkedIn group (IM STEM Network) and Twitter (@imstemequity). We have also created a form on the IMSTEM website where you can enter information about your program, so we can share it across the network in future IM STEM newsletters.

Please also continue to invite your professional colleagues to take advantage of the network by signing up today at our website: https://www.napequity.org/stem/stem-equity-project/imstem/
Data and Metrics
In partnership with Idaho, this workgroup has developed a pilot data dashboard to display data from Idaho’s career and technical education programs to test the feasibility of using a dashboard to conduct a more comprehensive equity gap analysis. Perkins V requires data to be disaggregated by gender, race/ethnicity and each of the 9 special population groups. This pilot dashboard can inform states as they are working on data collection and accountability in their State Plans for Perkins V. To learn more about Perkins V and to view the national data dashboards go to NAPE’s resource page at https://www.napequity.org/public-policy/frontline-legislation/strengthening-career-and-technical-education-for-the-21st-century-act/  
Asset Map Building

Our asset mapping team is currently working with Nevada to develop an asset map that shows where STEM programming exists. Some states already have maps, including Idaho , Wyoming , and New Mexico . You can view them by clicking on the state name.    Any other questions about the IMSTEM Asset map initiative, please contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick kfitzpatrick@napequity.org
Effective Practice Scaling
The Rubric for Evaluating Programs to Broaden Participation in STEM is complete. Click here to access it .   Watch our network meeting where Utah Valley University, UT and Clark County School District, NV share how they are using the rubric to improve their STEM programs. Members of the workgroup will be presenting at the National Summit for Educational Equity on Tuesday, April 21 at 3:30pm JOIN US!!
Pilot Monitoring
This workgroup continues to monitor NAPE’s professional development efforts in the six states. Since the fall of 2017 (the beginning of the NSF INCLUDES DDLP: IM STEM grant) NAPE has conducted professional development (PD) in five states at twelve sites with over 1200 educators. The Pilot Monitoring workgroup conducted a follow-up survey with participants to learn more about the impact of this PD. Ninety-two percent of the respondents said they had used what they learned and 80% said the strategies had a positive impact on their students. Ninety four percent would recommend the training to others. Currently the evaluator is conducting interviews with survey respondents and a complete summary will be included in the final evaluation report. For more information about NAPE’s PD contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick at kfitzpatrick@napequity.org .
What's going on Around the network?

The Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center is part of the University of Colorado Boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science’s commitment to creating a diverse environment where all engineering students are welcome, and where students who are traditionally underrepresented in engineering—women, underrepresented minorities—are empowered to achieve their dreams. The BOLD Center’s programs promote the recruitment, retention, and development of engineering students at CU Boulder, and equip them for success through graduation and beyond. To learn more, go to: https://www.colorado.edu/engineering/bold

In October 2019, young ladies from eight North Idaho high schools participated in several hands-on experiments and projects as part of the Women in Science Day at DeArmond College and University Center on the North Idaho College campus. In its 12th year and previously known as Women in Math and Science, the program has expanded to reflect how math is such an important part of both science and engineering. During the two-day conference, 200 high school women explored: mechanical engineering through a penny boat competition where they had to build rafts that float out of items like foil, balloons, straws and tape; forensic sciences through work with color testing on fabric, where they determined which stains are blood using methods of forensic scientists in the field; and civil engineering with the paper bridge challenge. 

Not every teacher could attend the Nevada STEAM Conference on February 1, 2020, at the Nevada Museum of Art, but every teacher should have access to the highest quality professional development in STEAM education. To ensure teachers from across the state have equal access, in 2020 the Museum will be delivering the STEAM Workshops to teachers throughout Nevada, specifically focusing on bringing this content to schools in rural communities. All workshops are hands-on and specifically integrate the arts into STEM lessons. All lessons are aligned with the Nevada Academic Content Standards, represent the best STEAM teaching in the state, and support larger workforce development goals in Nevada. These workshops have been endorsed by the Nevada Department of Education; the Governor's Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology (OSIT); the Nevada STEM Council; and the NV STEAM Committee. Click on the following link for more information including a list of available workshops. https://www.nevadaart.org/nvsteam/traveling-steam-workshops/
New Mexico

MidSchoolMath LLC has developed a comprehensive math program that uses interactive storytelling to engage middle schoolers in virtual worlds where they use math to resolve problems. In December 2019, the New Mexico Public Education Department selected the program for inclusion on its official list of instructional materials that schools and school districts can choose from to teach the state’s fifth- to eighth-graders core math standards. MidSchoolMath has developed 139 different simulations that together address all of the state’s 136 core math standards for middle schoolers, with different sets of questions and challenges posed to students based on grade levels. MidSchoolMath, which launched in 2009, aims to replace traditional, text-based math lessons with computer games and live video filmed with real actors to provide immersive, multimedia platforms that make math fun, drawing kids into colorful, fantasy adventures where they wield math tools to solve things. All the videos were shot in New Mexico with New Mexico talent, with dozens of scenarios filmed on location.


