IMA COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update - #14
The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association has been communicating directly with manufacturers across Illinois as the situation changes and will continue posting resources online at the IMA’s dedicated page .
Governor JB Pritzker was joined at his press conference today with Dr. Ngoze Ezike, Director of the Department of Public Health, Illinois National Guard Brig. Gen. Richard Neely, and Dr. Maria Latif, RUSH Hospital COO. The Governor stressed the the importance of having appropriate PPE, hospital beds, ventilators and more during this time. The Governor also stressed that while it is unknown when life will get back to "normal," all his decisions moving forward will be driven by science.

The Governor and Director of Public Health announced the following.
  1. There are a total of 16 deaths related to the coronavirus, including four today
  2. There are 250 new cases of the coronavirus in Illinois
  3. A total of 1,535 cases have been confirmed in 32 of 102 counties.
New or critical items of note that were discussed today by the Governor and local leaders.
  1. The Governor gave an update on the current capacity of Illinois' health care system, specifically noting that 51.6% of non-ICU hospital beds were occupied (12,588 available), 57.4% of ICU beds occupied (1,106 available), 28.4% of all ventilators are in use with (1,595 available). These numbers are currently normal, but expectations are that the numbers will get worse as time continues during the pandemic.
  2. COVID-19 affects everyone with current cases being 54% white, 33% African American, 11% Latino or Hispanic and 5% Asian. Of all cases recorded in Illinois, 16% have resulted in hospitalization and 4% in an ICU admission.
  3. Illinois has had state labs online since February, starting at 50 tests per day. Today, nearly 600 per day at 3 state labs. Total testing capacity in Illinois is nearly nearly 2,000 tests per day including all sources.
  4. Illinois is using a two-pronged approach to combating COVID-19: (1) aggressive measures to flatten the curve, including, stay-at-home order, closings and social distancing, (2) Ramp up testing and health care capacity as quickly as possible, including partnering with the Illinois Manufacturers' Association to secure medical equipment, getting new facilities up and running and ensuring hospitals have necessary triage centers.
  5. The Federal Government has committed to sending Illinois 300 more ventilators and 300,000 more N95 masks in coming days
  6. The Governor noted that at this time, we do not know when the extraordinary measures will end and when life will get back to "normal."

The IMA is leading a joint Task Force designed to increase the production of needed medical products and equipment. If you can create essential products, or be part of the supply chain, please let us know .

Additionally, The IMA also released a new Question & Answer section on our website. This document contains some of the most frequently asked questions and we continue adding to it.
Mark Denzler
President & CEO
Illinois Manufacturers' Association
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