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IMBeR Young Scholar (IYS) Program:
2022 Applications Open
● Who can apply: Senior, post-graduate students or early career researchers in Asia-African countries, perceive a deficiency in research resources of their networks
 ● How to apply: Any interested individual should submita one-page application for to the IPO-China Office.

Form ISY-1
IMBeR Young Scholar Program Application Form

Personal information of the applicant
1.   Name
2.   Affiliation
3.   Postal address / e-mail
4.   Mug shot photo

Research Proposal
1.   Title
2.   Hypothesis
3.   Methods to address the proposed hypothesis
4.   Materials to use for the proposed research
5.   Needs to access the advanced laboratory (specific instruments, mentoring on the execution of the experiment and thesis writing, etc.)

Process time: IPO-China Office evaluates the application and return comments to the applicant within 14 working days. If the application deems merit, IPO-China seeks a suitable advanced laboratory to provide a mentoring service to the applicant.
IMBeR IPO-China Internship Program 2022:
Feedbacks from Summer Interns
Student interns from East China Normal University have gained practical work exposure in the IMBeR IPO-China. They have shared their experience and takeaways with us. Let’s have a glimpse intro their internship journey!
Yue Zhu - The best part of this internship was the incredible encouragement I received from the team members! Everyone was so encouraging, supportive and friendly, and because of which, such relaxed environment has given me a lot of confidence! Even though my assignments were of a very high academic standard and there were times when I didn't have much confidence in my own translations, I didn't hear a single word of criticism throughout the whole process, but only received sincere and gentle encouragement and endless affirmation.
As an English major, I felt comfortable working in an English environment and here I polished my office skills. During my internship, given to me were the translation of academic papers, the writing of newsletters, and the typesetting of new media platforms. It was also during this intern that II got to try out the layout of WeChat, the Constant Contact platform and simple use of PS.
On top of that, it's a very inclusive international marine organization. During the internship, anyone can gain an in-depth knowledge of marine geography and learn about the latest hot issues that everyone is concerned about from the academic level, such as ocean warming and extreme weather. All of this has given me a whole new perspective on things. As I have always believed, personal perception increases the clarity of the world, just as a painter sees the world in terms of light and shade, and an architect sees the world in terms of structure. As I became more aware of the dynamics of the ocean, I began to look at the world through the mysterious and interesting natural phenomena of river sediment accumulation and cyanobacterial bloom communities - they are the silent language of nature, silently telling us about the changes in our environment that we depend on.
JueYue Zhu - I joined IMBeR as an intern in May 2022, and work with everybody in this international project office for about 2 months. I am a post graduate student majoring in ecology and never work in an international office before. The whole experiences are filled with lots of fun and challenges as well.
During the first online meeting, I remember that Meya and I both gave a short presentation of ourselves, back then I was a bit nervous and unable to perform in a confident way. After this meeting, I received my presentation feedbacks, it was fair and also very inspiring.
It’s not so much that I was working as an intern, it’s that I was more like a student. Every time I attended our weekly meeting, it was a great opportunity to see how an international office works. For example, our office needs to post monthly e-news in the field of marine biosphere research, so before we need to determine the research articles in related fields, then we two interns helped translate the abstract of these articles for the convenience of our readers. It really helped a lot with my literature-reading ability, which is quite an important skill as a post graduate student. In the process of doing typographic work, I mastered the application of the designing software, and the awareness of being careful and rigorous was also raised. All the jobs are very different from my previous academic studies, so I felt very new and challenging.
During this internship, our Strategy Director Hong, Deputy Director Fang, and Project Assistant Kai are all very kind and supportive. I have gained a lot of perspectives about marine ecosystem and sustainable development. In the process of working, I had a better understanding about my capability and strengths, and also gained a lot of useful skills.
I hope this internship experiences can be internalized into my self-value, and in the future I will devote myself into environmental protection and sustainable development and make contributions for a better planet.
Mei Zhou - I’m a postgraduate majoring in English Interpreting at East China Normal University. I really appreciate the opportunity to work as an intern in IMBeR and I’d like to express my sincere thanks to members of IMBeR for their continuous guidance during my internship.
During the internship, I think the most rewarding part is that I have broadened my horizon as an English major, and realized the goal I wanted to achieve when I first signed up for the internship - that is, to explore more possibilities of English, with English and beyond English. The professionalism of work is undoubtedly a challenge to me. However, at IMBeR's weekly meetings, I can learn the latest knowledge and trends in this field from industry leaders, and also gradually cultivate my habit of active learning. I still remember the presentations I made at the meetings, from the initial design of the content to my own repeating rehearsals to the feedback from IMBeR teachers, the whole process was full of rewards. I’ve gained valuable insights into integrated marine biosphere, from specific tiny words I myself have accumulated to general industry trends shared by professionals of the team. When it comes to working skills, I think my ability to learn new knowledge and to search for information has been significantly improved.
This internship will greatly help me in my future endeavour and career development. In the future, I will be proactive in trying more fields, not being limited by the major "English", but making "English" a powerful tool for my personal development. With the wishes and expectations of IMBeR members, I will continue to work hard to explore more of my possibilities and become a foreign language student with broad international visions. Thanks again for having such a wonderful time at IMBeR!
We invite students from all departments of the East China Normal University (ECNU) to apply to our Fall 2022 Internships! Internship programs in each position are tailored to the student’s field of study. We thank the support from the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) and Student Affairs Office of ECNU. And please subscribe us to follow more remote internship opportunities in the future. 
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