SheTech Explorer Day is scheduled for April 15, 2020, at the Mountain America Exposition Center in Utah. The Women Tech Council’s SheTech Explorer Days are industry-centered, interactive STEM exploration days held for 9th through 12th grade high school girls. These day-long events are focused on hands-on activities in STEM. Girls spend the morning in hands-on sessions and the afternoon solving a technology challenge, pitching their solution and competing.

Students may register by clicking here:  http://shetechexplorer.com/register

2020 will be the first year that Wyoming Youth in STEM will have a conference for girls and boys. The 2020 Women in STEM conference will be Tuesday, May 12, 2020, at Central Wyoming College. The 2020 Men in STEM conference will be Wednesday, May 13 also at Central Wyoming College. Teachers should use the link “Teachers Register your School for the 2020 Women in STEM conference” and “Men in STEM conference” to register your school. Student registration will begin April 15, 2020, under the same menu as the school registration. Contact Wyoming Youth in STEM for more information at: wyyouthinstem@gmail.com or http://wyyouthinstem.org/conference/ .
Reinvented , A New Magazine About Women in STEM Written by Women in STEM
A new magazine, Reinvented , available in both print and digital formats, is written about women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) by women in STEM. Reinvented contains profiles of interesting, notable women in the field and even includes tutorials for things like electronics fundamentals, sensors, and other science, technology, and engineering subjects. The mission of the magazine is to re-invent the general perception of women in sci-tech and to inspire young girls to consider a future in STEM. https://www.reinventedmagazine.com

U.S. Chamber Foundation #LightaSpark Campaign
In an economy where the 30-fastest growing occupations are STEM fields, we must help young girls see themselves in those jobs. To broaden the perception of what STEM careers are, increase representation and inclusivity, and to inspire the next generation of young women to opt into STEM careers, the U.S. Chamber Foundation is launching #LightaSpark. The Foundation and its partners are launching a digital social media campaign profiling five women who have found success applying their STEM education in what might be considered unconventional STEM careers. The goal of the campaign is to :
Empower young girls to consider a career in STEM by introducing them to more abstract careers that aren’t always considered when thinking of taking STEM classes.
Encourage women in STEM to let us help them share their story, especially when they are in an unconventional field. For more information about this campaign and how to participate, contact Kyle Butler at kbutler@uschamber.com .

National PTA’s STEM Initiative: STEM + Families
National PTA’s STEM + Families initiative increases access to STEM education and careers, especially among under-represented youth, by developing, evaluating and sharing effective ways to engage families in STEM experiences, while working with partners to improve access to STEM school and community learning environments. PTA’s vision is that all students have the family and community support needed to access and pursue STEM opportunities and careers. PTA wants to foster passion for science, technology, engineering, and math through fun activities and by involving families in these experiences together. Click on the National PTA’s Web site to learn more about STEM + Families, including grant opportunities, effective practices, and STEM resources. https://www.pta.org/home/programs/stem

The Diversity Diaries: Career Advice for Women in STEM
RE•WORK is excited to bring readers the first edition of the 'Diversity Diaries', a ten-part series dedicated to discussion, advice, tips, and foresight from women working in STEM fields. In the first edition, contributors from Facebook AI, DeepMind, Affectiva, Samsung, the Alan Turing Institute and more provide their advice for women looking to pursue a career in STEM. The challenges which lay ahead for those when choosing a career in AI, Data Science and wider STEM fields are well documented, with studies suggesting that many perceive various glaring issues to be growing year on year. As an organisation that aims to promote the works of Women in STEM around the globe, RE•WORK wanted to ask individuals in both industry and academia what their advice would be to those stepping onto the career ladder. January 16, 2020. https://blog.re-work.co/career-advice-from-women-in-stem-the-diversity-diaries/

On January 22, 2020, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Society for Science & the Public announced 40 finalists in the Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) 2020, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. This year, females represent more than 50 percent of the Regeneron STS finalists! The 2020 finalists were selected from 1,993 highly qualified entrants. Finalists’ projects span a diversity of STEM-related topics including targeting cancer via signaling pathways, developing a mobile application for stroke diagnosis using deep learning and computer vision and identifying an improved method for trace level arsenic quantification in water. The finalists will travel to Washington, D.C. from March 5-11, 2020, where they will undergo a rigorous judging process and compete for more than $1.8 million in awards. Alumni have gone on to have world-changing careers in STEM fields and earn some of the most esteemed academic honors, including the Nobel Prize, the Fields Medal, the National Medal of Science, the MacArthur Fellowship and even an Academy Award. January 22, 2020. https://www.societyforscience.org/press-release/forty-of-the-nations-brightest-young-scientists-named-finalists-in-regeneron-science-talent-search-2020/
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