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IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee held its 6-month check-in meeting on November 19
to address our Science Plan and Implementation Strategy.
November 2020, No. 9

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Editors: Kai QIN, Tracey Woodhouse and Fang ZUO from IMBeR IPOs

Proofreader: Shan JIANG from SKLEC, ECNU
Deep Sea Research Part II 出版
第二次国际印度洋考察计划 (IIOE-2) 研究专辑:
Deep Sea Research Part II: The Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2): Motivating New Exploration in a Poorly Understood Ocean Basin
第二次国际印度洋考察计划(IIOE-2)的论文专辑最近在 Deep Sea Research Part II 出版。专辑展示了当代印度洋研究的多样性,涉及物理海洋学、化学海洋学和生物海洋学,涵盖了从浮游植物到鲸类的不同营养级。专辑的成果展现了 IIOE-2 朝着实现其总体目标又迈进了一步,即“进一步认识造就印度洋地区复杂物理动力学的地质、海洋和大气过程之间的相互作用,并确定这些动力过程如何影响气候、极端事件、海洋生物地球化学循环、以及生态系统和人类”。
The recently published Deep-Sea Research II special issue of scientific papers emanating from the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2). It showcases a diverse body of contemporary Indian Ocean research and includes papers on physical, chemical and biological oceanography, and covers trophic levels from phytoplankton to whales. With this volume the IIOE-2 moves closer towards achieving its overarching goal – to “…advance our understanding of interactions between geologic, oceanic and atmospheric processes that give rise to the complex physical dynamics of the Indian Ocean region, and determine how those dynamics affect climate, extreme events, marine biogeochemical cycles, ecosystems and human populations”. Click to access IIOE-2 Special Issue Volume 3
欢迎跨学科海洋青年学者联盟 (IMECaN)
Welcome IMECaN Organising Committee
Chinese New Member: Dr. Shan JIANG
江山是华东师范大学河口海岸学国家重点实验室(SKLEC)的化学海洋学博士后。他拥有生态学硕士学位以及生物地球化学博士学位。在过去的十年中,他在全球多个海岸带区域(例如葡萄牙Ria Formosa环礁湖、山东省桑沟湾、马来西亚拉让河河口)开展了生源要素迁移与转化的研究。他目前的研究兴趣是人类活动以及气候变化对海岸带生态系统氮循环的影响。
IMECaN 欢迎处于职业发展早期的海洋研究人员加入!目前,IMECaN 已在88个国家拥有729位会员,赶快点击加入我们吧!
Shan JIANG is a post-doctoral researcher at the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) at the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai. He is a chemical oceanographer with a Master’s degree in ecology and PhD in biogeochemistry. During the past 10 years, Shan has studied the transport and transformation of nutrients and organic matter in several coastal/marine ecosystems (e.g. Rajang, Malaysia; Sanggou Bay, China; West Pacific Ocean). Shan’s current research interest focuses on the impacts of anthropogenic activities and climate change on nitrogen and carbon cycling in water and sediment environments.
IMECaN is open to marine science students (Masters and PhDs), and early career researchers (less than eight years post-PhD, and less than six years since their first research appointment). The network currently has 729 members from 88 countries. Click here to join us!
IMBeR at the Conference on Management of State Key Laboratories in Oceanic Fields and Development of Young Scientists
Group photo of Conference on Management of State Key Laboratories in Oceanic Fields and Development of Young Scientists
11月18日,由卫星海洋环境动力学国家重点实验室(SOED)主办的海洋领域国家重点实验室管理工作暨青年科学家发展研讨会在杭州顺利召开。SOED国重室是IMBeR国际项目办公室(IPO-China)的支持单位,其科研项目中国近海与太平洋高分辨率生态环境数值预报系统团队与IMBeR保持着密切的合作与交流。IMBeR IPO-China副主任左芳、项目助理秦恺与IMBeR 跨学科海洋青年学者联盟(IMECaN)组委会委员江山博士共同出席了会议。
左芳受邀代表IMBeR IPO-China作了题为“IMBeR国际项目办公室与SKLEC国重室的协同发展”的报告。报告介绍了IMBeR国际计划的组织框架和中国办公室的发展历程,以案例的形式展示了IMBeR中国办公室与依托单位华东师范大学河口海岸学国家重点实验室(SKLEC)协同发展的成果,最后介绍了IMBeR中国办公室努力提升依托单位价值的若干举措。点击了解更多会议信息
Fang ZUO introduced the achievements generated from synergetic development between IMBeR IPO-China and SKLEC
The Conference on Management of State Key Laboratories in Oceanic Fields and Development of Young Scientists was organized by the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) in Hangzhou on 18 November 2020.
As the supporting institute of IMBeR International Project Office-China, SOED and its scientific research project Marine Ecosystem Modeling and Forecasting System in the China Seas and Northwestern Pacific (MEMFiS) team have been keeping close collaboration with IMBeR. Fang ZUO (Deputy Director of the IMBeR IPO-China), Kai QIN (Project Assistant of the IMBeR IPO-China) and Dr. Shan JIANG (member of the IMECaN Organising Committee) attended the conference.
Fang was invited to give a talk on synergy development between IMBeR IPO-China and SKLEC. She introduced IMBeR and the history of the IMBeR China office, successful stories of synergy development between IMBeR IPO and SKLEC, and how to improve value to IPO hosts. Click to know more about the conference
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