May 2021
2018 Triennial Mercury-added Production Notifications Due by Mid-September
Thank you for your patience while the IMERC online reporting system went through critical and necessary updates. The system is back online as of May 24, 2021. Companies can begin to file their 2018 Triennial Notification Forms through the IMERC e-filing system
Notification through the e-filing system enables companies to comply with the Mercury-added Product Notification requirements of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina (autos only), Rhode Island, and Vermont. Reporting is required for any company that sold or distributed mercury-added products into the states listed above during calendar year 2018.
The reporting window for Notification is May 24 through September 24, 2021.
e-filing Training Demos
Andy Bray, IMERC Coordinator, will host e-filing demonstration webinars in May and June. The demo will highlight the changes to the reporting system and cover the basic functionality and features of the product reporting system. The demo will also include a walk-through of new features companies can use to submit their Phase-out Exemption Applications and Alternative Labeling Plans, as well as time for Q&A. Dates are:
  • Friday, May 28th at 1:30pm EST
  • June, June 11th at 1:30pm EST

Register online at GoToWebinar.

Note: A number of mercury-added products are banned for sale in some of the IMERC-member states. In some instances, individual states allow companies to apply for phase-out exemptions. Some IMERC-member states also require product and point-of-sale labeling of mercury-added products to alert potential customers that the product contains mercury and informing them how to properly dispose of it. If a particular product cannot be labeled with the standard language and formatting, companies may apply for an alternative labeling plan. Be sure you are in compliance with these requirements and that your plans and exemptions are current, when applicable.

As always, companies may contact Andy with questions at or (617) 367-8558 ext. 306.
IMERC Supporting Membership
Manufacturers, distributors, and importers of mercury-added products, as well as trade associations are invited to join IMERC as Supporting Members
Supporting members must support IMERC's mission to help states implement laws and programs aimed at getting mercury out of products, the waste stream, and the environment. They must complete an Application Form and sign a Memorandum of Agreement. Benefits of Supporting Membership include:
  • Technical assistance with notification, labeling, and phase-out requirements
  • Participation in webinars and discussions related to the results of mercury reduction efforts, new programs and legislation, and other important topics
  • Participation in conference calls to discuss ways to improve effectiveness of IMERC's programs
  • Participation in review of outreach and educational materials related to mercury-added products data analysis
  • Wider access to mercury-added products data reported through the e-filing system
  • Prioritization of IMERC's review of submittals and requests
  • Promotion of the efforts to develop and use non-mercury alternatives
For more information on how to apply and the annual dues, visit our Supporting Members page.
Update Company Contact Information
IMERC Alert shares critical information with manufacturers, distributors, and importers of mercury-added products and trade organizations that represent those companies on IMERC members' regulatory requirements concerning mercury-added products.

If you are receiving this Alert in error or if you need to update or add additional company contacts, contact IMERC staff at or (617) 367-8558.